In the autumn of sports, pay attention to my bottle ZeroBarrel (zero barrel) that top athletes love! !

Moana Co., Ltd.
In the autumn of sports, pay attention to my bottle ZeroBarrel (zero barrel) that top athletes love! !

ZeroBarrel, a bottle brand with an unprecedented concept that debuted in the summer of 2022.
[Image 5d55847-10-7d7430da97c9dcc4d3ad-3.jpg&s3=55847-10-e0871b4e25f28138d020e7449a24ab8a-3900x2600.jpg
The concept is “a stylish personal bottle for athletes and sportsmen that can be used not only for games, play and training, but also for traveling and meetings.”
In addition to the body of the bottle, which uses food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, which has excellent cold and heat retention and is safe, it is lightweight and equipped with a sports cap system that can quickly absorb water even while taking action without putting the lid on.
[Image 2d55847-10-8e38c48d774431e00158-0.jpg&s3=55847-10-563d7763bd49e3bdc1ab4d2a79c67213-3900x2602.jpg
Sports cap system that can absorb water quickly
[Image 3d55847-10-46dd6e011be00635bb85-1.jpg&s3=55847-10-b2be1acde2bea9da557e082f3370ff9d-3900x2602.jpg
A cap with a handle for easy carrying. Stylish design inspired by the cockpit handle of an airplane
While debuting this summer, it has gained overwhelming support from top athletes in each sports world. (You can check out athletes who love Zero Barrel on Instagram @zerobarrel.)
[Image 4d55847-10-8e1a8c3bcb8ca63e9dd4-2.jpg&s3=55847-10-67cad1011486353097bec94666a76c90-3900x2602.jpg
MODEL: ATHLETE 946ml (32oz) Matte Black 4950 yen (tax included) [Image 5d55847-10-7d7430da97c9dcc4d3ad-3.jpg&s3=55847-10-e0871b4e25f28138d020e7449a24ab8a-3900x2600.jpg
MODEL : ATHLETE 1900ml(64oz) Brushed Metal 7920 yen (tax included) [Image 6d55847-10-c11814ca21f5af82daaf-4.jpg&s3=55847-10-75ac1b6e35af6d5c17bff9fa3514a31f-3900x2602.jpg
MODEL: ADVENTURE 532ml (18oz) Matte Black 3960 yen (tax included) [Image 7d55847-10-94ed7cd5ac766fdc06c6-5.jpg&s3=55847-10-cff8e0983e1bb5daa173a94ec35649a4-3900x2602.jpg
You can make your own original bottle by pasting your favorite sticker. Model ATHLETE, ADVENTURE 2 models
Size 4 sizes each
Color Matte Black and Brushed Metal
Price: 3,520 yen to 7,920 yen (tax included)
Official website:
Distributor: Moana Co., Ltd.
Handling: ZeroBarrel official online store, nationwide sports shops Inquiries 0467-38-4791

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