Inbound disappeared due to corona misfortune! The key to success is to adopt a certain way of thinking. ? ] Released on October 28!

Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.
Inbound disappeared due to corona misfortune! The key to success is to adopt a certain way of thinking. ? ] Released on October 28! How to attract foreign tourists? How to sell Japanese services and products to foreigners?

Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Koichiro Kobayakawa) will publish the book “Japan is Cool!?” on October 28, 2022. In this book, Mr. Benjamin Boas, who is a Cool Japan producer, is aiming at us (Japanese) who can not escape from “the image of Japan that Japanese people think”, This is a book that explains with specific examples. “Even though Japan is the coolest country in the world, why haven’t we been able to spread the charm of Japan to the world as much as possible?”
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Disseminating the charm of Japan full of mistakes
Why is Japan’s appeal not being fully communicated to the world? Mr. Benjamin Boaz, who has been in Japan for over 15 years and is a Cool Japan Producer certified by the Cabinet Office, sees things only from the perspective of Japanese people (My Japan). He points out that there is a problem with Japan’s policy.
It is clear from history that people around the world have fallen in love with Japan many times. However, the reality is that the world sees “Japan” and Japan sees “Japan” differently. In order for Japan to survive in the global market, it is essential to know the image of Japan that foreigners have from a foreign perspective (Your Japan). It is important to go.
Failure example of “My Japan” where Japanese people are too particular There are many cases where Japan is obsessed with conveying the “correct Japan” and ignores demand from overseas.
◆Nakano Broadway is popular with foreign tourists Many people have mixed feelings about introducing Nakano as a “holy land for otaku” and don’t want to promote it too much.
A foreign student who is tired from exercising wants a cold, decaffeinated water before going to bed. I prepare tea immediately without doing
In this way, I was so attached to “the right Japan” and “Japanese Japan” (My Japan) that I didn’t realize that there was demand and interest from foreigners, and I missed the opportunity to let people know about Japan. is there.
The Importance of Seeing Japan from Your Japan
There are also successful businesses that have escaped from My Japan to Your Japan.
Benihana, a Japanese restaurant that is very popular in the United States, realized that Americans were not interested in the small amount of traditional Japanese food served at many Japanese
restaurants at the time of its establishment and the unfamiliar texture. The menu consisted of steak, chicken, and shrimp. By doing so, Benihana has grown into a Japanese restaurant that everyone knows in the United States.
In this way, in this book, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the importance of promoting Japanese products and culture with “Your Japan” instead of “My Japan”, along with specific examples of business and communication strategies. increase.
There are many foreigners who love Japan and Japanese products, and the brand power of Japan is still strong. Let’s get the world involved in the Cool Japan phenomenon by devising and transmitting a message that Japan can communicate to the world!
Recommended for people like this
・People involved in export business
・People involved in inbound business
・People who are not aware of the charm of Japan
・ People who are aware of the charm of Japan
Structure of this book (partial excerpt)
Chapter 1 “Japan” instead of Japan
Chapter 2 Crossing from My Japan to Your Japan
Chapter 3 Successful examples of Cool Japan in business
Chapter 4 Take advantage of other people’s interests
Chapter 5 What is Cool Japan in the first place?
Chapter 6. The true form of Cool Japan
Chapter 7 What countries and organizations can do
Chapter 8 Establish the Cool Japan Agency
Final Chapter Rediscovering Japan
About the author (profile)
Benjamin Boas
Born in 1983 in New York, USA. International communication consultant. Senior Advisor of Parthenon Japan Co., Ltd. Tourism ambassador for Nakano City, Tokyo. Since 2016, he has been a Cool Japan Ambassador authorized by the Cabinet Office, and a Cool Japan Producer from October 2022.
In addition to working on Netflix and Kickstarter, he has been attracting attention for his wide range of activities, including being a reporter for NHK World and giving many lectures on Cool Japan at universities in Japan and overseas, including Columbia University and Osaka University. Contributed to newspapers and magazines in Japanese and English, and contributed to Studio Ghibli’s monthly booklet “Hot Wind” “Cool Japan is not cool” became a hot topic. In his book, “I learned about Japan through manga and games. and “Redoing English Conversation for Adults” (both published by Shogakukan).
Graduated from Brown University. As a Fulbright Scholar in 2007, he studied at Kyoto University Graduate School, then the University of Tokyo, Keio University, and Osaka University of Commerce.
Book information

[Image 2d80658-193-0f3dc937cf1435e326c9-0.jpg&s3=80658-193-c09ef967a95a09313463e8ef9c90ae2f-1536x2221.jpg
“Japan is cool! ? 』
Author: Benjamin Boas
Format: 46 size / 288 pages
List price: 1,628 yen (main unit 1,480 yen + tax)
ISBN: 978-4-295-40754-6
Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.) Release date: October 28, 2022

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