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Very popular! Easy-to-learn & full-fledged curriculum backing up re-learning for working people [Nakamura Cooking and Confectionery College]
The first short-term bread making course will be held on Saturday, November 5th
The importance of re-learning (recurrent education) for working adults is increasing in an era where people are expected to be active throughout their lives.
Under such circumstances, Nakamura Culinary Confectionery College (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City) will offer courses mainly for working people, including a cooking course evening course, a short-term confectionery course established two years ago, and a short-term bakery course in 2022. The course will be held on Saturday, November 5th. The short-term confectionery course, which was newly established two years ago, has been very well received by working people, and the number of applications for the short-term bread making course this time exceeds the capacity (attendees are determined by lottery), and is attracting a lot of attention.
[Background] The importance of re-learning (recurrent education) for working adults is attracting attention
As an important pillar of the “new capitalism” advocated by Prime Minister Kishida, “investment and distribution in people” was listed in the basic policy of June. The promotion of recurrent education is one of them. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s budget request for fiscal 2023 includes a new 10 billion yen as “creation of continuous support measures for strengthening the functions of universities and technical colleges that lead growth fields”, and the country will re-learn. and investment for growth. Nakamura Cooking and Confectionery College has also been focusing on education for working adults for some time. In response to the trend of re-learning and strengthening, we will further accelerate our school’s efforts such as the establishment of new departments. 1 The first short-term bread making course will be held on Saturday, November 5, 2022
We will be holding a short-term bread making course for the first time at our school. Features of the course are as follows.
A wide range of ages and various purposes are scheduled to attend Unlike the daytime course, a major feature of the short-term course is that it is attended by a wide range of age groups and people with various attributes.

■ Attributes of participants
·company employee
・Restaurant work
・Working at a nursery school, etc.
■ Motivation for taking the course
・I want to learn the basics of how to make bread.
・Because I want to use it for food development and cooking
・I want to open a cafe in the future
・I have a dream to open a bakery.
・Because I want to broaden the range of career choices in the future ● Curriculum setting that is easy for working people to learn Condensed into a curriculum of about 5 months so that working people can concentrate and learn without difficulty. The schedule is once a week on Saturday from November to March of the following year, a total of 12 courses. The location is also in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, and the transportation is convenient, so it is possible to commute from a wide area.
● Full-fledged learning is possible
Teachers with a wealth of field experience carefully teach authentic techniques and knowledge from the basics that are a little different from general sweets and bread classes. There are about 30 types of bread to learn during the period. Another advantage of a vocational school is that you can use professional equipment and tools that are used in shops. At the same time, you can also take a lecture on hygiene that is not taught in the cooking class. In addition, upon completion of the course, a certificate of completion based on the School Education Act will be issued.
An example of bread to learn
・Croissant ・Bacon Epi ・Melon Bread ・Gugelhupf and others
2 Social worker education at Nakamura Cooking and Confectionery College Since our school opened, we have been educating students who aim for cooking, confectionery and bread making in the daytime department. In recent years, we have also focused on supporting working adults to re-learn, and have opened new courses in search of a form that is easy for working adults to learn.
●Cooking Evening Course
Opened in 2015. Aiming to acquire a chef’s license in a course of 1 year and 6 months. To make it easier for working adults with many time constraints to learn
We have adopted a “credit system” that allows students to take courses at their own pace. A maximum of 5 years of study is possible. This evening cooking course has the largest number of students in Japan (enrollment: 160 as of October 2022).
●Short-term confectionery course
Opened in 2020. You can learn everything from the basics of sweets making to the advanced techniques of professionals in about 6 months (once a week / 20 times in total). There are a wide variety of participants, including office workers, cooking class instructors, restaurant managers, and students. A very popular course that attracts more applicants than the capacity every time.
● Lectures for adults
It is held irregularly to meet a wide range of needs, such as those who are interested in cooking, those who want to learn from
professional instructors, and those who are considering a career change to the food industry. (Next event: November 13 [Sun]) – Click here for details – *What is “Nakamura Cooking and Confectionery College”?
Opened in 1949 as one of the first cooking schools in Japan, it has produced more than 15,000 graduates. Our school began as Nakamura Kappo Jogakuin, which was opened shortly after the war, when food was in short supply, with the aim of “cultivating human resources who can cook delicious and nutritious dishes even when food is scarce.” As a pioneer of the times, we have been leading the food education industry in Kyushu for more than half a century.

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