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Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Started on October 17th. Hirogawa Town, local companies, and schools collaborate to provide career education for first-year students at Hirogawa Junior High School.

Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd.
[Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration] Started on October 17th. Hirogawa Town, local companies, and schools collaborate to provide career education for first-year students at Hirogawa Junior High School.
Taking on the challenge of career education for local junior high school students through industry-academia-government collaboration. Promote job understanding and occupational understanding.

Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Keigo Usagawa) collaborates with the Hirogawa Town Office (Yame District, Fukuoka Prefecture) and Hirogawa Junior High School to target first-year students at Hirogawa Junior High School. We would like to inform you that we will work on career education in collaboration with industry, academia and government for about half a year.

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■ Implementation background
In order to improve educational activities and community activities, we started this project based on the idea that it is important for all characters in the community to work together, rather than acting independently.
・Challenges of the town: Population outflow of the younger generation ・Junior high school challenges: Career education without corporate experience ・ Junior high school students: I don’t know what I want to do in the future ・Company issues: Recruitment of younger generations
“I don’t know what kind of companies there are in the area.” This is a phrase that we have often heard while working with local junior and senior high school students through career education. We know that there are many good companies in the area. I also know that there are many people who want the younger generation to know about their company. We believe that by collaborating with all the characters in the town stage, we will be able to create movements that lead to better educational activities and regional revitalization. [Image 2

■ Goals to aim for
for the children themselves
・This project will be the gateway to thinking about occupations and careers ・Become able to understand a little about how to understand your profession and self-understanding (beginning to understand)
・Make them feel a little closer psychologically to work
for towns and businesses
・Experience local attractions through local businesses
・Having local employment in mind
・Make a good impression that you will come back with a U-turn in the future for middle school
・Give children better career education opportunities
・Deepen understanding of local companies
・Use ICT in career education
■ Career education content
We are considering inviting local companies for corporate interviews, exchanging business cards, and promoting self-understanding and occupational understanding using the job information website “jobtag” and tablets. Details are being adjusted, but it is planned to be a career education for about half a year. Raise local children in the community. We will challenge the form of career education in such industry-academia-government collaboration.
About Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Sankaku Kikaku is a local venture company that uses the power of design and planning to bring out the latent value of the region and create an interesting daily life by bringing about change in the region. We work as a team on a project, leveraging our expertise. We value the concept of user-centered design, designing everything the user experiences. We accompany characters from many regions, such as companies, governments, and educational institutions, take on challenges together, and grow together.
[Business description]
* Branding design (website production, EC production, various design production, video production, SNS marketing, EC operation support, event planning, advertising operation agency, career education, etc.) * Furusato tax payment management business (5 administrations) * Multiple new businesses such as store-type hometown tax payment “Furusatozu” *Trademark registration
“Store type hometown tax” Business application 2021-068721
“Mobile order hometown tax” Business application 2021-068722 “Experience-based hometown tax” Business application 2022-52069 “Golf course de hometown tax” Business application 2021-164066 * Business model patent pending (application number: 2022-094343) * Multiple industry-academia collaboration projects
* Local business support project “LIFE = WORK” 4th issue
[Basic overview]
Company name: Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Keigo Usagawa
Location: 934-1 Fujimitsucho, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established: July 2017
[Inquiries from local governments, companies, etc.]
Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd. Katabuchi
TEL: 0942-65-7337
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
Sankaku Kikaku Co., Ltd. Human Resources and Public Relations Nakajima TEL: 0942-65-7337
What is LIFE=WORK?
Local business support project “LIFE=WORK”
– Live your own life Work like you –
The Chikugo region, located in the southern part of Fukuoka
Prefecture, is a region rich in nature with rural scenery.
LIFE=WORK is a medium that introduces the attractiveness of local companies to high school and university students.
Currently, information is disseminated through booklets, websites, YouTube videos, and SNS.
About 10,000 copies of each issue of the booklet were distributed. Distribution locations include high schools, vocational schools, universities, and municipal offices within the prefecture.
It spreads a little from the area centered on the local Chikugo region of Fukuoka Prefecture, and publishes company information in Saga Prefecture.
◇”LIFE=WORK” No. 4 featured companies in Hirogawa-cho.
The fourth booklet was also distributed to junior high school students living in Hirogawa-cho.
[Three features of LIFE=WORK]
1. Learn about companies in the Chikugo area
Introducing attractive companies around the Chikugo region and seniors working there.
2. Support for local employment and UIJ turn employment
  We are collaborating with 11 local governments such as Kurume City and Yame City, as well as the Furusato Rekin Center in Tokyo. 3. Direct handing to each high school student
  The LIFE=WORK booklet is not a set-up type, but is distributed by the faculty to each student.
[Hirogawa town company feature related URL]
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