Ingage, a rapidly growing company, develops a library management app for its first internship!

Ingauge Co., Ltd.
Ingage, a rapidly growing company, develops a library management app for its first internship!

Ingauge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, CEO: Tetsuya Wada, hereinafter Ingauge), which provides the customer-facing cloud “Re:lation”, will operate from Monday, August 29, 2022 to September 7, 2022. For 10 days on Sunday (Wednesday), we held a student internship for the first time since our founding as a new initiative.
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Twelve students from all over Japan, including Okinawa, Hokuriku, Kansai, and Kanto, participated in the event. Students, who had fewer opportunities to visit companies due to the corona crisis, wanted to feel the real atmosphere of the company, so we held a face-to-face meeting at the Osaka head office and had the team develop a “book collection management application”. rice field.
Internship details
Schedule: 8/29 (Monday) to 9/7 (Wednesday)
Location: Osaka Head Office
Format: Hackathon style team development
Language used: Ruby
Development content: Development of a collection management application schedule:
[Day 1] Orientation, lunch exchange meeting, idea generation as a team [Days 2 and 3] Development
[Day 4] Results announcement, social gathering
Contents of the internship
In this internship, we asked each team to share their ideas with each other under the theme of “book collection management application development” and develop it. Each team will have a mentor who will support them until the final announcement.
On the first day, there was also a lunch social gathering, and it started in a peaceful atmosphere.
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From the next day, each team will come up with ideas and move on to the actual development work. The students, who were nervous at first, actively offered their opinions and enthusiastically asked questions to their mentors. We will proceed with development toward the announcement of the results on the final day.
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On the final day, each team gave a presentation. Representative Director and CEO Wada, Executive Officer CTO Nagata, and Executive Officer CPO Ishida participated as judges and provided feedback from various angles.
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Comment from Executive Officer and CTO Nagata
It was my first internship at Ingauge, so I was really worried about how to get them to experience the work of an engineer during the period, and what kind of challenges and what kind of level I should give them. Even after we had considered and decided on the issues, I thought it was possible that all three teams would say, “We tried our best, but in the end we couldn’t do anything.” However, in reality, the three teams, each with their own individuality, completed their assignments and gave wonderful presentations beyond our imagination. I think that the number of new graduates joining Ingage will increase in the future. Ingauge is a company that develops services, so some students may think that “technical ability” is the most important thing. However, we believe that it is important to “see the user’s point of view” and “capture the essence”. For those who are
considering an internship in the future, I would like you to participate in the Ingage internship and experience what we value. Participant’s voice
It was a fulfilling content that I rarely see in other internships, and because the number of people was small, the distance was close, and the employees were very comfortable with an open atmosphere. It was a very fun and good experience, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is worried about internships.
I didn’t know much about Ingage until I participated in the
internship, so I had no idea what the internship would be like and was a little worried. I was able to actually participate and experience most of the development, and thanks to the very careful guidance of my mentor, I was able to learn a lot that I would not have been able to learn through individual development. My experience here was very positive and exceeded my expectations.
Until now, when I did something in a team such as at university, there were many times when I couldn’t trust the members. I didn’t finish the task by the deadline, or it was half-finished, so in the end I had to do it myself, so it was a heavy burden. To be honest, before I participated, I was prepared to stay in a hotel during the period, but the reality is different, the team has become a very reliable companion now. It made me wonder if team development could be this much fun, and it gave me a sense of satisfaction that greatly exceeded my expectations.
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Comments from employees who participated as mentors
[Development Department Harada]
As this was the first internship to be held at Ingage, I was worried before starting, wondering if the assignments I had prepared were appropriate and if they would be completed by the final day. I was surprised that we were able to build a system by showing each color. I was also inspired by the students’ attitude of trying to absorb new things.
[Development Department Makabe]
At first, it seems that they had a hard time thinking about what kind of problems they had, but as they proceeded with discussions among themselves, they eventually came to be able to come up with problems and suggestions for improvement from the user’s point of view. rice field. The flexible ways of thinking and perspectives unique to students made us aware of many things, and it was a very good experience for us employees, who are always aware of the user’s point of view when developing.
[Development Department Tatebayashi]
A student who said he had almost no coding experience was writing code and implementing functions with the help of other members. I was very excited to see the rapidly growing intern students. I enjoyed being a mentor because when I shared knowledge and gave advice, they quickly absorbed it and made it their own!
◆ Ingauge Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Umeda Kita Place, 1-14-8 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Tetsuya Wada
Business description: Development and provision of cloud services for enterprises
Company website:
Founded in 2014. With the mission of “Embodiing ‘I can face each person'”, I propose solutions to communication problems in business. The customer-facing cloud “Re:lation” has been introduced by more than 3,500 companies in the 7 years since its release, and the continuous use rate is 99.7%. We will respond to various work styles such as diversifying inquiry desks and telework, prevent mistakes and omissions, and realize operational efficiency and visualization. ◆ Recruitment is being strengthened
We are increasing the number of employees in all departments such as software development engineers, customer success, marketing, and back office. We are actively looking for people who want to expand their horizons in a rapidly growing company. If you are passionate about what you are doing, we are looking forward to your application. Recruitment information URL:
◆ Inquiries about this matter
Person in charge: Ingauge Co., Ltd. Public Relations Nishizawa TEL: 050-3116-8373

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