International environmental NGO Surfrider Foundation Japan One month until the event. Maison Cacao, a chocolate from Kamakura that has won numerous awards around the world, and Minoh Beer, a brewery from Osaka, have decided to open stores at Carniv

International Environmental NGO Surfrider Foundation Japan
1 month until the event. Maison Cacao, a chocolate from Kamakura that has won numerous awards around the world, and Minoh Beer, a brewery from Osaka, will open stores at Carnival Shonan, which aims to achieve zero waste.
November 3 (Thursday), Culture Day, held at Tsujido Park, with a total of 90 organizations opening stores and sponsorships

The international environmental NGO Surfrider Foundation Japan (Headquarters: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director Jun Nakagawa) aims to achieve zero waste at all events in Japan by 2030, realize zero waste, and promote activities in Shonan centering on the SURF2050VISION symposium. We will hold an outdoor event to think about the future.
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Logo design: Mr. Yusuke Hanai
Carnival Shonan aims to realize a “Zero Garbage” event together with citizens. Prior to the event, we would like to inform you that the brand lines “CHOCOLATE BANK” and “Minoh Beer” representing Maison Cacao, which have won numerous awards around the world, have decided to open stores.
Event overview
Date: November 3, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00-15:00
Location: Kanagawa Prefectural Tsujido Seaside Park (3-2 Tsujido Nishikaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
free entrance
Organizer: Surfrider Foundation Japan ( Co-sponsored by: Park Association, Ochu, Sakata Seed, Odakyu Electric Railway Special Cooperation: POW Japan/Conservation Alliance Japan/Leave No Trace Japan Support: Kanagawa Prefecture/Fujisawa City (tentative)
Sponsors: Kanagawa Toyota Motor Co., Ltd./Heiwa Medic Co.,
Ltd./Patagonia International Inc. Japan Branch
Official Instagram: “CHOCOLATE BANK”, a chocolate brand from Kamakura that explores deliciousness and true richness
[Image 2d80820-11-1f7e1dfcbd775165d202-1.jpg&s3=80820-11-6e831cb777916fe07f60b0ca52b8fd51-650x434.jpg
-CHOCOLATE BANK- is a brand line that represents the chocolate brand (Maison Cacao), which was born in 2015 in Kamakura, Japan’s cultural city, led by the founder Shingo Ishihara. We are involved in all processes from cacao cultivation in Colombia to fermentation and roasting, and we are particular about making high-quality chocolate in order to connect producers and customers.
Colombia is one of the richest biodiversity areas in the world. We aim to be a “100-year brand that creates culture” with chocolate by working on sustainable global environmental conservation through cacao cultivation and local educational activities with an eye on future abundance. At the actual store in Onarimachi, Kamakura City, we continue to propose new ways to enjoy chocolate because we know the potential of cacao, and we are developing cacao dishes in addition to sweets. At Carnival Shonan, a special booth will be set up, and a number of products will be lined up where you can experience the sustainable story of cacao starting from Colombia. HP:
“Brewing beer, brewing people” 8 times, gold medal winner at the world competition, “Minoh Beer”
[Image 3d80820-11-df7e08365d905d1aed74-2.png&s3=80820-11-69494824d575463852d682cec2a97fca-1200x630.png
Started production in 1997, this craft beer has won gold medals at competitions around the world eight times, and is highly rated by beer lovers around the world. In an environment nurtured by rich nature designated as “Meiji no Mori Minoh Quasi-National Park”, we are rooted in the region and make beer that is unheated and unfiltered with yeast that is made by hand. . Ms. Kaori Oshita, the owner of the brewery, is one of Japan’s leading female brewers. Her motto is “exploring” and “challenging new things.” Collaboration products and limited edition products are constantly evolving and loved by beer lovers around the world. At Carnival Shonan, a special booth will be set up, and popular products as well as a variety of beers carefully made by hand in Minoh will be lined up. HP:
90 organizations decided to sponsor/open stores. Recruitment started additionally
Booths of companies supporting Carnival Shonan will gather in the market village, and about 90 stores from 10 local markets, from Zushi in the east to Hiratsuka in the west, will open in the local market area. In response to many inquiries, we will start accepting additional sponsorships and limited recruitment from today. Please contact the secretariat for details
[Image 4d80820-11-c6e507489c8697357e78-6.png&s3=80820-11-cc9602a5b7e092bd0fcfd793cc804d28-543x506.png

Participation of an international environmental NGO that “protects snow, protects forests, and protects the sea” has been decided. Donate 5% of sales to environmental protection and educational activities International environmental NGOs (POW Japan/Conservation Alliance Japan/Leave Note Race Japan), who sympathize with the concept of Carnival Shonan, have decided to participate as special cooperation. 5% of the sales at Carnival Shonan of the companies that open stores will be donated to four international environmental NGOs, including the sponsor Surfrider Foundation Japan, and used as funds for environmental protection activities and environmental education activities.
[Image 5d80820-11-0367aa8cb8520203c4c0-4.png&s3=80820-11-de4dbafcca8a622c3b387b7464564b41-1587x259.png
Advance download start. Visualize ethical actions. Carnival Shonan “app” [Image 6d80820-11-6bdb0fa0b9e2d8174d87-5.png&s3=80820-11-dcb7709d22e42c2e034a732c37125152-296x543.png
Carnival Shonan aims for “Zero Garbage” together with visitors. A Carnival Shonan “app” that visualizes the ethical actions of the day will be released in late October. Prior to the release, advance download will start from today. (free)
By downloading the app, visitors will be given points according to their actions, such as opening a store in Carnival Shonan,
participating in workshops held by sponsoring companies, purchasing food and drinks, and cooperating in zero waste (bring their own tableware). increase. If you accumulate a certain number of points, you will be able to get benefits that can be used on the day and for a certain period of time. Details will be announced at the time of the official release.
Benefit example (under adjustment)
・ Coupons that can be used on the day at Carnival Shonan stores ・Original goods gifts such as Carnival Shonan
・ Gifts of goods and facility tickets by sponsoring companies App download URL:

Details about this release:

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