International environmental NGO Surfrider Foundation Japan Shonan Bellmare sponsorship decision! Carnival Shonan PR supporters, recruitment starts today

International Environmental NGO Surfrider Foundation Japan
Shonan Bellmare sponsorship decision! Carnival Shonan PR supporters, recruitment starts today
Held at Tsujido Seaside Park on Culture Day, November 3rd (Thursday)
The international environmental NGO Surfrider Foundation Japan (Headquarters: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director Jun Nakagawa) aims to achieve zero waste at all events in Japan by 2030, realize zero waste, and promote activities in Shonan centering on the SURF2050VISION symposium. We will hold an outdoor event to think about the future.
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Logo design: Mr. Yusuke Hanai
Carnival Shonan aims to realize a “Zero Garbage” event together with citizens. Prior to the event, as a co-sponsor and official media supporter of Japan’s leading J-League “Shonan Bellmare”, which is developing various activities with the mission of “developing dream-creating people”, environmental activities such as ethical activities and marine litter We would like to inform you that “Shonan Style” and “FM Yokohama”, which are engaged in problem-solving activities, have decided to participate. Along with the above, we will start recruiting Carnival Shonan PR supporters from today.
Event overview
Date: November 3, 2022 (Thursday) 10:00-15:00
Location: Kanagawa Prefectural Tsujido Seaside Park (3-2 Tsujido Nishikaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
free entrance
Organizer: Surfrider Foundation Japan ( Co-sponsored by: Park Association, Ochu, Sakata Seed, Odakyu Electric Railway Special Cooperation: POW Japan/Conservation Alliance Japan/Leave No Trace Japan Support: Kanagawa Prefecture/Fujisawa City
Sponsors: Kanagawa Toyota Motor Co., Ltd./Heiwa Medic Co.,
Ltd./Patagonia International Inc. Japan Branch
Official Instagram: “Are you having fun?” Connecting generations and communities to enrich lives and communities. Shonan Bellmare

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In 1999, Bellmare Hiratsuka, which was on the brink of extinction, restarted in 2000 as a citizen club “Shonan Bellmare”. Under the club slogan, “Are you having fun?” We have contributed to regional revitalization by implementing hometown activities.
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*Shonan Bellmare Partial example of SDGs initiatives
In recent years, in order to create a sustainable hometown where more people can embody the idea of ​​“Are you enjoying yourself?” We are working together to solve local issues and strengthen social cooperation. This time, Carnival Shonan’s goal of “Aiming for zero waste at all events in Japan, aiming for zero waste” has been resonated, and we have decided to support it.
[Store contents]
・Kick target (planned)
[Sponsorship content (planned)]
It will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis from Carnival Shonan’s ethical stamp rally participants and coupon winners. ・Invitation tickets for the 2023 season J-League opening game pair ticket for 10 people in 5 pairs
・5 pieces of autographed colored paper

Shonan Style and FM Yokohama will participate as Carnival Shonan official media supporters! Setting up a special booth
Prior to recruiting Carnival Shonan PR supporters, it was decided that Shonan Style and FM Yokohama will participate in Carnival Shonan as official media supporters. In addition to transmitting information to multiple generations, we plan to set up a special booth on the day and prepare a lot of ethical content.
Shonan style
[Image 4d80820-12-6ec830f40f217f7fd0bc-3.png&s3=80820-12-26530ce79fb328ebd299d9f4e5735d03-531x162.png
It is no exaggeration to say that Shonan is the most ethical city in Japan. Shonan Style Magazine, which celebrated its 24th anniversary, has set up a series called “Shonan Sustainable Action” every issue to introduce Shonan’s ethical culture. A spin-off from such a series to a real event. Such a feeling matches this carnival Shonan, organizes the Shonan style area, and expresses the world view of the magazine. We plan to have fun and ethical content such as “Sustainable Wood Action”, Marche, workshops, etc., which collects waste materials from construction companies and allows participants to use them freely. FM Yokohama
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FM Yokohama, which opened in 1985, is responding to recent climate change and environmental problems, -Let’s protect the sea! ~Change the consciousness of Kanagawa citizens~Project- has started. Under the slogan “Change For The Blue” of The Nippon Foundation’s “Umi to Nihon Project”, we broadcast programs that deal with environmental issues and environmental activities, produce and broadcast original audio dramas on the theme of marine litter, and host marathons. Held the “FM Yokohama Marathon 2022 de Garbage Pickup”, which combined the event with garbage pick-up activities, and held the Morito Coast Beach Cleanup in collaboration with a live wide program. Japan as a whole will work together to increase the number of people who are interested in the ocean and take on the challenge of changing the future of the ocean. We are promoting activities aimed at zero marine litter. At Carnival Shonan, a special booth will be set up, and staff from the Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation will hold several sessions of “Special Sea Litter Classes,” while reporter Kentaro Tatsuguchi will liven up the booth throughout the day. We are also planning to sell goods.
Recruitment of Carnival Shonan PR supporters starts today! Recruitment of media/youtubers/Instagrammers/etc.!
At Carnival Shonan, in order to let as many people as possible know about this event and aim to make “zero garbage at all events in Japan” a matter of course, PR supporters will send information on the day and the details of the efforts. We will start recruiting. Not only web media and mass media, but also video distributors such as youtube and tiktok, Instagrammers, school newspapers, bloggers, etc., who resonate with Carnival Shonan’s thoughts and interview us, please contact the secretariat. please give me. ( * Carnival Shonan PR supporters will be judged independently, such as whether they match the purpose and purpose of the event.
Please note that depending on the screening results, we may refuse to become a PR supporter.

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