Introducing a 38cm long handle that is easy to hang on the gate, and an A4 pocket for the “circular board bag” that keeps the circular board from getting wet even on rainy days.

Hakuro Mark Co., Ltd.
Introducing a 38cm long handle that is easy to hang on the gate and an A4 pocket for the “circular board bag” that keeps the circular board from getting wet even on rainy days.
Original designs can be easily produced. Sales start from 10/1 from Hakuromark Seisakusho

On October 1, 2022, Hakuromark Seisakusho released a new version of a vinyl circulation board bag that can fit a circulation board. It is common for a circulation board to be in the mailbox while you are away. However, the circulation board is larger than the postal item, so it does not fit in the mailbox and sticks out. If it rains at the wrong time, the circulating material will get wet and the letters may not be readable. The circulating board bag prevents this. It has been well received since its launch on October 15, 2020, but now it is even more convenient with an A4 size pocket.
[Image 1d85827-13-be85102cee6b8e2595eb-9.jpg&s3=85827-13-53a6fd7f43c19e2e609823c0501a9e82-650x450.jpg

I think that there are many areas called circulation boards
exclusively for communication from the residents’ association. I often hear that when you get home after work, you will find the circular notice sticking out of the mailbox. However, on rainy days, the circulation materials get wet, so you have to dry them one by one while reading them. It’s a problem because sometimes I can’t read the characters. Not only that, but there are times when water seeps into the mailbox through the circulation board and even the mail is submerged.
[Image 2d85827-13-5d66591ca29aa9df45b0-1.jpg&s3=85827-13-7e97cb79da0a97d7e7f30d73ae08aeb0-650x450.jpg
Made of rain-resistant vinyl
Vinyl fabric impervious to rainwater
The fabric uses a vinyl material called “tarpaulin”. Since it does not allow water to pass through, the circulation board will not get wet even on rainy days. Even if it gets wet or dirty, it is easy to clean by simply wiping it lightly. “Tarpaulin” is also used for banners and tent roofs, so one of its features is its durability.
[Image 3d85827-13-3c38efdc9b203bf0aba4-7.jpg&s3=85827-13-0c3f1ce56a6f5fcf62718a2f20057fd6-650x450.jpg
I don’t mind getting wet in the rain
[Image 4d85827-13-d2f569953848604f8915-2.jpg&s3=85827-13-f155aa1c7d7b947a4a60eccff793fd75-650x450.jpg
Prevents water from entering

[Image 5d85827-13-e61359a5a237a7198b40-12.jpg&s3=85827-13-286d39af32f8caa2f70b3d11861daf9d-650x450.jpg
The circulation board protrudes from the mailbox
The circulation board also contains important local information, so if it gets wet and becomes unreadable, the information may not be conveyed. Also, forcibly inserting it into the post may cause damage. We also want to avoid rainwater that enters the mailbox through the circulation board and gets our important mail wet. Pleasantly turning the circulation board may also help prevent troubles with neighbors. With A4 pocket for handouts
Handouts may also be sandwiched together with the circulation board. All papers must be removed from the clips, one handout taken and re-clipped. There is an A4 pocket on the back of the circulation board bag, so if you put the handouts in it, you can easily pull out the handouts. In addition, handouts do not get in the way when viewing the circulation board.
[Image 6d85827-13-d81766cd9bdfdc421073-5.jpg&s3=85827-13-0b29959348f77e071d236eaf9f0a2f37-650x450.jpg
Handouts and circulars can be stored separately
Easy-to-hang handle for entrances and gates
It has a 38 cm long handle, so it can be hung not only on the door handle, but also on the gate. It also makes it easier to know when the circulation board is coming, so you can expect the effect of preventing you from forgetting to pass it to the next house. The handle is convenient and easy to hold when carrying.
[Image 7d85827-13-418eccbd91d24ad66f51-13.jpg&s3=85827-13-1703e1920085367669e69be8fdbf3671-650x369.jpg
It can be hung on the entrance as well as the gate.
Original design can be produced
Of course, you can put the town name and neighborhood number, but you can also make a circulation board bag with an original design. We have prepared design samples in advance, so you can easily make your own original circulation bag by simply contacting us with the text and colors you want to change.
[Image 8d85827-13-9acb79207e2f371039a4-14.jpg&s3=85827-13-4f8b3486139b70ac8c607c2583b5662a-650x450.jpg
[Image 9d85827-13-6a65548f17ee226e0553-15.jpg&s3=85827-13-daf0d9aa19a093c9df3b8cc64138c06f-650x450.jpg
We have many designs
Product Details
[Image 10d85827-13-1f957f2f2cd9853a0d52-6.jpg&s3=85827-13-2d3030c1d41bc74487dd9edaaf8a62a3-650x450.jpg
Circular board bag details
[Image 11d85827-13-03178183ce53210bc3ac-10.jpg&s3=85827-13-ba491e3cd8cd3e0c847210ed36ba110a-650x450.jpg
*Clipboard not included
Product name: Circular board bag (with A4 pocket)
Fabric: Tarpaulin
Specifications: Surrounding folded sewing
Velcro processing
    With A4 pocket
Size: W300 x H380mm
Printing method: inkjet printing
Price: 4,000 yen (excluding tax)
Reference blog
Company profile Company name: Hakuromark Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Head office: 284-8 Nishinakajima, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture (10 minutes by car from the World Heritage Himeji Castle)
Founded: September 1961
Established: March 2009
Business description: Original banners, flags, curtains, noren curtains, and signboards, which are created based on customer requests and needs, are ordered through six internet shops, and are
manufactured and sold nationwide.
He is also a pioneer in creating a system that allows you to buy custom-made products online.
Management site
order nobori dot com
real estate support dot com
order noren dot com
parking sign dot com
Election Nobori Dot Com
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