INVAST SECURITIES Co., Ltd. Tri Auto ETF New Sell Order Logic “Short”

Invast Securities Co., Ltd.
Sell ​​order logic “Short” newly introduced in Tri Auto ETF
Turn a bear market into a profitable opportunity!

On October 2, 2022 (Sunday), a new sell order logic “Short” will appear in the TriAuto ETF provided by Invast Securities Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masato Kawakami).
〇 What is the new logic “Short”?
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The logic “Short”, which has newly joined the ETF select, is a logic for selling orders that aim for profits when the market is falling. Entry with a sell order within the set range width. Considering the volatility of each stock, the profit margin is designed to be large for high-price sell orders and small for low-price sell orders. ▼ Click here for details

ETFセレクト 売りロジック「ショート」新登場!-下落相場を収益機会に変えよう!

* If the order limit or open interest limit is violated, the order may not be placed or executed.
*Sell orders may be suspended at our discretion due to future market trends. The following 7 stocks, which are popular among Tri Auto ETFs, will be released as “Short” this time.
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〇 Let’s take advantage of “short” in a falling market
“Short” is the logic of a profitable sell order in a downtrend. Therefore, it is an effective logic when predicting a market decline. Also, if you are already running buy order logic, you can create profit opportunities even in a downturn by using “Short” together. If you anticipate a rise in the long term and a decline in the short term, you can not only use “short” as a risk hedge, but also actively aim for profits in a falling market due to repeated sell orders. * However, if you add a new automatic trading while another logic is running, you need to pay attention to your financial situation. Please check the recommended margin for the target of operating funds. ▼ Click here for details

ETFセレクト 売りロジック「ショート」新登場!-下落相場を収益機会に変えよう!

〇 Campaign information
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In addition, from October 2, 2022 (Sunday), a campaign will start in which interest rates (interest rate adjustment amount / stock lending adjustment amount) will be free for short positions for a total of 7 ETFs!
The stocks targeted for the campaign will be the same as the stocks released in “Short” this time.
▼ Click here for details
[Important matters regarding TriAuto ETFs, risks, costs, etc.] This transaction is an over-the-counter CFD transaction, and is a negotiated transaction in which the Company acts as the counterparty to the customer and concludes the transaction.
The ETF, which is the underlying asset, is managed with the aim of tracking the base price to the target indicator, but the base price and the target indicator may deviate from each other. In addition, when the market of the underlying asset changes suddenly, it may become difficult to operate with the target indicator. Unlike ETFs, ETNs do not hold underlying physical assets. By not holding the underlying physical assets, the ETN may become worthless due to the deterioration of the issuer’s financial condition or bankruptcy. In addition, there is a risk that loss may occur due to price fluctuations of the target issue, etc., and that the amount of loss may exceed the amount of margin deposited by the customer. there is. As such, this transaction is a high-risk, high-return transaction with the potential for large profits and large losses.
There is a price difference (spread) when buying and selling a target issue. Intended transactions may not be possible due to interruption of acceptance.
Before starting trading, please be sure to check the trading manual, fully understand the mechanism and risks of this trading, and trade at your own responsibility and judgment.
● Trading commission is free for both new and settlement orders. ●In this transaction, there is a difference (spread) between the selling price and the buying price of each issue, and the spread may widen when the market fluctuates suddenly.
●The margin is 20% or more of the yen equivalent of the notional principal per unit for both individuals and corporations, and transactions can be made up to about 5 times the margin.
●This transaction is not a transaction in which principal and profits are guaranteed. Please check our website for the mechanism and important matters of this transaction, and after understanding it, please make a transaction at your own responsibility and judgment. ●Please be sure to visit our website for risks and important matters regarding Tri Auto ETFs.
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