IRIC Corporation “Insurance x IT” Registered in Hanasaku Life’s “Hoken IQ System (R)”, “AS System” and “AS-BOX”

iric corporation
“Insurance x IT” Registered in Hanasaku Life’s “Insurance IQ System (R)”, “AS System” and “AS-BOX”
The number of insurance companies covered by lump-sum estimates is 27
IRIC Corporation (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryuji Katsumoto, Securities code: 7325, hereinafter “our company”) and Hanasaku Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisashi Masuyama, hereinafter “Company”) Hanasaku Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) announced that the insurance analysis and search system “Insurance IQ System (R)” (“AS System” and “AS-BOX”) originally developed by the Company will be available from Saturday, October 1, 2022. We are pleased to inform you that Hanasaku Life has newly registered as an insurance company subject to estimate trial calculation.
[Image 1

* What is the insurance analysis and search system “Hoken IQ System (R)”? [Image 2

This is an insurance analysis and search system independently developed by our company and used in the “Insurance Clinic (R)”. The search function narrows down the applicable insurance products by entering the customer’s desired conditions, and can output them together as a “comparison table”.
Normally, when comparing insurance products from different insurance companies, we had to use proposal materials in different formats, making it difficult to understand the coverage.
With the “Insurance IQ System (R)”, even different insurance companies can be lined up side by side in a common format to compare the differences, so customers can choose insurance with their own conviction. This is the only system in the industry that responds to voices such as “I don’t know what the difference is between the insurances of Company A and Company B” and “I don’t know what kind of insurance suits me.”
AS series overview
This is a series of systems that have the same functions as the “Insurance IQ System (R)” that we independently developed and are used in the insurance shop “Insurance Clinic (R)” to support insurance proposals to customers. To date, it has been introduced to about 380 companies, including insurance sales companies such as banks, corporate agents, and insurance agents, supporting the standardization and efficiency of the insurance sales business.
■ AS system
By entering the necessary items into this system, anyone can easily create an “analysis sheet” that visualizes the coverage details in an easy-to-understand manner.
In addition, with the optional “Securities analysis AI assist function”, you can create an “analysis sheet” simply by importing images of insurance policies instead of inputting them.
* 1 office initial registration fee 200,000 yen, monthly usage fee 80,000 yen ~ (excluding tax)
You can calculate the products of multiple insurance companies collectively and create a “product comparison table sheet” in which the product details of different insurance companies are arranged side by side in the same format. By using this sheet, it is possible to explain the differences of each product to customers in an
easy-to-understand manner.
* 1 office initial registration fee 33,000 yen, monthly usage fee 18,000 yen ~ (excluding tax)
the next deployment
Under the corporate theme of “Connecting people to the future of insurance -Fintech Innovation-“, we will expand the store network of Japan’s first* insurance shop “Hoken Clinic (R)” and system users by utilizing our independently developed systems. , We will promote business development as a platformer in insurance analysis and sales support, such as providing Fintech services that connect “sellers” and “buyers”.
Company Profile
■ IRIC Corporation (
(Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market: Securities Code 7325)
[Table 2: ]
*”Japan’s first visit-type shared insurance shop chain*”
* Chain stores are defined as 11 or more stores or annual sales of 1 billion yen or more.
Survey by Tokyo Shoko Research (June 2018)

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