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ISARIBI Co., Ltd. Keigo Inoue’s new challenge. The NFT project “Crypto Pokers” has started with the aim of developing a new “worldwide poker community” created by Kazuki Obata, a regional power creation advisor for the Min istry of Internal Affairs

A new challenge for Keigo Inoue. The NFT project “Crypto Pokers” has started with the aim of developing a new “worldwide poker community” created by Kazuki Obata, a regional power creation advisor for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and web3!

 ISARIBI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Keita Sakakibara) announces the launch of the world’s first poker culture creation NFT project “Crypto Pokers”, a new innovation in the “web3” community.
ISARIBI Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the creative and production of artwork such as illustrations and designs for this project, and will contribute to the creation of the world’s first NFT project from Japan.
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Background of the project launch
Comment from Founder Kazuki Obata
Since the NFT market showed excitement in early 2021, numerous NFT projects with diverse visions have been launched.
We regard this trend as a new trend in which IP, content, and brands are created in a bottom-up fashion together with the community. And in this big trend, we believe that Japan, which has a love for IP/content and has many global creators, can create a large “industry” that can compete with the world.
In view of this background and the compatibility of poker with web3’s community-based philosophy, the NFT project “Crypto Pokers”, which aims to create a new culture and a poker tournament where people from all over the world can participate from the web3 community, microverse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keita Shibuya, hereinafter “microverse”).
Crypto Pokers project overview
Crypto Pokers is an NFT project that aims to create a new poker culture originating from the web3 community, centered on “Kazuteru Obata”, who appears in the media and operates businesses in the fields of education and games.
We aim to create a global poker tournament from the web3 community by holding tournaments limited to NFT holders, deciding tournament holding policies together with the community, and holding
collaboration cups with other NFT projects.
In addition, Keigo Inoue, a video illustrator belonging to our company, participated in the start of this project.
Please look forward to Keigo Inoue’s first high-quality generative art. [Official site URL]
[Official Twitter URL] the next deployment
Aiming for a sale from the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023, we will distribute the whitelist and hold an AMA.
Through AMAs and communication within the community, we will create projects together with users.
■ Sale overview
・ Scheduled sale: End of 2022 to early 2023
・Scheduled number of mints: 1,326
・Blockchain used: Ethereum
About project members
[Image 2d60459-222-4a07b89cd563337b563d-1.png&s3=60459-222-088e8505d5e10a3d6d95e1a0f705402f-2048x2048.png
In 2020, he drew attention mainly on SNS, and released an illustration that expressed a cyberpunk world view that mixed vivid colors with motion graphics and effects.
In charge of MVs for 2021 most talked about artists Ado, Eve, anime song singer Yui Ninomiya, etc.
He has also published works on NFT and has been sold at high prices by collectors around the world, and is pursuing the possibilities of a new-age digital artist.
Founder: Kazuki Obata
[Image 3d60459-222-3a9854e81e0f3cbc8ae0-2.png&s3=60459-222-749f569ab3e7f51a0ca9e14286d5d9ab-400x400.png
 Experienced not attending school for about 10 years from
kindergarten. At that time, most of the day was spent playing games, and the total play time exceeded 30,000 hours. After that, he started a business in his third year of high school.
In October 2019, Japan’s first online game tutor “Gemtre” was launched. He has also made numerous media appearances, including as a TV commentator. In his book, “Games are useful in life. “Such
Director: microverse
[Image 4d60459-222-d81371f19202497429ff-3.png&s3=60459-222-2b3100bf89cc3bf53eaec81deea9597d-179x261.png

In addition, some of Japan’s leading creators and influencers are scheduled to participate, and follow-up information will be announced via the official Twitter account.
About microverse
In January 2022, Cyber ​​Agent Capital, East Ventures, F Ventures, and double Co., Ltd. raised a seed round of 50 million yen. So far, many NFT projects have been implemented, such as NFT distribution at the live venue held at Saitama Super Arena by the artist “Zutto Mayonade Ii ni.” and Vtuber/river NFT sales.
Producing NFT projects through the provision of API-based All-in-One solution “Stella” that can provide end-to-end support from conversion of existing IP/content to NFT to launch of new NFT-native IP/content. / Develop sales support business.
[Image 5d60459-222-7f4e861843a382f20711-4.png&s3=60459-222-12f4118677b3b68c53c07f25d56b40fd-340x77.png

About us
[Image 6d60459-222-825c1fe16d40181097ac-5.jpg&s3=60459-222-c52ac62c26983618ffeb7b4642d0eabd-585x181.jpg
Established: April 2020
Representative: Keita Sakakibara
Location: LIFORK AKIHABARAII R5C, 3-13-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Business: Entertainment production / promotion and planning / entertainment content / event production / artist/creator management ISARIBI Co., Ltd., centered on CEO Keita Sakakibara, has received capital investment from HoriPro International Co., Ltd., Anomaly Co., Ltd., and Global Business Lab Co., Ltd. All 10 up-and-coming creative companies (Abu Co., Ltd. Stream Creation, Azbit Co., Ltd., Anera Co., Ltd., ARTiMADE Co., Ltd., Shibutoshi Co., Ltd., Rebrast Co., Ltd., Speedy Co., Ltd., addgroove Co., Ltd., FNMD Co., Ltd., Sekikan Co., Ltd.) Our mission is to create new next-generation entertainment and develop innovative businesses with 13 talents and technologies. Focusing on planning and production functions, sales and advertising agency functions, we provide “planning and directing business,” “live production business,” “festival business,” “management business,” “IP creation business,” “video production business,” and “dance business” that accompany the entertainment business. ”, “Influencer business”, “Internet-related business including YouTube”, “Regional and regional revitalization business”, etc. .
WOWOW 30th anniversary original feature animation “Eien no 831” advertising production
Johoku Shinkin Bank “COSA ON online” Creative
■ TV anime “Digimon Ghost Game” ending theme/theme song creative (music/choreography/MV)
■ Professional Dance League “D.LEAGUE” Participating Team KOSE Co., Ltd. “KOSE 8ROCKS” Producer, Management Support
TBS “The 63rd Shining! Japan Record Awards” Special Award Ado Special MV “Gira Gira / Ado” Creative
■ Google “I DISPLAY music.” illustration
Produced by Fuji-Q Highland NARUTO VR attraction “NARUTO x BORUTO Fuji Konohagakure no Sato”
“METEORA st.” is a music and art influencer label for creators with influence abilities, established by ISARIBI Co., Ltd.
Details about this release:

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