ISARIBI Co., Ltd. Keitan from REAL AKIBA BOYZ and cartoonist Yashiro Azuki (our evangelist) won top prizes at Japan’s largest poker tournament “Japan Open Poker Tour”!

Keitan from REAL AKIBA BOYZ and manga artist Azuki Yashiro (our evangelist) won top prizes at Japan’s largest poker tournament “Japan Open Poker Tour”!

Keita Sakakibara, representative of ISARIBI Co., Ltd., who is also active as Keitan, a member of the anisong dance performer REAL AKIBA BOYZ (belonging to METEORA st.), and a popular manga artist and businessman who serves as the company’s evangelist. “Yashiro Azuki” won the top prizes in the side games of the largest domestic poker tournament event “Japan Open Poker Tour”.
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Keita Sakakibara participated under the name of “RAB Keitan” and finished second in the “NLH Hyper” division, while Azuki Yashiro finished eighth in the “NLH Turbo” division.
ISARIBI Co., Ltd. will continue to work together with its affiliated label “METEORA st.” to make poker culture more exciting.
Japan Open Poker Tour Tournament Overview
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The Japan Open Poker Tour is Japan’s largest poker event that has been held annually since 2011. It is held four times a year.
Preliminaries for each event will be held at poker spots nationwide, and only those who have passed the preliminaries will be able to participate in the finals.
Players who achieve excellent results in the finals will be given the opportunity to participate in overseas tournaments as representatives of Japan, and will be given the right to challenge the world competition.
Organizer: Japan Open Poker Tour Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: GGPoker
Sponsored by: Japan Poker Federation
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[Competition name]
Japan Open Poker Tour 2022 Tokyo #02
[Holding period]
October 1st (Sat), October 7th (Fri) – October 10th (Sun), 2022 【venue】
Bellesalle Shinjuku Central Park
[Tournament official page]
Keita Sakakibara (RAB Keitan) Profile
[Image 5d60459-229-7f243041b8992a082a6c-4.jpg&s3=60459-229-f6c734ee9653b69e55f34aff9bf10cb5-1169x748.jpg
[Image 6d60459-229-e742e86ce77f27b49c3e-5.jpg&s3=60459-229-d79382458e3469efe02493c94c16888a-963x1444.jpg
Active as a member of RAB (Real Akiba Boys).
A live DJ for the popular content “Hypnosis Mic”. Active as an anisong DJ who travels around the world. While being a player, he is also a manager and producer who manages multiple companies.
Official Twitter
Official Instagram
Official YouTube channel “Keitan Sakakibara Real Akiba Boyz / President”
Yashiro Azuki profile
[Image 7d60459-229-26f5282968690e9976d9-6.jpg&s3=60459-229-cca689f0a721a64509f77d50244ac5c0-1568x1044.jpg
[Image 8d60459-229-86c9e7fb69b4045a765f-7.jpg&s3=60459-229-5812a51aa90a4597a40fc532656b986b-534x356.jpg
Representative Director of Yashiroke Co., Ltd. and Representative Director of NAKAMAYO Co., Ltd.
A manga artist and businessman who has incorporated his own manga business and serves as the representative director of two companies while having 20 million page views per month on the Livedoor blog. In addition to serializing manga based on himself, his family, and friends on the web, he is engaged in a wide range of businesses, including talent activities that appear on TV and internet programs, and triangular cone-related businesses.
Official Twitter
・NHK Online
・Adhesive Hero-24-hour live broadcast until the Demon King is defeated- ·recruit
・ Entree Net Life Shift Manga
・ Career supplement 8-panel cartoon
etc., and many others
About us
[Image 9d60459-229-859eed49a7903a154c22-8.jpg&s3=60459-229-7a9830996a5fd80f9aebdc830f473059-585x181.jpg
Established: April 2020
Representative: Keita Sakakibara
Location: LIFORK AKIHABARAII R5C, 3-13-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Business: Entertainment production / promotion and planning / entertainment content / event production / artist/creator management ISARIBI Co., Ltd., centered on CEO Keita Sakakibara, has received capital investment from HoriPro International Co., Ltd., Anomaly Co., Ltd., and Global Business Lab Co., Ltd. All 10 up-and-coming creative companies (Abu Co., Ltd. Stream Creation, Azbit Co., Ltd., Anera Co., Ltd., ARTiMADE Co., Ltd., Shibutoshi Co., Ltd., Rebrast Co., Ltd., Speedy Co., Ltd., addgroove Co., Ltd., FNMD Co., Ltd., Sekikan Co., Ltd.) Our mission is to create new next-generation entertainment and develop innovative businesses with 13 talents and technologies. Focusing on planning and production functions, sales and advertising agency functions, we provide “planning and directing business,” “live production business,” “festival business,” “management business,” “IP creation business,” “video production business,” and “dance business” that accompany the entertainment business. ”, “Influencer business”, “Internet-related business including YouTube”, “Regional and regional revitalization business”, etc. .
WOWOW 30th anniversary original feature animation “Eien no 831” advertising production
Johoku Shinkin Bank “COSA ON online” Creative
■ TV anime “Digimon Ghost Game” ending theme/theme song creative (music/choreography/MV)
■ Professional Dance League “D.LEAGUE” Participating Team KOSE Co., Ltd. “KOSE 8ROCKS” Producer, Management Support
TBS “The 63rd Shining! Japan Record Awards” Special Award Ado Special MV “Gira Gira / Ado” Creative
■ Google “I DISPLAY music.” illustration
Produced by Fuji-Q Highland NARUTO VR attraction “NARUTO x BORUTO Fuji Konohagakure no Sato”
“METEORA st.” is a music and art influencer label for creators with influence abilities, established by ISARIBI Co., Ltd.
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