ISARIBI Co., Ltd. “RESPECT FOR GEEKS vol.3” will be held on 12/11! “Maon Kurosaki” will perform as a live artist, and “DJ Caesar”, “Ponyo Oji”, and “Risamaru” from METEORA st. will perform as DJs!

“RESPECT FOR GEEKS vol.3” will be held on 12/11! “Maon Kurosaki” will perform as a live artist, and “DJ Caesar”, “Ponyo Oji”, and “Risamaru” from METEORA st. will perform as DJs!
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The creator & influencer office “METEORA st.” operated by ISARIBI Co., Ltd. will hold a music live & club event “WOMB” in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo on Sunday, December 11, 2022. RESPECT FOR GEEKS vol.3 -1st
Anniversary- powered by #R4G”, announced that three people such as “DJ Caesar”, “Ponyo Prince”, and “Risamaru” will appear.
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Event details
“RESPECT FOR GEEKS vol.3 -1st Anniversary- powered by #R4G” is a brand “R4G” that develops popular anime apparel items (operated by Baroque Japan Limited / head office location: Meguro, Tokyo 153-0042 It is a “Super Tsuyotsuyo Live & Club Event” sponsored by Sumitomo Realty & Development Aobadai Hills, 4-7-7 Aobadai, Ward.
This event, which has been very popular since it was first held in November 2021, will be held for the 4th time in December at the end of this year, “vol.3” (the first time will be held under the name vol.0). .
R4G’s philosophy of “aiming to be a new bridge connecting ‘Anime’ and ‘Fashion’, which are the great world-class pop cultures,” is the same as Shibuya’s club WOMB, which has been a landmark in the history of Japanese music. Please see with your own eyes on December 11th (Sunday) what kind of expression will come to fruition.
As the slogan “Tsuyotsuyo Live & Club Event” suggests, this event features not only DJ live performances, but also live performances by inviting various artists.
The live artist invited for this vol.3 is Maon Kurosaki, who has worked on many famous songs. Further performers will be announced in follow-up reports for both live artists and DJs. Details will be announced on the event’s official Twitter account, so don’t miss it.
In addition, announcer “Naoki Yoshida”, who is an evangelist of our company, will also appear as a DJ at this event. Please look forward to what kind of stage he will usually create as an announcer and virtual YouTuber (virtual MC).
【event name】
RESPECT FOR GEEKS vol.3 -1st Anniversary- powered by #R4G
[Event type]
live music and club events
[Date and time]
December 11, 2022 (Sunday) 12:00-
*2F WOMB floor starts at 14:00
Club “WOMB” (2-16 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044)
[Event official Twitter]
[Event official website]
Available for sale at the URL below!
Advance ¥2900
Admission on the day ¥4000 (Please pay at the venue reception) * If you enter on the day, present the announcement RT screen at the reception and get 500 yen off! !
*Regardless of whether you purchase in advance or enter on the day of the event, ¥600 will be charged separately from the ticket fee as a drink fee at the time of entry.
・Minors are not allowed to enter.
・Re-entry is possible, but you will be charged for one drink upon re-entry. ・ID will be checked upon entry. Please prepare a public ID with a face photo, such as a driver’s license, passport, student ID issued by a school corporation, or a resident registry card. Employee ID cards and taspo cannot be used.
・Please maintain social distance in the store and use the alcohol provided in the store to disinfect your hands in a timely manner. ・Please wear a mask except when eating and drinking.
・Sharing of food and beverages and passing drinks are prohibited. ・No nuisance such as drunkenness, picking up girls, unauthorized photography, etc. You may be asked to leave the store if you find any nuisance.
・All floors are all standing. Please share the chairs and high tables on the floor with others.
・Be sure to follow the staff’s instructions and restraints.
・Please be sure to take care of your valuables such as wallets and mobile phones. We are not responsible for theft, loss or damage. ・When entering the store, we ask that you check your body temperature with the temperature measuring device that is always available in the store. (Persons with 37.5 degrees or higher are not allowed to enter) ・Tickets will not be refunded unless the performance is canceled or postponed. ・The content, performers, business hours, and number of people may be changed due to unavoidable circumstances such as metropolitan ordinances related to corona infections, transportation failures, illness or accidents of performers. Please be forewarned.
~Announcement of the first live artist~
Maon Kurosaki
~ DJ 1st Announcement ~
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dj caesar
Produced “Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEST ANIME MIX”, he is a pioneer of anime song DJs who represent Japan in both name and reality, achieving the feat of first appearing in the Oricon Weekly Anime for the first time and second overall daily ranking.
He became a pioneer of the scene by advocating a new and epoch-making DJ style that mixes songs one after another. While appearing at large domestic events such as JUMP MUSIC FESTA Yokohama Arena, Gundam Fest Makuhari Messe Hall, and Niconico Chokaigi Makuhari Messe, he has also been invited to numerous festivals in Atlanta, Paris, Singapore, Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Hawaii, etc. Active on a global scale.
Twitter official account

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Prince Ponyo
At the age of 22, Prince Ponyo is involved in various activities such as cosplaying, DJing, gravure, and hosting events. It is a very popular layer with over 350,000 followers. Reigns high in the DJanemag ranking. Actively active, such as appearing in events every month. Keep an eye on her not only as a DJ, but also as a costume based on the concept of “erotic cuteness” and a powerful MC that will excite the floor. Expectations are high for future activities.

YouTube [Image 4

“He’s been cosplaying for over 10 years!” Recreated the Twitter account and reached 110,000 followers in two years. Although I was born in Nagano, I made my cosplay debut after being impressed by an event called Cosplay Summit when I was a teenager in Nagoya. After moving to Tokyo, she is now the manager of Shibuya Gyaru Café 10sion and also a member of the 39Party* cast of the Vocaloid concept in Kabukicho.
-Representative work-
〇Carcolle “Gal and Dinosaur”, “SSSS.Gridman”, “Tokyo Manji Revengers” fashion model
〇 Cosmode March 2016 issue cover, August 2021 issue special corner model 〇Young Champion 2021 No, 3 back cover
〇Cosplayers Paradise! Appearance

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Naoki Yoshida
[Image 6

Amane Shindo
[Image 7

[Image 8

Read: Meteora Street
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RAB (Real Akiba Boys)/Komazawa Isolation/GinyuforcE/FLAVA
JAPAN/datto/Hayaken/NARI Digitz/Atsuki
Suzumiya/DRAGON/Keitan/Maron/Muratomi/Ness/Tushi/Zomayakajanai!/Ryu / Gear / Getz / Takuya Shiono (Umebou) / DJ Caesar / RK / Keisuke Terashima (A.T.E) / Keigo Inoue / Maron / Yuta ONE / Hidemasa Jinguji / Yuki Hosaka / Tomohiro Yamashita (Nurunuru Co., Ltd.) / Ryu / D (D)/Love Matsu/Hisano Motohiro/Iresu/SHO/SALT COMMUNICATION/Usako Kurusu/DJ Yu Michii/Riko Matsushita/Shiho/MISAKI/Kayu Taguchi/Zuko Hamune/Tama Kashiwamori. / Suzuno / Uni Amatsu / Prince Ponyo / Ichiho Shirahata / Hikari Izumi / Mikuno Tachikawa / Kana Sekiguchi / Aonoa / Tamaki / Yuriko Tiger / Risamaru
“METEORA st.” is a music and art influencer label for creators with influence ability established by ISARIBI Co., Ltd.
“I will destroy the “I” I have been up until now. ], otaku of all kinds of genres who can be active in the world belong, and the business is developed with the aim of being an office, agent, and training organization for creators with influence abilities in the music and art fields, mainly dance. increase.
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