Isshindo Co., Ltd. Started regular handling of “Disney Cinderella Bridal Collection 2023” at Isshindo, an engagement ring and wedding ring specialty store in Nagano Prefecture.

Isshindo Co., Ltd.
Started regular handling of “Disney Cinderella Bridal Collection 2023” at Isshindo, an engagement ring and wedding ring specialty store in Nagano Prefecture.

Isshindo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture; Representative Director: Eijiro Iwama; hereinafter “Isshindo”), which operates jewelry shops in Nagano and Niigata Prefectures, is Disney sold by St.Pur Co., Ltd. Cinderella’s new bridal collection series “Disney Cinderella Bridal Collection 2023” has been sold at three stores: Bruges Isshindo, Isshindo Matsumoto Nagisa, and Isshindo Bandai.
Disney Cinderella Bridal Collection 2023

[Image 1

“If you believe, your dreams will come true…”
Cinderella never gave up on her dreams and believed in herself no matter how hard things got. And Cinderella fulfilled her wish with her strong feelings.
“Blue Topaz”, which is said to have “the power to guide you not to give up no matter what difficulties you face and make your dreams come true”, is a clear blue color like her heart.
Also, Cinderella was always kind to animals. Like Cinderella, it is also a stone that is said to have the effect of bringing a feeling of philanthropy and enhancing charm.
“Disney Cinderella 2023 Bridal Collection” with a beautiful and gentle Cinderella-like gem “Blue Topaz” hidden inside the ring
[Image 2

There will be 5 series: limited model 2 series, standard model 1 series, eternity ring, and petite pendant.
The limited model is a marriage ring pair and engagement ring for one year from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023, after the dream-like time [11:59] before Cinderella’s magic is solved. It is a limited sale of 1,159 pairs / book in total.
Limited time/quantity model “Magic to Dream”
[Image 3d81677-11-efdb2e77e4fc12d4703e-2.jpg&s3=81677-11-195c359ef0ed88f0baa53a83e73b4ae9-2000x2000.jpg
A set ring inspired by the trajectory of magical glitter.
When the Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella beautifully, it is an image of a beautiful, glittering magic trajectory. It is a design that allows you to fully feel the sparkle of diamonds and platinum. The popular slender design gives this ring a simple, lean and sophisticated impression.
Limited time/quantity model “Gift of Fairy”
[Image 4d81677-11-be3b4105da0e892f8d98-3.jpg&s3=81677-11-1b00fa558351bb72c6324a325d860350-2000x2000.jpg
A set ring with the image of a gift from a fairy godmother = “love”. An engagement ring in the shape of a pumpkin carriage that transports Cinderella to the castle, and a wedding ring that expresses the magical powder “Pixie Dust” of fairies that glitters and casts magic on the path to a dream.
The glittering “Pixie Dust” finish is a special specification only for the Gift of Fairy model.
Standard model “You’re my Princess”
[Image 5d81677-11-f6ed042f299428dceabd-0.jpg&s3=81677-11-e0b9dc70db3016e7bf12dae7952cbddb-1385x1192.jpg
A set ring with a motif of a castle and stairs, which are symbols of dreams that Cinderella believed.
Cinderella leaves the castle without giving her name. A prince who fell in love with Cinderella.
Guided by the glass slipper, the destined two meet again and are united. An engagement ring that incorporates the beautiful architectural design of Cinderella’s castle, and a marriage ring that imaged the stairs of Cinderella’s castle that branched left and right.
By layering, it looks like the architectural form of the castle and the stairs are connected.
Characteristics of Isshindo
Isshindo is a select shop with more than 2,000 bridal rings from about 30 brands.
In addition to the “Disney Cinderella Bridal Collection 2023”, which started handling the new series this time, we also handle “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled (Rapunzel)” bridal products.
Please take a look at Disney’s bridal collection that is loved for generations. Store introduction
1. Bruges Isshindo
[Image 6d81677-11-e18960211ff5f6210500-6.jpg&s3=81677-11-93901f68921592fe3c033673e34391a8-500x334.jpg
◆ Store information Bruges Isshindo (Takada, Nagano City)
1737-1 Takada, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL: 026-263-5550
Visit reservation:
※Please feel free to contact us.
2. Matsumoto Nagisa store
[Image 7d81677-11-5671db119e433a1f3131-5.jpg&s3=81677-11-ee181d5900e066262597a18128056867-500x300.jpg
◆Store information Isshindo Matsumoto Nagisa store
3-10-9 Nagisa, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL: 0263-24-1177
Visit reservation:
※Please feel free to contact us.
3. Iida Main Store
[Image 8d81677-11-40e9610a8e79d2ac3b8d-9.jpg&s3=81677-11-c78c7979aa5223e72f101c771322b030-3900x2600.jpg
◆ Store information Isshindo Iida main store
111 Kanaeisshiki, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL: 0265-24-6663
Visit reservation:
※Please feel free to contact us.
4. Isshindo Sakuragi Inter Store
[Image 9d81677-11-9168c00a58a68118cd5c-7.jpg&s3=81677-11-a563ac3ca0d31076451acb9b3a3a50e5-650x434.jpg
◆ Store information
Isshindo Sakuragi Inter Store
2-7-5 Shintouji, Chuo Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture TEL: 025-244-7055
Visit reservation:
※Please feel free to contact us.
5. Isshindo Bandai Branch
[Image 10d81677-11-180f15e2f97d9d1a3722-8.jpg&s3=81677-11-cc2bea640598e6be7cbe9d4359878a1c-784x534.jpg
◆ Store information
Isshindo Bandai
Niigata Prefecture, Niigata City, Chuo Ward, Yachiyo 2-2-1-1F TEL: 025-278-3200
Visit reservation:
※Please feel free to contact us.
Corporate information
Isshindo has been involved in the sale of bridal jewelry and luxury watches for over 60 years under the philosophy of “Bijou de famille”. Since human life is not eternal, I entrust my thoughts to “jewels”, the only thing on earth that has eternity. It is an important culture that has been handed down in Europe since ancient times, where jewelry is used to convey feelings from parents to children, or to be passed down as family heirlooms.
At Isshindo, we convey this good custom to our customers as an important part of our culture.
Company name: Isshindo Co., Ltd.
Founded: October 1959
Head Office: 1737-1 Takada, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture
Representative: Eijiro Iwama
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