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Newsletter “@cosme’s trend buds” that discovers signs of future trends from reviews posted on @cosme ~No.20 October 2022 edition~

istyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tetsuro Yoshimatsu) has discovered signs of future trends from reviews posted on Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty comprehensive site “@cosme”. We will deliver the newsletter “@cosme’s trend buds”. ■What is the bud of the @cosme trend?
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“@cosme” is Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty comprehensive site, equipped with a product database of more than 340,000 cosmetic products from over 30,000 domestic and foreign brands, a word-of-mouth search function, and information on new products.
This service is used in some way every month by the majority of women in their 20s and 30s in Japan. Since the service started in 1999, the number of members, the number of reviews, and the number of page views have continued to grow, and in June of this year, the cumulative number of reviews exceeded 18 million!
In “@cosme trend buds”, we will pick up words that first appeared in word-of-mouth posted on @cosme and words that have greatly increased the appearance rate and deliver them every month. Although it is not a big number yet, we will introduce signs that may become a big trend in the future with actual reviews.
We will also introduce word-of-mouth rankings for seasonal categories, sales rankings for @cosme TOKYO and @cosme STORE, and sales rankings for @cosme SHOPPING.
Q. Who picks up words that are likely to become trends from the vast amount of data?
istyle has a “research team” that analyzes the vast amount of @cosme data and utilizes it for marketing. The two of them, who keep in touch with the latest consumer trends through access data, awareness surveys and interviews, as well as over 18 million word-of-mouth, analyze and pick up trend buds every month.
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istyle Co., Ltd. @cosme research planner (left) Haiko Nishihara (right) Ayako Harada
1. The latest trends seen from reviews posted by @cosme
・“Sky High” and “Usotsuki Mascara” are now popular in @cosme reviews! ・Mascara that is hard to remove! Demand for mascara remover
・Is there an increase in attention to facial cleansing tools? The key points are pore care, hygiene, reduction of skin irritation, and ease of use.
・The words “Yukichi” and “one coin”, which represent cosmetics over 10,000 yen and cosmetics priced at 500 yen, both increased! It’s not just expensive and cheap! What is important is whether there is a sense of satisfaction and quality that exceeds the amount of money 2. @cosme TOKYO mascara/mascara base sales ranking (counting period: 2022/09/20-2022/10/19)
While foundation is a standard and popular item, mascara has many new arrivals! Is sheer black used instead of brown for a loose feeling? ================
1. The latest trends seen from reviews posted by @cosme
In the past month, about 80,000 reviews* of purchases have been posted on @cosme.
About 80,000 words are used in these reviews. We examined the monthly appearance rate of all 80,000 words since 2015, and picked up the words that first appeared in September 2022 and the words that saw a significant increase in the appearance rate.
*Purchased product review: Review when you purchased and used the product yourself, not using a sample.
The pick-up keyword will be the one that captures the “sign” that the number of N is still small. Please note that this is not an overall trend.
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Maybelline New York “Maybelline Sky High” and pdc “Pimmel Perfect Long & Curl Mascara N”, two mascara products that are so popular that they are temporarily out of stock, were also talked about in @cosme reviews. “Sky High” is a mascara that promises to achieve a perfectly long finish by stretching and lifting (makeup effect) even the downward eyelashes of Japanese people. Popular hair and makeup artist Hiro Odagiri introduced it on YouTube. This mascara has been a hot topic since it went on sale on September 3rd. Former @cosme employee and beauty TikToker Ari-chan was involved in the development of “Pimmel Perfect Long & Curl Mascara N” with the catchphrase “liar mascara”. It is a popular mascara, and it is highly evaluated for its ability to keep curls at sky high.
-Review excerpt-
Maybelline New York Maybelline SkyHigh
The long-awaited Maybelline Sky High! I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, but it lifts my eyelashes up… and the keeping power was perfect. very. A solid comb is the best!
Maybelline New York Maybelline SkyHigh
I bought it after watching Hiro Odagiri’s YouTube. Each eyelash is separated and beautiful. Before using this, I used an eyelash comb after applying mascara.
pdc Pimel Perfect Long & Curl Mascara N
I bought it at Mascara@cosme, which is a hot topic on SNS. First of all, I was intrigued by the naming of the liar mascara.
pdc Pimel Perfect Long & Curl Mascara N
The name Usotsuki Mascara is also interesting, but unlike clear mascara, it really makes your eyelashes look a little more natural. The feeling of your own eyelashes is really amazing!
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The topic of mascara is also skin care. Like the mascara introduced earlier, there is a demand for mascara that has a high curl-keeping power (because it is highly effective, it is difficult to remove with cleansing alone). Or, it seems that the demand for mascara remover is increasing. In addition to the heroine makeup “Speedy Mascara Remover”, which has become a very popular product such as winning the @cosme Best Cosmetics Award 2021 Best Cleansing 3rd place, Cezanne has newly released “Mascara Remover”, and “Mascara Remover” is likely to become an item that attracts even more attention.
-Review excerpt-
heroine make speedy mascara remover
It removes any kind of mascara properly, and it’s useful because it removes makeup without putting a strain on the eyelashes and eyelids. heroine make speedy mascara remover
A must have for my makeup remover. I love it! With this item, mascara comes off easily and cleanly without rubbing with strong force. cezanne mascara remover
It’s surprising that you can buy a mascara remover at this price. The feeling of use was also good and fell firmly.
cezanne mascara remover
It is used in conjunction with durable curl mascara. Just apply it right before you take a bath and cleanse it off!
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Products related to removing pore problems are generally growing, but there is a movement to incorporate tools when washing the face, as the following facial cleanser review says, “It is better to use a cleansing brush.” Facial cleansing brushes have a strong image of being anti-friction, which has been emphasized recently.
Paper towels are another tool for washing your face. It seems that more and more people are wiping their face with a “paper towel” instead of a towel after washing their face, probably because of hygiene, less irritation to the skin, and more comfortable to use. Since it is disposable, there are several people who use it for “cleaning the washbasin after wiping the face and killing two birds with one stone” and “washing the face + cleaning”.
-Review excerpt-
suisai suisai beauty clear powder wash N
Verified Purchase About once every 3 days, I use it on areas where I am concerned about pores when I swirl with a cleansing brush. ReFa ReFa CLEAR
I bought this because I was worried about my pores and wanted to start over from washing my face. I was worried about other cleansing brushes, but after reading reviews, I bought this one.
dior prestige le pinceau
It turns out that the facial cleansing brush fits so well, so I switched to this one with a good reputation. It’s more dry than when I’m not using it, but the pore dirt is definitely gone when I’m using it, so my acne has decreased.
[Image 8

Takami Takami beautiful skin cotton cloth
It’s quite expensive among cleansing towels, but while regular cleansing towels look like kitchen paper, this one is soft like a kitchen duster and doesn’t irritate the skin at all.
ITO cleansing towel
The name “disposable towel” is really apt. It’s not as thin as a tissue, and it’s not as hard as you might imagine with the word paper, but it’s reasonably strong and soft against the skin. Above all else, it’s hygienic.
Above all, I’m happy that I was released from the stress of towel fibers sticking to my face.
TBD Poitty Versatile Disposable Cleansing Towel
Considering hygiene, we have changed from towels to disposable towels! [Image 9

[Image 10

3COINS AUS Eyeshadow Palette / 01BEBR
As it was cheap, we purchased. 01BEBR is easy to use with no wasted colors. There is some powder flying, but with 12 colors and a mirror, one coin is the best cost performance. This is enough for commuting makeup.
Kirei & co. Long Mascara / Black
All products can be purchased for 500 yen (excluding tax)! ! Dense volume mascara without clumps from an all-one coin cosmetic brand. The fibers cling tightly to the eyelashes.
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2. @cosme TOKYO mascara/mascara base sales ranking (counting period: 2022/09/20-2022/10/19)
This time there was a lot of mascara topics. Looking at @cosme TOKYO’s sales ranking of mascara and mascara base to see what kind of mascara is actually selling, 7 mascara products and 3 base products ranked in. As for the base, standard and popular products are supported, and for mascara, in addition to the previously introduced “Pimel Perfect Long & Curl Mascara N” and “Sky High,” popular Korean makeup artist “Won Jong-yo” The new mascara released from the end of August to October of the brand “Wonjungyo” that I produce was ranked. Looking at the colors, there was 1 brown color, 5 black colors, and 1 gray color, which is rare as a color. It seems that there is a need to show the eyes clearly in black. Also, even though it’s black, the high-ranking Pimel and Wonjungyo are singing black with a sense of sheerness, and it may be the trend to create a sense of sheer black instead of brown. [Image 13

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“@cosme trend buds”-No.20 October 2022 edition-
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