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Newsletter “@cosme’s trend buds” that discovers signs of future trends from reviews posted on @cosme ~No.19 September 2022 edition~
istyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tetsuro Yoshimatsu) has discovered signs of future trends from reviews posted on Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty comprehensive site “@cosme”. We will deliver the newsletter “@cosme’s trend buds”. ■What is the bud of the @cosme trend?
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“@cosme” is Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty comprehensive site, equipped with a product database of more than 340,000 cosmetic products from over 30,000 domestic and foreign brands, a word-of-mouth search function, and information on new products.
This service is used in some way every month by the majority of women in their 20s and 30s in Japan. Since the service started in 1999, the number of members, the number of reviews, and the number of page views have continued to grow, and in June of this year, the cumulative number of reviews exceeded 18 million!
In “@cosme trend buds”, we will pick up words that first appeared in word-of-mouth posted on @cosme and words that have greatly increased the appearance rate and deliver them every month. Although it is not a big number yet, we will introduce signs that may become a big trend in the future with actual reviews.
We will also introduce word-of-mouth rankings for seasonal categories, sales rankings for @cosme TOKYO and @cosme STORE, and sales rankings for @cosme SHOPPING.
Q. Who picks up words that are likely to become trends from the vast amount of data?
istyle has a “research team” that analyzes the vast amount of @cosme data and utilizes it for marketing. The two of them, who keep in touch with the latest consumer trends through access data, awareness surveys and interviews, as well as over 18 million word-of-mouth, analyze and pick up trend buds every month.
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istyle Co., Ltd. @cosme research planner (left) Haiko Nishihara (right) Ayako Harada
1. The latest trends seen from reviews posted by @cosme
・TikTok and YouTube’s popular “pure desire makeup” @cosme is also trending in! ・Proposed by @cosme! Let’s incorporate pure desire makeup into everyday makeup with “parts”!
・Sweets Sweets “Eyebrow Wax” became a hot topic.
In the future, wax and balm may become a must-have item for eyebrows. ・Increase in word-of-mouth about autumn cosmetics from the second half of summer!
・Maybe this autumn/winter trend color is “pink”?
2. @cosme TOKYO Eye shadow item sales ranking (counting period: 2022/08/25-2022/09/24)
With the arrival of autumn, has there been a slight change in the color of your makeup? Autumn-like colors and new products ranked in! ================
1. The latest trends seen from reviews posted by @cosme
In the past month, about 80,000 reviews* of purchases have been posted on @cosme.
About 80,000 words are used in these reviews. We examined the monthly appearance rate of all 80,000 words since 2015, and picked up words that first appeared in August 2022 and words that saw a significant increase in appearance rate.
*Purchased product review: Review when you purchased and used the product yourself, not using a sample.
The pick-up keyword will be the one that captures the “sign” that the number of N is still small. Please note that this is not an overall trend.
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“Pure desire makeup” from Greater China has become a hot topic on SNS such as TikTok and YouTube.
It seems that the finish that mixes the innocent “pureness” of a child and the mature and sexy “greed” seems to be popular. “Chaiborg makeup”, which was a hot topic for a while, is a coined word of “China” and “cyborg”, and it was a perfect makeup like a cyborg, so it was difficult to incorporate it into everyday makeup. Pure desire makeup has a natural and bare skin finish, so it seems that one of the reasons for its popularity is that it is relatively easy to
-Review excerpt-
Perfect Diary Explorer 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette
I tried using this palette for the topical “pure desire makeup”, but this palette was enough for the eye shadow!
The lame feeling is easy to adjust and can be used as an accent for natural makeup. It looks like it can also be used for pure desire makeup that is trendy now!
Givenchy Prism Libre Highlighter (Fall Collection 2022)
It’s so cute that it comes with a case, so I want to explore more ways to use it! Fashionable pure desire makeup? It looks like it’s going to fit.
Brilliage Powder Glow Lips
Cute with the feeling of “adult pure desire makeup”! It is the decision of the first army lip from now on
[Image 4

[Image 5

Even if it’s more natural than Chai Borg, there are probably many people who find it difficult to challenge with full makeup. For such people, how about trying to incorporate it partially, such as “eyes”, “lips”, “base makeup”, and “cheeks and highlights”.
[Image 6

[Base makeup] A purple tone-up base is prepared, and the foundation is one step brighter than usual.
[Eye makeup] Choose a pink eyeshadow, finish the upper eyelid naturally, and apply a wide range of colors on the lower eyelid. Sprinkle silver glitter on the upper part of the eye, the inner corner of the eye, and the tear bag, and try to create a bundled mascara ◎ [Cheek & Highlight] Blush under the eyes so that the pink color bleeds from the inside. The point is to put it on the tip of your nose. If you choose a high-density pearl-based highlighter, it will give you a sexy impression. In addition to the place where you always put it, on the tip of the nose like the mountain of the upper lip and cheeks! [Lip] If you slightly erase the outline of your lips with a foundation ◎ Apply a matte lipstick with a mucous membrane over the upper lip, and finish with a glossy gloss to make it look fuller.
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Sweets Sweets “Eyebrow Wax” became a hot topic.
From around last year, OSAJI, Elegance, Coffret d’Or, &be, Anna Sui Cosmetics, THREE, etc. have released wax and balm-type eyebrows. Waxes and balms may become must-have items for eyebrows in the future, along with pencils, powders, and brow mascaras.
-Review excerpt-
Sweets Sweets Eyebrow Wax / 04 Purple Brown Wax
I used it for the first time, but it’s pretty hard to fall off, isn’t it?! ! It was a good meeting.
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[Image 9

Autumn cosmetics that have been released one after another since the latter half of summer. Even in word of mouth, Chanel’s popular eyeshadow palette new color and tweed embossing, Celvoke’s new eyeshadow palette color, limited release CANMAKE nail color
(standardized in October), D-UP new color There was a lot of talk about autumn cosmetics, such as eyeliner and the pink color that is the theme of Amplitude’s autumn/winter collection.
-Review excerpt-
Chanel Les Quatres Ombre / 58 Entancité
When I actually used it, I bought the limited edition 58 Antancité because it was thin and easy to adjust the shade, and it had an elegant pearly feel and was easy to use regardless of whether it was on or off.
Chanel Les Quatre Ombre Tweed
02 Tweed Pour Pull All the colors have a sense of sheerness, and the palette is not as dark as it looks, so I think it’s a palette that’s hard to fail. All colors contain pearls, but they are not glossy on the surface, but have an understated and elegant sheen.
Celvoke Vatic eye palette / 03
Neo Terracotta. If you like terracotta, buy this. Four slightly different bright terracotta colors. Fashionable anyway. As expected of Selvok. A god of looseness and familiarity.
CANMAKE Colorful Nails / N71 Purple Sweet Potato
This time I purchased N71 purple sweet potato. Even with two coats, it looks sheer and just the right fall color.
D-UP Silky Liquid Eyeliner WP / Pistachio Latte
Pistachio latte is green, so I honestly thought it would be difficult, but it’s surprisingly easy to use and it’s a really exquisite color. I’m a color makeup beginner, but I feel like I can get a modern and fashionable eye if I draw this.
Amplitude Conspicuous Eyes / 10 Camel Pink
New Amplitude eyeshadow palette. I purchased camel pink. Only for manufacturers for adults,
First of all, the package is full of luxury. The shadow also has an elegant lame feel, and it is so beautiful that you will sigh. [Image 10

[Image 11

It seems that there has been a lot of talk about orange and red makeup recently, but in August, there were many reviews about “pink makeup” and related colors. The theme color of Amplitude’s autumn/winter collection, which I introduced earlier, is pink, and as the excerpt in the review below says, “I want to do pink makeup,” “pink” may be one of the trend colors this autumn/winter. .
▼Amplitude Autumn & Winter Collection 2022 -Review excerpt-
Cezanne Single Color Eyeshadow / 02 Nuance Pink
I bought this because I wanted to do pink makeup. It’s a dull color, so I paint it in a small area.
SUQQU Nuance Eyeliner / 106 Dusty Pink
It was a big success for summer makeup, but it can be used for autumn makeup from now on, so it seems that there are still many more uses! I would like to use it in conjunction with autumn pink makeup. Canmake Creamy Touch Liner / 09 Darjeeling Pink
I wanted to add pink to my eyes, so I bought Darjeeling pink, which looks easy to use! It’s very cute that the color is good and the color is casually included!
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2. @cosme TOKYO Eye shadow item sales ranking (counting period: 2022/08/25-2022/09/24)
It’s getting colder and cooler, and it’s about to fall. Isn’t it time to see a little change in the color of fashion and makeup? Looking at @cosme TOKYO’s eyeshadow sales ranking, the top three products were new products that were just released in August and September. Looking at the brands, all four colors of Ririmew’s “In the Mirror Eye Palette” are ranked, and the new color “Winter Gray”, which ranked first this time, became a hot topic on SNS and received many inquiries at stores. It is a product. Cezanne’s popular product “Beige Tone Eye Shadow” is also ranked in all three colors. Looking at the colors, the overall impression is that there are many calm beige, pink, and rose colors, and the hithice popular palette “New Deps Eyeshadow Palette” has a green color. It has become an autumn-like lineup.
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