It will soon be a year since the opening, and health awareness is rising by participating in the community! “My parents and I’re fine!” Long live! “Community” latest report released

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It will soon be a year since the opening, and health awareness is rising by participating in the community! “My parents and I’re fine!” Long live! “Community” latest report released

Jointly operated by Sankei Shimbun (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo/President: Tetsuji Kondo) and Kuon (Minato-ku, Tokyo/President: Takashi Takeda), Taiyo Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo/President and CEO) : Naoki Soejima) co-sponsored “Let’s talk about the 100-year-old era Parents and me” Genki! Long live! “Community” will soon be one year old since its opening in November 2021. In this release, we publish our latest report on this community. [URL]
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“My parents and I” fine! Long live! 13,353 people (as of October 19) have already participated in the “community”, and users who have parents who are going to be old or who already have old parents will be able to prepare and prepare for the health maintenance of their parents and themselves. , continues to grow as a place for free conversation about how to support parents.
In the community, themes that we would like users to talk about on a regular basis are sought to revitalize communication. There was a lot of comments on the theme such as “Is there?”
There are many comments in the comments, such as worries that are easy to discuss because they are anonymous, changes in parents that are difficult to talk about, and messages to family members and close friends that are embarrassing to tell face-to-face. One of the features is that there are a large number of “user topic” threads where users themselves raise topics.
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■ Growing awareness of health among community participants
In this community, we conducted a health awareness survey targeting participants on two separate occasions (March and August 2022). Comparing the two surveys, participation in this community shows that “I pay attention to my eating habits and nutrition” increased by 3 points in the second survey compared to the first survey. “I became positive about health and longevity” increased by 5 points. In this community, the circle of health awareness is gradually expanding through repeated dialogues between participants.
■ Comments from community participants
In this community, a parent and child like the one on the right act as “community staff” and “parents and I” Genki! Long live! While promoting communication in the “community”, we operate with the stance of thinking about the “future health” of ourselves, our families, and parents from the same perspective. This time, from among the themes posed by the community staff, we would like to introduce some of the comments of users who have garnered sympathy, as well as some that are well reflected in the recent situation of parents and children’s “healthy long life”.
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● Do you talk with your family about the results of your health checkup? from: masazyu48
I talk to my parents about things like blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. We live together and eat the same diet, so if my blood pressure is high, I try to eat foods that contain a lot of potassium.
from: Rikopin
At my husband’s company, we have a health checkup every November, and there are many optional cancer screenings. If we receive all of them, it will be a considerable amount of money, so we discuss what we will receive every year. I take 2 to 3 types of treatments, considering what I should receive based on my age and what kind of cancer I have in my immediate surroundings. Occasionally, it will be caught by something and will be subject to a detailed inspection, but there will be no abnormalities. I’m kind of scared and nervous. Your daily diet is important.
●Tell us about the moment when you thought, “Maybe you and your parents are having an inconsistent conversation,” and an episode. from: Vanilla Lulu
He has a relatively good ability to collect information, and sometimes I think he is smarter than me, but when I thought he was listening to me, he jumped to an unrelated story about his childhood experience. increase. I’ve been listening to the story for a while, and I wonder if it’s something related? I heard that, but it’s completely irrelevant… Why? Will that be the case?
from: Nousagi
I started saying the same thing over and over again. At first, I accepted it by saying, “I heard that…”, but recently, even if I’ve heard it many times before, I’ve tried to parry it by saying, “That’s right…”. Then, he seemed very happy and told the same story over and over again. So, I also came to think, “Oh, I want to talk.”
● [Let’s all aim for smiles and health] Tell us your “stress relief method” from: Onion Detectives
My daily routine is “morning activities” that utilize the time in the morning. If you wake up early in the morning and focus on what you do, you can set aside a certain amount of time each day to keep doing what you want to do. The secret is that if you try to go to bed an hour earlier at night, little by little you will be able to wake up earlier in the morning. If you can start your activities as early as an hour, you can start your morning activities feeling refreshed. In my case, I try to have reading time and light walking. Even if it’s a little bit every day, you can feel the growth by continuing to do it.
from: Toko of the Sun
A walk on the way home from work. I’m not particularly conscious that I’m doing it to relieve stress, but it’s very comfortable to walk while watching the scenery of the city flowing by at a walking pace and the colors of the sky and clouds.

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