Izakaya “Kojin” in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture is looking for successors on “business succession ma tching platform relay”.

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Izakaya “Kojin” in Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture is looking for successors on “business succession matching platform relay”.
Miyazaki City, the prefectural capital of Miyazaki Prefecture. “Izakaya Kojin” is located about 5 minutes by car from JR Minami Miyazaki Station, one of the main stations in Miyazaki City. In an area with many housing complexes and a strong family base, it has been loved by the locals as an izakaya that is OK with children. Mr. Hagiwara, the owner, is looking for someone to take over the equipment and the store due to health reasons.
About this recruitment of successors
About the business succession matching platform “relay”
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1. About this recruitment of successors
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“Kojin” is located in an area where there are many elementary schools, junior high schools, police academies, and hospital-related
institutions. Kojin has been operating as an izakaya for groups for 3 years.
The area has a lot of families, so Kojin has set the unit price at a reasonable 3,000 yen per person so that both drinkers and non-drinkers can enjoy it. It is loved as a familiar izakaya that you can go to many times a month.
Mr. Hagiwara has been devoted to the food and beverage industry since he was young. At the age of 24, he worked at a Western-style omelet rice restaurant in Fukuoka Prefecture, then made a U-turn to Miyazaki to open Kojin.
Ms. Hagiwara “I was trained in Western cuisine, and while I was allowed to experience being a store manager, I fell in love with cooking, and after that I was allowed to study at various restaurants. I took over the store that was formerly an izakaya and opened it.Because the customers of the previous store did not come to everyone, sales and the number of customers dropped temporarily, but the number of customers As a result of doing research while thinking about how to make them happy and how to get them to come again, the number of customers has increased considerably.”
While Mr. Hagiwara was enjoying his business and was loved by the locals, the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic.
Ms. Hagiwara: “Until now, I have been working exclusively in the restaurant business, but things have changed completely due to the spread of COVID-19. Corona came about a year after the store opened, and the impact on the store suddenly came. It was hard because I couldn’t predict the future because of the coronavirus.”
In addition to the corona wreck, Mr. Hagiwara was sick, so after worrying about it, he decided to close the store in June 2022, and closed in July. Although the store was closed, regular customers continued to express their regrets. He says that he wanted to hand over what he had built up, such as the relationship with the community and facilities, to the next person and make it a place to take on challenges.
Mr. Hagiwara: “There is nothing I can’t give to the successor. On the contrary, I want you to receive everything.
Regarding the support system, Mr. Hagiwara can give lectures for about a year if necessary.
The store is located in an area where many families with children live. If you have a dream of owning your own restaurant, or if you love connecting with people, why not take over a community-based restaurant?
Related URL: https://relay.town/entrustments/koujin
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2. About the business succession matching platform “relay”
The business succession matching platform “relay” is a service that matches managers who want to transfer their business with candidates who want to take over their business. Unlike conventional M&A matching sites, it has the feature of making articles about the thoughts of running companies and stores, including the owner’s profile, and publicly recruiting successors.
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* Official website: https://relay.town/
3.Company Profile
[Light Light Co., Ltd.]
Location: 7-3 Ikedadai, Kiyotakecho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture Representative Director: Ryuta Saito
Capital: 65,010,000 yen
Business content: Business succession matching platform “relay” development / operation
Corporate site: https://light-right.jp/
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