J-Ship Co., Ltd. Announcing the list of Miss Oriental Japan Contest winners!

J-ship Co., Ltd.
Announcing the list of winners of the Miss Oriental Japan Tournament!

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At the “Miss Oriental Japan Tournament 2022”, there were many awards that were evaluated not only on the stage of the day, but also on how to approach the competition and the ability to communicate on SNS so that each person could seize a chance.
In addition to the Grand Prix and Semi-Grand Prix, we will introduce the finalists who won the SNS Award, the Growth Award, the General Voting Award, etc.
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Neo Beauty Selection
(Miss category)
●Transmission Award
Yuuho Shimada (Shimada Yusaho)
Wakayama Prefecture, 26 years old
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●Growth Award
Erina Ikegami
Aichi Prefecture, 25 years old
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[Image 6

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● Audience Award
Mayumi Wada
Saitama Prefecture, 23 years old
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[Image 9

[Image 10

●Re:MAKE Award
Amari Coco
Gifu prefecture, 22 years old
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Keep an eye on the winners who will be active on various stages in the future! 【Company Profile】
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Established: March 7, 2017
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