JAF Tochigi “Enjoy baby photos! ~ Online course on how to leave memories ~” held!

General Incorporated Association Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) [Local] [JAF Tochigi] “Enjoy baby photos! ~ Online course on how to leave memories ~” held!
Let’s leave the memories of the baby in the picture! A photo event for those with children under the age of 3!

The Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) Tochigi Branch (branch manager Hiroaki Iwase) announced on November 26, 2022 (Saturday) with the cooperation of Sato Camera Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Chiaki Sato), a JAF member preferential facility. Originally, “Let’s enjoy baby photos! ~ Online course on how to leave memories ~” will be held. [Image 1d10088-4267-e9828b220ba51b2920a4-0.png&s3=10088-4267-0f8fe529da9a8f2d7b1f5e0411c8a3a3-700x180.png
The JAF Tochigi Branch aims to contribute to the local community by holding events aimed at raising children and making their daily lives more lively. This time, we invited a lecturer from “Sato Camera Co., Ltd.”, a JAF member preferential facility, and held an online event “Let’s enjoy baby photos! ~” will be held. We will deliver online how to take pictures with smartphones, how to process images, and how to take art photos. Through this event, we aim to create memories with children through photos and make our customers’ daily lives more lively.
[Image 2d10088-4267-d9464a57b0609348362f-3.jpg&s3=10088-4267-7923eb922f91a5450653735d1dcb27dc-3900x2600.jpg
art photo example
■ Date and time
Saturday, November 26, 2022 10:00-11:30
■ Venue
Online delivery (using Cisco Webex Meetings)
■ Delivery content
Delivery time: 90 minutes
1. How to take a photo with a smartphone
2. Art photography that can be done at home
3. Image processing method (explained using the photo editing application “Snapseed”)
4. Points when leaving memories (data)
5. Question Corner
■ Participation fee
JAF member: 1,000 yen (tax included)
General: 1,300 yen (tax included)
*Credit card payment and d payment only
■ Participation conditions
Recommended for: People with children under the age of 3
*Those who do not fall under any of the above can also participate. -Recommended for those who-
・Those who have children under the age of 3 or grandchildren ・Those who want to make long lasting memories with their children and grandchildren
・ Those who want to take “shine” photos of children and grandchildren ・ Those who are interested in image processing
■ Recruitment number of people
30 people (minimum 20 people)
*If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held.
■ How to apply
Apply from e-JAF reservation
-e-JAF reservation-
■ Application deadline
Wednesday, November 16, 2022
■ Lecturer introduction
[Image 3d10088-4267-242c2655739295bde895-1.jpg&s3=10088-4267-f65853feee923281b4bb24f390d7ea3b-1000x1000.jpg
Hideaki Sato Lecturer
Instructor at Sato Camera. Born in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi
Prefecture. Joined Sato Camera after graduating from Nihon University College of Art. We are involved in producing photo sessions, photography trips, and seminars for companies. He is also good at commentating on works, and his seminars on a wide range of
photographic genres have been well received, with more than 3,000 students attending each year.
At the JAF Tochigi Branch, we will continue to protect the safety and security of our customers’ car life, and will work to provide further JAF member benefits and regional development.

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