JAL Renewal of corporate website to make it easier to access and understand necessary information

Renewal of the corporate website to make it easier to access and understand the necessary information

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October 3, 2022
No. 22056
From today, JAL has renewed its new corporate website, which has reorganized the category structure and layout so that it will be easier to access the information necessary for viewing, and will post information on its business activities and initiatives based on its ESG strategy in an easy-to-understand manner. Did. In the “2021-2025 JAL Group Medium-term Management Plan Rolling Plan 2022”, we will communicate our ESG strategy, which is the core of our management strategy, and our efforts to realize “JAL Vision 2030” through our corporate website in an easy-to-understand manner.
“JAL Corporate Site” URL: https://www.jal.com/ja/
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[Corporate website renewal overview]
1. New pages for “Company Information”, “Philosophy/Vision”, and “Business Introduction”
Information that used to be listed collectively in the category of “Corporate Philosophy/Corporate Profile” has been divided into three categories: “Corporate Information,” “Philosophy/Vision,” and “Business Introduction,” with the aim of enhancing the content of descriptions. I was.
In “Corporate Information”, in addition to basic information such as company profile, organization overview, and list of group companies, we have newly set up a “Various Data/Reports” area to provide a high-level view of major data related to ESG, business, and finance over time. We introduce the results of JAL’s efforts in numerical terms in an easy-to-understand manner, such as posting them
collectively as a light.
In “Philosophy and Vision”, we post the foundation of corporate activities such as the corporate philosophy and safety charter, and the value creation story for JAL Vision 2030, making it easy to imagine the specific initiatives and strengths of JAL to realize it. doing.
In the “Business Introduction” section, in addition to the details of the full service carrier, LCC, freight and mail, and
mile/life/infrastructure businesses, we have enhanced the description of the business strategy and initiatives for business structure reform aimed at in the medium-term management plan. increase.
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2.Revision of site structure and enhancement of description
We have updated the composition and content of each category of “safety and security,” “sustainability,” and “IR information,” with the aim of making the site easier to access and understand when necessary.
In “safety and security”, in addition to JAL’s efforts for safety and security, such as policy setting for safety management, system construction, risk management and education and training, new risk assessments and countermeasures are specifically described. I have organized and introduced them above.
In “Sustainability,” we have created a new ESG strategy area to make it easier to access JAL’s approach to ESG strategy, promotion system, and details of initiatives. Items and medium-term goals” are arranged, and the selection of important issues and the progress status of each initiative are posted in an easy-to-understand manner.
In “Investor Relations”, we reviewed stock information and items related to general meetings of shareholders, which are of great interest to shareholders, and newly established an area for
“Shareholders’ Exclusive Site” to provide information on general meetings of shareholders, We have updated the structure of the site to make it easier for shareholders and investors to access the
information they need by posting event information and special information (site-only discounts).
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JAL will continue to strive for highly transparent management and promote disclosure of corporate information that is easy for stakeholders to understand.
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