JAL Top athlete joins JAL

Top athlete joins JAL
~Athletics athlete Ayaka Takara, para-athlete Yudai Suzuki, and skier Sora Yachi will be hired~

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October 3, 2022
No. 22055
JAL has been hiring athlete employees since 2018 as part of its social contribution through support for sports. As new athlete employees, track and field (long jump) player Ayaka Kora, para-track and field (long jump) player Yudai Suzuki, and ski (Nordic combined) Yachi Yachi.・Sora) We have decided to hire a player and will join the company in April 2023.
It should be noted that this is the first time for JAL to hire a parasports or winter sports athlete.
Athletics (long jump) Takara won a silver medal at the 2018 World Junior Championships. As a high school Japanese record holder, she continues to run at the top of the women’s long jump in Japan. Para athletics (long jump) Suzuki won gold medals in the long jump, 100m and 400m at the 2017 World Para Athletics Junior Championships. In 2019, he placed 7th in the long jump at the World Para Athletics Championships, and is a promising athlete in Japan’s para athletics world.
Mr. Yachi, a skier (Nordic combined), participated in the ski/Nordic combined individual competition at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, and is currently active as a member of the Japanese Nordic combined team. In addition, Yachi has reached a job offer through the top athlete employment support system “Athnavi” sponsored by the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC).
All three players are top athletes who are attracting attention with great expectations for their further success in the future.
While the three athletes work hard at training as athletes, as JAL employees, they contribute to the development of the next generation and regional revitalization through sports classes and events, and use their experiences as athletes to improve products and services. I am also involved in business.
 JAL will continue to work together to support our athlete employees, continue to take on challenges together, and continue to contribute to the advancement and development of society by each individual taking on the challenge of creating value that is one step ahead.
■Profile of each player
[Profile of Ayaka Kora]
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Event Athletics (long jump)
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
University University of Tsukuba
Main achievements
2018 World Junior Athletics Championships 2nd Place
2020 Japan Athletics Championships Champion
2022 Japan Student Athletics Championships Winner

[Profile of Yudai Suzuki]
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Event Para athletics (long jump)
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
University Nippon Sport Science University
Main achievements
2017 World Para Athletics Junior Championships Long Jump/100m/400m Champion 2019 World Para Athletics Championships 7th Place

[Profile of Sora Yachi]
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Event Skiing (Nordic Combined)
Birthplace: Iwate Prefecture
University Waseda University
Main achievements
2019 Nordic Ski Junior World Championships 6th place in team competition 2021 Nordic Combined World Cup 3rd place in team, 11th place in individual competition
2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games Individual Competition Participation ■ Comments from each player
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[Comment from Takara]
Whenever I challenged myself, JAL’s planes were always close at hand. From April next year, as a member of JAL, which aims to become “the world’s most chosen and loved airline group,” I will devote myself to becoming a player who is supported by many people.
And like an airplane, I will deliver to everyone a figure that takes off from a powerful run-up to the sky, breaking the Japanese record, and even becoming a 7m jumper. Thank you for your support.
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[Comment from Suzuki]
I will be welcoming you as a member of JAL from April next year. As a para track and field athlete, I hope to contribute to the enhancement of our corporate value as the world’s most preferred and loved airline group. To that end, I would like to work hard every day to become an athlete who will be cheered on by many people, working towards my goal of participating in the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Thank you for your support.

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[Comment from Yachi]
Like a crane flying high in the sky, JAL will always accompany my challenges and be my wing. From April next year, I will take pride and self-awareness as a JAL athlete employee, contribute to JAL’s aim to become “the most preferred and loved airline group in the world”, and take on the challenge of making a big leap forward in the world. . Thank you for your support.

■ Regarding the recruitment of JAL athlete employees so far
April 2018: Anna Doi (sprinter), Ryoma Yamamoto (triple jump) (*1) April 2019: Naoto Tobe (high jump) (*2)
April 2020: Haruka Kitaguchi (Javelin Throw), Koki Kano (Fencing Epee) (*3) (*1) Refer to the press release dated October 1, 2017, “Top Athlete Joins JAL” URL: http://press.jal.co.jp/ja/release/201710/004443.html (*2) Refer to the press release dated February 23, 2019, “Top Athlete Joins JAL” URL: https://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201902/005074.html (*3) Refer to the press release dated October 1, 2019, “Top Athlete Joins JAL” URL: https://press.jal.co.jp/en/release/201910/005333.html that’s all
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