Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. “Hokkaido Shokuhinkan” opens on the 4th floor of Narita Airport Terminal 1!

Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
“Hokkaido Shokuhinkan” opens on the 4th floor of Narita Airport Terminal 1!
Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. will open “Hokkaido Shokuhinkan” on the 4th floor of Narita International Airport Terminal 1 Central Building on Friday, October 7, 2022.
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The store is open like a market and lively like a marché, and offers about 400 kinds of products such as seafood, dairy products, and popular sweets produced in Hokkaido. Please purchase Hokkaido’s specialties at “Hokkaido Shokuhinkan”.
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Name: Hokkaido Shokuhinkan
Opening date: Friday, October 7, 2022
Place: Narita International Airport Terminal 1 4th Floor
Business hours: Weekdays 8:00-19:00 Weekends and holidays 7:30-19:00 *Business hours may change
Phone number: 0476-32-5583

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・Jaga Pokkuru (Calbee)
It has a crispy texture and the original taste of Hokkaido potatoes. Okhotsk salt brings out the unique flavor of Hokkaido. The salt is made from the brackish waters of Lake Saroma, and the seawater is slowly boiled in a pot to create a mild salt.
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・Shiroi Koibito (Ishiya Confectionery)
An original chocolate blended for “Shiroi Koibito” is sandwiched between fragrant and crispy langue de chat cookies. Shiroi Koibito, which is loved as a souvenir from Hokkaido and Japan, has maintained its deliciousness for over 45 years by carefully checking the ingredients, dough condition, and baking temperature.

[Image 4d67976-38-04863674df6efebaa950-5.jpg&s3=67976-38-23554b80fe52fd192bb693f55f3730e0-399x403.jpg
・ Okushiba Shrimp Dashi Soup Chicken Curry 200g (Okushiba Shoten) Speaking of the original shrimp soup curry, Okushiba Shoten is the place to go. A rich soup made from more than 2,000 prawns every morning.

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・Jagabuta (Tsukudazen)
A gem made by wrapping an bean paste made with fresh vegetables and pork in the chewy skin of Hokkaido potatoes. In addition to the umami taste, it is a popular product with over 300 million shipments due to the fun of changing textures and the smoothness of the throat. [Image 6d67976-38-7ca5c78d686aae247711-8.jpg&s3=67976-38-b6ea869032f53ac8629f20dcd9597f3b-408x409.jpg
・Handmade Sapporo Camembert (can) (Shin-Sapporo Dairy Products) Uses high-quality raw milk that is particular about the owner of the producer-only (Kobayashi Ranch, Ebetsu City). Handmade cheese that has been aged for 4 weeks. Uses long-haired, mild white mold. Stable quality can be maintained because it is retort processed with moderate aging.
It is popular for its chewy texture like rice cake.

[Image 7d67976-38-38903fc0cb8c53894881-2.jpg&s3=67976-38-8fe66aae4df5e0fd2eab13d259fdabc7-208x115.jpg
・Sapporo brulee rich cheese (Mireika LLC)
A brulee baked slowly in a steam oven, using plenty of Hokkaido fresh cream and cream cheese. Please enjoy the unique melt-in-your-mouth and richness with plenty of cheese.
[Image 8d67976-38-8057575c25a4d659dbab-7.jpg&s3=67976-38-bd79bda86c4d0b6b7ac5d6c5e05004b9-159x108.jpg
・Tsukisamu Anpan Koshian 5 pieces (Honma)
A Japanese confectionery made with 100% Hokkaido azuki bean paste wrapped in a thin dough. Please enjoy the traditional taste that has continued since the Meiji era.

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