Japan Data Exchange Co., Ltd. supports the introduction and deployment of Sharp Corporation’s AIoT home applianc e log data to other industries through its data marketplace “JDEX(R)️”.

Japan Data Exchange, Inc. (Jdex)
Japan Data Exchange Co., Ltd. supports the introduction and deployment of Sharp Corporation’s AIoT home appliance log data to other industries through its data marketplace “JDEX(R)️”.
Dummy data related to operation history and sensor information of AIoT home appliances used throughout Japan

Through the data marketplace “JDEX (R) ︎” planned and operated by Japan Data Exchange, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Naoichi Morita; hereinafter referred to as “our company”), major domestic electronics manufacturers Sharp stocks We have started supporting the introduction and deployment of AIoT home appliance log data for the company (Headquarters: Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative Director, President and CEO: Wu Hwahun, hereinafter Sharp) to other industries. It is expected that the creation of new businesses and the acceleration of business will be accelerated by utilizing data that can read the actual situation of Japanese life.
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Overview of data owned by Sharp that will be introduced to other industries ■ Usage status of home appliances and sensor information
Cloud log data from Sharp’s AIoT (*) home appliances, processed into a format that cannot identify individuals. You can see the operation history of home appliances (selected menu, operation mode, etc.) and sensor information of home appliances (temperature, humidity, odor, dust, etc.). Includes log data for air conditioners, air purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines, Healsio, and hot cooks.
* “AIoT” is a vision that combines AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), connects everything with artificial intelligence in the cloud, and transforms it into a presence that is close to people. “AIoT” is a registered trademark of Sharp
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[Image 3d31221-19-7014eb41afb65f832a66-1.jpg&s3=31221-19-56fd3d047c89f0751efe0673b82aff86-1999x1125.jpg
For this AIoT home appliance log data, dummy data can be viewed in the data marketplace “JDEX”.
[Image 4d31221-19-030d707c3a5101406819-2.png&s3=31221-19-12d70815a871b83dca6093ba1fd0b2c6-1999x1592.png
・Sample data acquisition page:
https://www.jdex.jp/members/s/b7c8f8c1b61b46fc954214019f974593 Background leading to introduction and deployment of AIoT house log data via JDEX to different industries
Through collaboration with other companies through data sharing, Sharp has jointly developed services that are useful to users of its own products, and aims to create further value in a wider range of industries and fields.
Against this background, we were looking for a smoother and more reliable method to further explore partners who would explore the possibilities of our data together. We have reached the goal of introducing and deploying to.
As part of our efforts to explore the possibility of wide-ranging collaboration, we will use the JDEX system, which allows you to view the outline of the data even before registering as a member, and will create a QR code from the URL of the data introduction page, and will be held from October 18th. It will also be exhibited at “CEATEC 2022”. ■ Reasons why JDEX was selected
Members from a wide variety of industries and organizations are registered, expanding the possibility of cross-border collaboration You can use functions that are useful for searching for people who are highly interested in your company’s data, such as access analysis. It is a member-only service with complete security and suitable for linking valuable data.
Receiving detailed individual support for case creation
What is the data marketplace “JDEX”?
■ “Buy! Data Encyclopedia”
[Image 5d31221-19-bcd3fae792bd3c1a4856-3.png&s3=31221-19-1ce8b572bed83f4d1a1c0302887f0a90-1999x1428.png
JDEX is a membership-based data marketplace where you can buy and sell data safely and securely. It is planned and operated as a joint project by Kanematsu Corporation, Dawex Systems, SAS (France), and Japan Data Exchange.
With JDEX, members can search for the data they want, and easily introduce and list their own data. As a service that allows
high-quality data to be traded in a highly secure environment, it is useful for data utilization in business and research.
Since the service started in November 2020, the number of members has reached more than 140 organizations in Japan and overseas. It is used by a variety of organizations, from general companies to research institutes and administrative organizations, in a wide range of industries, including consulting, advertising/PR, communication networks, medicine/medical care/welfare, and automobiles.
Member registration is free. If you become a paid member, you can use all functions such as unlimited data transactions, joint use of data by multiple organizations, receive introductions of more than 1,000 types of “recommended data”, and post advertisements on JDEX. It will be possible.
・”JDEX” service introduction site: https://www.service.jdex.jp/ About Japan Data Exchange, Inc.
■ “Democratize Japanese data”
Founded in 2016. Under the mission of “democratizing Japan’s data”, we provide consulting on corporate data utilization and formulate guidelines for data utilization. In 2019, we formed a capital and business alliance with Kanematsu Corporation, and started “Project JDEX” jointly with Dawex Systems and SAS (France). Dawex Systems, SAS (France) is a data hub for customer brands in all organizations around the world and a company with technology that is utilized in the data marketplace. We are jointly working on the operation of the data marketplace “JDEX” to contribute to the formation of the data distribution market in Japan and the digital transformation (DX). Name: Japan Data Exchange Inc. Common name: Jdex
Location: URBANPARK Daikanyama I, 9-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033 Representative Director: Naokazu Morita
Corporate site: https://j-dex.co.jp/
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