Japan Football Association “Connect! Public Viewing!” Connecting Real Venues, Online Venues, and Metaverse

Japan Football Association
-Report- “Connect! Public Viewing!” Connecting Real Venues, Online Venues, and Metaverses
The Japan Football Association (JFA) held the “New Scenery 2022 Connect! Public Viewing” to support the SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team) by connecting real venues, online venues, and the Metaverse.
This event was held in collaboration with the sponsors of the Japanese national football team during the Kirin Challenge Cup 2022 SAMURAI BLUE vs. USA National Team match held on September 23rd. Erina Masuda, the general moderator, and Mitorizu as a special guest will appear at JFA House, which will be the hub venue. Supporter venues (6 venues in total, 8 venues for halftime only) will leave the planning to the sponsor companies, such as whether or not there will be general applications, the scale, whether it will be implemented in a group or online, etc. Former representatives of Japan (Keita Suzuki, Naohiro Ishikawa) Mr. Masayuki Okano, Mr. Takayuki Suzuki, Mr. Takashi Fukunishi, Mr. Seiichiro Maki, Mr. Ryuji Bando, Mr. Ryo Kaji, Mr. Toshiya Fujita, Mr. Takashi Mizunuma) rushed as supporters, The event was livened up by negotiations.
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At the grand opening before the match, each of the soccer enthusiasts and soccer experienced sketches will ask the supporters at each venue about the situation at the venue and raise their expectations for the match with a light talk. As an attraction between each venue, a quiz competition between each venue was held to predict the number of visitors to the Düsseldorf Arena where the match was held. Based on the number of visitors to past friendly matches overseas, the fact that Düsseldorf has one of Europe’s leading Japanese towns, and the “picture of the stands 15 minutes after the venue” received from the venue, participants at each venue And supporters will work together to guide the answer. When the expected number of people at each venue was gathered, it finally kicked off. During the game, you can watch the game as you like at each venue.
[Image 2d41844-79-8d89a3ac2345ab5fa4d7-16.png&s3=41844-79-bc2ec2c99b178c6064df43c92cc728a8-757x380.png
During halftime, all venues will be connected again, and the supporters at each venue will be asked about their impressions of the first half of the match. Mr. Bando’s words, “I can’t hear the part I wanted to hear the most,” turned into laughter for the first communication problem of the day. The event has progressed.
After the game, we answered the number of visitors expected
attractions. The number of local visitors was 5,149, and he said, “German people are very passionate about soccer, and older people (who are retired) will come to see Japan’s match against Germany in the main game.” The JAL venue (supporter: Mr. Fukunishi), which was expected to have the largest number of 4,870 people, was the closest result, and the Japan national soccer team uniform and support goods with the autographs of the SAMURAI BLUE players will be presented. I was. The two people in the sketch said, “I’m glad that we won the match. I hope the players will continue to adjust so that they don’t get injured! (Mr. Moriyama)” “There is no reason. (Mr. Lily)”, and at the end, the two people shouted “Ganbare! SAMURAI BLUE!!”
[Image 3d41844-79-0557d066389016a6b0ec-2.png&s3=41844-79-e5fc8f11406d5e544d721fd8abcb15b1-1490x643.png
Many people watched this event at “Virtual Shibuya”, which was the venue for the Metaverse. A series of events were broadcasted on the screen of the special stage set up in front of the Shibuya
intersection, and Mr. Matsuki, Mr. Kitazawa, and Mr. Nagashima took the stage during the match and gave commentary on the relay of the match. In addition, the participants wore the uniforms of the Japan national team, which were implemented only on this match day, on their avatars and gathered, making it a day when virtual Shibuya was dyed in SAMURAI BLUE.
[Image 4d41844-79-59095ade8ef5ebd05cb8-15.png&s3=41844-79-76672927627c4883c65180ead4337670-1063x708.png
This event was held as one of the Japan national football team support project “New Scenery 2022”. We will continue to connect the players and teams with fans, supporters, sponsors, football families, and the SAMURAI BLUE’s “New Scenery (Best 8 and above)”, which will start on November 20th. We will make various efforts to

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