Japan Frescoball Association (JFBA) started the JFBA official student group system. The first is Kanagawa Prefecture’s “Keio University Frescoball Club Oceano”. The representative is Ayaka Ueno.

Japan Frescoball Association
Japan Frescoball Association (JFBA) started the JFBA official student group system. The first is Kanagawa Prefecture’s “Keio University Frescoball Club Oceano”. The representative is Ayaka Ueno.
The “JFBA Official Student Group System” is a system that supports the activities of each region and group, along with the “Frescoball Regional Club System”. Certified clubs can receive various support from JFBA.

The Japan Frescoball Association (hereafter referred to as JFBA, Representative Director Kenji Kuboshima), which promotes the communication design sport “Frescoball” in Japan, has started a new “JFBA official student group system”. , we are pleased to announce that Kanagawa Prefecture’s “Keio University Frescoball Club Oceano” has been certified as the first.
The club representative is Ayaka Ueno. Mr. Ueno also belongs to the JFBA-authorized regional club “Shonan Kugenuma Frescoball Club” and started his career as a frescoball player when he was a high school student. Armed with unparalleled accuracy attacks from southpaws, he showed outstanding performance in each competition.
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Representative Ayaka Ueno
This club was established when Ueno entered university. I started this spring as a non-university circle with my friends who go to Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, and now it has officially started as a JFBA official student group. Activities are based in Kugenuma Kaigan, Fujisawa City, as well as nearby gymnasiums. From the Kugenuma coast where many frescobollers gather, I am really looking forward to the young power blowing a new wind in the frescobol world.
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■ Club Overview
・ Club name: Keio University Frescoball Club Oceano
・Abbreviation: FBCO
・ Location: Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
・Representative: Ayaka Ueno
・Base of activities: Kugenuma Beach
– Twitter – https://www.instagram.com/frescoballcluboceano
– Instagram – https://twitter.com/frescooceano
Comment from FBCO Representative Ayaka Ueno
I am Ayaka Ueno, the representative of FBCO. FBCO is a fresco ball circle active at Keio University. There are members who enjoy fresco ball loosely from members who practice aiming for the game. We usually work at the Kugenuma Beach or in the gymnasium near the campus. In addition to practice, we also hold training camps, events,
competitions, and practice sessions with students from other universities. I would like to hold a university competition and a student competition someday, so please lend me your strength! [Image 4d39815-150-99ec3487f26cedf623f8-2.jpg&s3=39815-150-699fa1e6a145db37e0fca729becac93f-1566x1046.jpg
[Image 5d39815-150-741591fcc17a9b71c3fe-4.jpg&s3=39815-150-8b68200841a2b6be7fe12000af2a496b-1478x1108.jpg
■ What is “Communication Design Sports” Frescoball?
Frescobol is a beach sport that originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Invented on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in 1945, it is now popular on beaches around the world.
The biggest feature of Frescoball is that it is a scoring competition in which two people facing each other do not compete, but cooperate to continue the rally. Generally, the competition time is 5 minutes, and the game is held at a distance of 7m. It is also said to be a “caring sport” because of the way they continue to cooperate in the rally, and as of September 2022, 21 JFBA-authorized regional clubs and 1 official student group have been established throughout Japan, forming a local community through Frescoball. It has been.
The Japan Frescoball Association was established in 2013 to let more people know about the appeal of this sport, and is actively working to establish local clubs in all 47 prefectures of Japan by 2025. I’m here.
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