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Japan Management Association A total of 19 companies will participate in the special exhibition “Comfortable Japanese Toilets” for the first time! Announcement of “The 8th Toilet Industry Exhibition”!

Japan Management Association
A total of 19 companies will participate in the special exhibition “Comfortable Japanese Toilets” for the first time! Announcement of “The 8th Toilet Industry Exhibition”!
Building Men Human Fair & Clean EXPO, where professional cleaning professionals gather, will be held at the same time October 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday), 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight

The Japan Management Association (JMA, Chairman: Masami Nakamura) will hold the Japan Management Association (JMA) at Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo) for three days from October 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday), 2022. At the Home & Building Show 2022, we will hold a special exhibition “Toilet Industry Exhibition” aiming to improve toilet spaces that are comfortable and easy to spend.
 The toilet space is full of problems, such as being dirty, having an odor that doesn’t go away, being difficult to use, and being difficult to spend time in. In light of this situation, this exhibition will feature exhibits that make the toilet space more comfortable, such as the “toilet with an integrated drainage crushing pumping pump,” the “toilet’s left-behind-things prevention system,” the “deodorizing and sterilizing machine,” and the “equipment to prevent infection in the toilet.” We will disseminate information on trends and make proposals for comfortable toilet spaces. This exhibition is held to contribute to the creation of toilet spaces that are sustainable, safe, comfortable, and comfortable for everyone, and to contribute to the improvement of social issues related to toilets.
In addition, a total of 19 companies will hold a special exhibition “Comfortable Japanese Toilets” for the first time, where you can learn about the “comfortable toilets” that they are currently thinking about. In addition, on October 27 (Thursday), the “38th National Toilet Symposium 2022” will be held at the same time under the theme of “Toilet and maintenance in the SDGs era” by the General
Incorporated Association Toilet Association to disseminate the latest information.
 Admission is a pre-registration system (admission is free), and registration is currently being accepted on the official website of each exhibition. In addition, you can enter the concurrently held exhibitions held in the East Exhibition Hall without re-registration. In holding the event, we will implement operational methods to ensure safety based on various guidelines regarding the prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infections.
If you would like to be interviewed, please check the “About application for coverage” below and be sure to apply before visiting. [Image 1

[Image 2

State of the previous implementation
[Image 3

State of the previous implementation
◆Exhibition “Comfortable Toilet in Japan”◆
[Image 4

(Booth number: E5-N17)
“What kind of comfortable toilet space comes to mind?” Easy to use, clean, comfortable, etc. In this project, with the cooperation of companies and organizations related to toilets, you can learn about the “comfortable toilets” that each company is thinking about. We will exhibit “comfortable toilets” for each scene, such as residential, public, disaster, construction sites, and events.
Participating companies: Amenity / Arbors / e6s / Excelsior / SFA JAPAN / Comprehensive Service / Kumagai Gumi / Japan Toilet
Association Young Association flush / Kracian / Comany / SARAYA / Sankei Support / C-SOS / National Low-Rise Housing Labor Safety Council / Dyson/Chiba Lotte Marines/Toyota Motor Corporation/HINOKOGYO × MECindustry/WOTA (random order, corporate status omitted)
◆Introduction of toilet symposium◆
The 38th National Toilet Symposium 2022
Date: October 27, 2022 (Thursday) 10:30-16:30
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall Collaboration Seminar Venue (Lecture Hall C)
Theme: Toilets and maintenance in the SDGs era
 The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were announced by the United Nations in 2015. Since then, SDGs have come to be talked about in various situations. As for toilets, which are indispensable to our daily lives, we will look at them on a global scale in the future, and from the planning and design stage, we will focus not only on the perspective of the user, but also the perspective of the person who protects them, so that they can be used comfortably for as long as possible. It is important to ensure that
In order to be a comfortable toilet, proper maintenance (maintenance = cleaning, troubleshooting, etc.) is required. , the manager’s position and management methods have not been respected.
 Therefore, in this symposium, what should be done to aim for a toilet that everyone can use comfortably for a long time, with “toilet and maintenance” as the pillar? We would like to use this as an
opportunity to discuss with stakeholders from different standpoints and raise a question about how toilets should be in a sustainable society.
Please check the details of the program from the following URL.
Overview of Japan Home & Building Show 2022
Collectively: Japan Home & Building Show 2022
Exhibition name
●The 44th Japan Home Show
●The 17th Furusato Building Materials and Furniture Fair
●The 8th Store/Commercial Space Design Exhibition
●The 7th Toilet/Bathroom/Kitchen Space/Equipment Fair
●The 6th Comprehensive Housing Complex and Condominium Renovation Exhibition ●The 5th Innovation Office Comprehensive Exhibition
●The 8th Toilet Industry Exhibition
●The 1st Demolition and Renovation Comprehensive Exhibition
Date: October 26th (Wednesday) to 28th (Friday), 2022 10:00-17:00 Exhibition scale 215 companies / 478 booths (as of September 28) Approx. 20,000 visitors (including concurrent exhibitions)
How to visit: Pre-registration required/free
Please pre-register from * You can enter both exhibitions held at the same time without re-registration. Organizer: Japan Management Association
Co-sponsored by Japan Building Material and Housing Equipment Industries Association / Living Amenities Association / Federation of Housing Manufacturers Association / Japan Institute of Architects Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Ariake, Tokyo International Exhibition Center) East Exhibition Hall 4-6
Official site ● WEB Guide (You can search for exhibiting companies, etc.)
-Simultaneous event-Billmen Human Fair & Clean EXPO 2022
Measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases at exhibitions hosted by Japan Management Association
In the small exhibition, the Japan Exhibition Association “Guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection in the exhibition industry”, the UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition industry) “Guidelines of the International Federation of Trade Fairs”, and the “Exhibition” specified by the exhibition venue In order to ensure the safety of everyone who participates, we will establish and operate initiatives related to infection control based on the “Guidelines for Preventing New Coronavirus Infections at Meetings”. We will hold the event in close cooperation with relevant parties such as the competent authorities, local governments, and exhibition venues.
Please see the website of the subcommittee for the details of the main countermeasures.
About coverage application
Press registration is required for coverage. Please cooperate with the press registration in advance for smooth admission procedures. *People who have registered for the press will receive a “press badge”, “venue map”, and “requests for coverage”.
Pre-registration: Please register from the “coverage application form”.
Please come to the “Press Reception (registration office)” with a printout of the “reply email for pre-registration” and two business cards ready.
*Press registration is for those involved in news
gathering/editing/reporting for newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and web media.
People from the advertising and sales departments of media
organizations, advertising agencies, and marketing research companies are not allowed to enter (the above people can enter with general registration). We appreciate your understanding.
■ Inside map
[Image 5

[Inquiries regarding the exhibition]
Japan Management Association Industry Promotion Center Exhibition Help Desk E-mail: * Please enter “exhibition name” in the subject line. TEL: 03-6809-1635 (Reception hours 9:30-18:00, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
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