Japan Resort Co., Ltd. Eat while walking in the city of Kyoto The taste of autumn appears in a visual that m akes you feel “Kyun”! Limited to Sanjo store

Japan Resort Co., Ltd.
[Eating around the streets of Kyoto] The taste of autumn is now available in visuals that make you feel “Kyun”! [Limited to Sanjo store]
Pakuri Kyoto waffle while walking in the city of Kyoto. Enjoy Kyoto-like scenery, favorite places, and Kyoto waffles. Please enjoy the rich autumn sweets that are limited to Sanjo store takeout.
“kyocafe chacha” developed by Japan Resort Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, President: Miya Matsushita) is a take-out where you can enjoy the taste of autumn during the period from October to November 2022. We will develop limited “Pumpkin” and “Mont Blanc”.
Please enjoy the streets of Kyoto and autumn-only Kyoto waffles as a companion for sightseeing and shopping.
Available only at kyocafe chacha Sanjo store.
[URL] https://kyocafechacha.com/
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At kyocafe chacha, which develops Kyoto waffles, which are attracting attention as one-handed sweets, from September to November 2022, the Sanjo store’s take-out limited “Pumpkin” and “Mont Blanc” packed with the taste of autumn. We will expand.
Product features
“Pumpkin” and “Mont Blanc”, which are only available for takeout, are autumn-only products that use the flavors of autumn such as “pumpkin” and “chestnut”. It is a product that you can enjoy the sweet and warm texture of “pumpkin” and “chestnut” and the moist and fluffy texture of Kyoto waffle. The rich paste of the topping and the texture of the granulated granules kneaded into the waffle fill your mouth with the taste of autumn.
We also have many hot drinks such as “Matcha Latte” and “Hojicha Latte”, so please enjoy them together.
Kyoto waffle dough with large grains of granulated granules is generously squeezed with pumpkin paste, and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and crushed almonds.
Pumpkin-based flavors are available only at the Sanjo store. Please note that it cannot be purchased at the official web shop or Arashiyama store.
【Mont Blanc】
Kyoto waffle dough with large granulated granules is kneaded with plenty of sweetly stewed chestnuts. The baked dough is generously squeezed with chestnut paste and topped with fragrant almonds. You can enjoy the taste of Montblanc cake with one hand, and it is sure to warm your body and soul!
[Image 2d46798-99-6d0789c242eb368db23f-2.jpg&s3=46798-99-553ee7cbc1db585339b71716030c0909-3900x3901.jpg
Product Summary
・Product name: Take-out only “Pumpkin” “Mont Blanc”
・Price (tax included): “Pumpkin” 680 yen
“Mont Blanc” 750 yen
・ Offer period: October 1, 2022 (Monday) ~
・ Sales route: kyocafe chacha Sanjo store
・Expiration date: 3 days from production
※The image is an image.
kyocafe chacha sanjo store information
Address: 〒604-8083
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward Nakanocho 24-3 1F
TEL: 075-746-6817
Business hours: 11:00-18:00
Closed: Irregular holidays (New Year holidays: closed from December 31st to January 3rd)
Access: 5-minute walk from Kyoto City Hall Station
8 minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station
About “kyocafe chacha”
Based on the concept of “creating an exciting time for people who love cute things around the world”, they sell Kyoto waffles and operate a store.
We have actual stores in Kyoto Arashiyama and Sanjo, and not only tourists but also locals enjoy Kyoto waffles.
Arashiyama is a “space where you can relax and heal yourself from the fatigue of sightseeing spots”, and Sanjo is a “space where you can enjoy yourself”. .
[Image 3d46798-99-c96ce80712defe083822-17.jpg&s3=46798-99-41e7c0009655433a859b4ae217ef0541-1478x1108.jpg
▲kyocafe chacha Arashiyama
[Image 4d46798-99-482b0542cc556d0a6d35-9.jpg&s3=46798-99-32a6702aaf6230eaccc4f1ef43219573-1280x1280.jpg
▲kyocafe chacha Sanjo branch
About Kyoto Waffle at “kyocafe chacha”
Kyoto Waffle is a one-hand sweet that has been featured not only on social media, but also on national TV and the web, and is attracting attention from a wide range of generations.
Each one is handmade in the kitchen of Arashiyama, Kyoto, with a focus on cute visuals and eating response.
If the corner is missing or the form is not square, we will not provide it to the customer.
In addition to the visuals, we are also particular about the texture so that you can enjoy it until the last bite.
You can enjoy it until the end without getting tired of the moist texture and crunchy texture of granulated sugar.
[Image 5d46798-99-5ca37e37575fd83f4ed4-13.jpg&s3=46798-99-095d67cabc41f4c53259f73e05743989-2048x2048.jpg
[Image 6d46798-99-99994f21994257a749ff-8.jpg&s3=46798-99-4d0bd1bf7ee52ff20779002142b87aa9-800x800.jpg
Business summary
kyocafe chacha
・URL: https://kyocafechacha.com/
・PR: We sell Kyoto waffles and operate stores based on the concept of “creating an exciting time for cute things lovers around the world.” [Image 7d46798-99-f3578cb94d465991d2cb-16.jpg&s3=46798-99-b14b004954d248bd61afaa1d04de88d6-2880x1920.jpg
In the future, we plan to release more new products and limited-time products. Please check it out from our SNS official account.
@kyocafe_chacha (official)
@kyocafechacha_arashiyama (Arashiyama store)
@kyocafechacha_sanjo (Sanjo store)
Company Profile
Japan Resort Co., Ltd.
Location: Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Nishikyo Ward, Arashiyama Kamidomachi 48 Representative: Miya Matsushita

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