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[News Release] JSSEC “Establishment of Metaverse Security WG” – Investigating Security Issues in the Metaverse and Formulating Guidelines –

【news release】
Dear members of the press,
October 3, 2022
JSSEC “Metaverse Security WG Establishment”
– Investigating Security Issues in the Metaverse and Formulating Guidelines – The Technical Subcommittee (Chairman Ryuta Nakagami) of the Japan Smartphone Security Association (JSSEC: Chairman Ryoichi Sasaki) is Metaverse Security, which investigates and examines the security of the Metaverse, which is attracting attention as a new use for smartphones and communication services. A new WG will be established within the technical committee. The newly established Metaverse Security WG will consider security issues in the Metaverse through smartphones and carrier services that will serve as gateways for connecting to the Metaverse, which will develop in the future. In response to recent changes in the living environment, discussions have begun on the use of the Metaverse, where people live in a digital space where various services are provided. In the Metaverse, the digital space will be a living space, so it will be necessary to sort out and consider issues regarding privacy and other rights and security regarding the newly created personalities and property in the Metaverse.
Up until now, the Technical Working Group has taken up topics on XR technologies such as VR and AR, and virtual spaces as new forms of 5G utilization. In addition, since August, I have been participating as a committee member in the “Study Group on Utilization of Metaverse, etc. for the Web3 Era” sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and have been discussing from the standpoint of smartphone security.
Our main activities will be gathering information and research on Metaverse security, and holding discussions with other organizations as needed, centering on case studies through online study sessions and Metaverse experience sessions.
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[About Japan Smartphone Security Association]
The Japan Smartphone Security Association, which was established in May 2011 and incorporated in April 2012, is facing various security issues as it spreads and is used in the personal and business fields. We aim to solve and promote safe and secure dissemination. Today, smartphones and other devices play an important role in connecting people with society. We will continue to raise awareness about the safe and secure use of smartphones, as well as the safe and secure spread and enlightenment of cloud, IoT, and ICT in the future. [Inquiries from customers]
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Japan Smartphone Security Association Secretariat
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