JapanCraft21 The 10 finalists of the 2nd Ronnie Award “Japanese Traditional Craft Revitalization Contest” have been decided!

Japan Craft 21
The 10 finalists of the 2nd Ronnie Award “Japanese Traditional Craft Revitalization Contest” have been decided!

10 finalists (Craft Leader Award winners) of the “Japanese Traditional Craft Revival Contest” jointly held by JapanCraft21 (Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City) and Asia Society Japan (Minato Ward, Tokyo) has been decided. Therefore, an award ceremony will be held on October 14th (Friday) to announce the winner of the Best Ronnie Award, which will receive 5 million yen in project funding.
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October 7, 2020
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JapanCraft21 (Director: Weimer Steven Heywood) is a volunteer group established in 2018 by foreigners and Japanese living in Japan and abroad who are keenly aware that encountering Japanese craft culture has enriched their lives. With the belief that now is the only time to stop the decline of traditional Japanese craft culture, we are conducting activities such as a Sunday school for training wooden carpenters for the revitalization of townhouses.
The Japanese Traditional Crafts Revitalization Contest is an initiative of the Asia Society, founded in 1956 by Mr. Rockefeller, to discover outstanding individuals and groups with the vision and talent to revitalize a field of Japanese traditional crafts. Co-sponsored with the Japan branch. We have received many applications from artists, writers, craftsmen, designers, product planners, etc. who have visions and ideas that will open up the future of crafts produced using traditional techniques, and will be finalists on August 15th. (Craft Leader Award) 10 people have been decided.
[Craft Leader Award] Order of the Japanese syllabary Honorifics omitted Shogo Akashi (dyeing and weaving)
Toshihiko Inoue (Kyoto mounting)
Junji Toshida (Kyoto famous bamboo, bamboo craft)
Yasuhiko Kusunoki (Tango Chirimen)
Taku Sudo (metal craft)
Team YN – Yang Hen Chen & Noriko Tsuiki (architecture, dyeing and weaving, other general crafts)
Tokunaga Furniture Studio (woodwork)
Tokumaru adult – Hakusan CONCEPT (wooden bucket)
Kazuya Nanjo (Kyoto Buddhist altar fittings)
Shunji Hisatsune (Kaga Yuzen)
[Judges] Order of the Japanese syllabary Honorifics omitted
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Keiko Aono: Owner of Ippodo (Ginza, NY)
Yuji Akimoto: Director of Nerima Art Museum, art critic
Sawako Kaijima: Designer, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, GSD, Harvard University
Yoshihisa Kawamura: Chairman of the Board of DIC Corporation Reiko Sudo: Textile designer, director of Nuno Co., Ltd., professor emeritus at Tokyo Zokei University
NUNO (nuno.com)
Shioko Fukumoto: Indigo dyeing artist
       Fukumoto Shioko’s Indigo World (kyoto-inet.or.jp)
Eriko Horiki: Japanese paper designer, CEO of Eriko Horiki & Associates        HORIKI ERIKO | Eriko Horiki Official Website (eriko-horiki.com) The above-mentioned judges will select one person (group) for the best Ronnie Award from among the finalists (craft leader award winners), and 5 million yen in funds to realize the project and special prizes by experts in various fields. We will provide the assistance of our support team for one year.
At the award ceremony, we will announce the winner of the Best Ronnie Award. [Date and Time] Friday, October 14, 16:00-18:00
[Place] International House of Japan
5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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[Message from Founding Director Weimer]
I’m surprised that so little is known about Japan’s world-class traditional culture. Amazing technology that makes you cry when you see it is an asset not only in Japan but also in the world. I would like everyone in Japan to know about this technology so that we can pass it on to future generations. By all means, please meet and listen to the excellent craft leaders involved in Japanese traditional crafts. We look forward to.
[Image 4d75271-8-1e54a9c5e00434c79521-2.jpg&s3=75271-8-8bc8d59f61652ec6f49a255004f7a2bf-186x186.jpg
Organizer: JapanCraft21
Official site: https://japancraft21.com/
Co-sponsored by: Asia Society Japan
1st floor, International House of Japan, 5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku Contact: JapanCraft21 Secretariat
163-7 Ichiharamachi, Shizu City, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
Director Bimel Steven Haywood
Keiko Kamei, Executive Director
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