JCME Real Estate Why are wealthy people around the world paying attention to “UAE real estate investment”?

JCME Real Estate
Why are wealthy people around the world paying attention to “UAE real estate investment”?
~Inviting SOBHA, an overseas real estate development company involved in urban planning in Dubai, to Japan to hold an event~

JCME GROUP (Headquarters: Deira Dubai, Representative: Tadashi Fukaya), which operates a real estate brokerage business in Dubai, will invite overseas real estate development company SOBHA on Sunday, October 23 and Monday, October 24, 2022. , hold real estate sales events.
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At the event, we will explain why investors from all over the world are interested in Dubai real estate, and explain the possibilities of Dubai real estate investment based on data.
In addition, we have invited a development manager from SOBHA, a listed overseas real estate development company, to provide
information on the latest properties.
The rules for buying real estate in Dubai are very different from those in Japan.
We hope that customers who participate in this event will be able to include Dubai real estate as an investment option and expand their investment options, so please participate in the event.
■ Why do the world’s wealthy people look passionately at Dubai properties? [Image 2

In March 2021, the Dubai government announced a large-scale urban plan with the city plan “Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan”.
Due to this urban plan, Dubai is expected to grow in population, increase in tourists, and urban growth. According to a report by market research firm Mordor Intelligence, real estate values ​​are rising, with property prices soaring 40% year-on-year in 2021. Dubai is a city that is easily accessible and attracts people from all over the world. The Dubai World Expo 2022 has spread the charm of Dubai to many people, and the Dubai real estate market is booming. Information on “Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan”:
https://u.ae/en/about-the-uae/strategies-initiatives-and-awards/local-governments-strategies-and-plans/dubai-2040-urban- master plan
■ About SOBHA, a major real estate development company
[Image 3

SOBHA, a leading real estate developer, was founded in Oman in 1976, has expanded its operations in India, and is involved in real estate development around the world. Our official website and YouTube videos provide transparent information about our commitment to real estate and its history, and we have earned a high degree of credibility as a real estate development company.
Based in Dubai, we are involved in Soba Heartland with a scale of about 580 billion and MBR City-District One with a scale of about 1.23 trillion. It is getting a lot of attention from
Information on “SOBHA GROUP”: https://www.sobha.com/
A sales event will be held on October 23 (Sun) and 24 (Mon), 2022 [Image 4

We will invite SOBHA, a major real estate development company, to hold a real estate sales event. Even if you do not plan to buy real estate, you can ask us because “What is Dubai real estate like as an investment option?”
If you are interested in Dubai’s real estate market, please
participate in the event.
[Event overview]
Date: October 23rd (Sun) and 24th (Mon), 2022
Part 1: 10:00 Venue / 10:30 Start / 14:00 End
Part 2: 15:00 Venue / 15:30 Start / 19:00 End
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
Participation fee: Completely free Reservation system
Registration form: https://jcme-group.com/dubai-registration-form/ [Event flow]
Dubai property market explained
Company introduction of JCME GROUP
Introduction of SOBHA REALTY properties for sale
Individual negotiation
-First event-
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[Image 6d108745-2-00cfa6bea0a15ffc6af4-5.jpg&s3=108745-2-b32a2715691007bd0eecc0e02324e76c-820x547.jpg
[Image 7d108745-2-ae64d4f12338a6c60bc5-6.jpg&s3=108745-2-c51061f9e94555e0659f55b8489c9daf-362x205.jpg
As a bridge connecting Japan and the Middle East, JCME GROUP provides a wide range of support, from purchasing real estate to living in Dubai. It is a real estate brokerage company run by Japanese in Dubai. In addition, we also provide additional services such as license acquisition, visa acquisition, and bank account opening for those who are considering expanding overseas.
【Company Profile】
Company name: JCME GROUP
Head office location: #302, Nouf Tower, Umm Huair Rd,
Port Saeed, PO Box 126730, Dubai , UAE
Phone: +971 4 548 7082
Email address: info@jcme-group.com
Representative Director: Tadashi Fukaya
Business description: Real estate brokerage business
Established: September 2021
HP: https://jcme-group.com/

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