JDSC Co., Ltd. Acquired Google Cloud Partner Expertise Certification

JDSC Co., Ltd.
Google Cloud Partner Expertise Certified

JDSC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Kato Ertes, hereinafter referred to as “JDSC”) has recently acquired expertise in the supply chain and logistics fields in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Expertise Program. It will be announced.

■ Introduction example (Aeon Retail Co., Ltd.)
60% reduction in the burden of ordering imported products!
■ About JDSC Co., Ltd. (https://jdsc.ai/)
JDSC provides end-to-end, high-value-added AI solutions in a wide range of fields centered on key industries, such as logistics optimization, demand forecasting, frailty detection, and education. We develop algorithm modules and provide licenses, develop and operate IT systems, and conduct business management related to data science. 《Three features of JDSC》
1. Extensive technical knowledge of AI algorithms
2. High level of business execution ability that provides end-to-end support from the presentation of AI-based solutions to execution 3. Highly productive business model that achieves both joint development with major companies and cross-industrial development *Google Cloud is a trademark of Google LLC.
*demand insight(R) is a registered trademark of JDSC Co., Ltd. Details about this release:


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