Jidoka Co., Ltd. Monthly fee, first month free campaign Automate repetitive work and routine work with the r obot assistant service “Robo Stunt”! Campaign from Saturday, October 1st

Jidouka Co., Ltd.
[Monthly fee, first month free campaign] Automate repetitive work and routine work with the robot assistant service “Robo Stunt”! Campaign from Saturday, October 1st
Automatically applied to customers who signed a contract after October 1st!
The robot assistant service “Robo Stunt” provided by Jidoka Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Masashi Sato, hereinafter Jidoka) will start full operation for all customers who have signed a contract after October 1st. Subsequent monthly charges will be carried out as the first month free.

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Details of monthly fee and first month free campaign
Campaign target: Customers who have signed a contract after Saturday, October 1, 2022
Application method: This campaign is automatically applied
Note: An initial development cost of 300,000 yen or more will be charged separately for robot development. In this campaign, the monthly fee related to the actual operation after the test operation ends will be free for the first month.
▼ Notice of first month free campaign
https://www.facebook.com/jidouka.automation/posts/163621772940792 What is the robot assistant service “Robo Stunt”?
The robot assistant service “RoboStunt” is a service that allows you to outsource PC work to robots instead of people. I am good at processing repetitive work and routine work using a PC. No tools required, no specialized knowledge required.
It is a strong ally of small and medium-sized enterprises that can streamline operations without hassle.
Lack of manpower, lack of IT utilization, want to reduce overtime, slow progress in in-house RPA, slow progress in in-house production We will solve your problems.
◆ “Three strengths” that can be solved by robot stunts
1. High work completion rate
Since robots are accurate in their work, we can maintain the quality of our work. I am good at doing a set task at a set time every day. We guarantee a work completion rate of 99% or more.
2. Good at repetitive work
The robot doesn’t complain when the workload increases! Even if the amount of work increases, the operating cost does not change, so the more the amount of work, the better the cost performance!
3. No expertise required
Easy to use even without IT expertise! There is no need to employ engineers, and there are no system operation troubles.
▼ Schedule until introduction (start of operation)
1. Business hearing
2. Quotation
3. Robot development
4. Test operation
5. Main operation
Operation can be started in about 1-2 months.
Once you build a robot, you can operate it for a fixed price forever.

▼ Service site
IT introduction subsidy 2022 adopted business
Robo Stunt is approved for IT Introduction Grant 2022.
A chance to receive a subsidy of less than 1.5 million yen by introducing a robot stunt.
We will also support the application.
* It is said that about 80% of applications for IT introduction subsidies are accepted.
We do not guarantee that you will be selected.
YouTube channel appearance
September 10, 2022 [Part 1] I want to improve labor productivity in Japan with ‘Robo Stunts’! [Yuji Sato] [307th] Tiger of Reiwa September 11, 2022 [Part 2] I want to improve labor productivity in Japan with ‘Robo Stunts’! [Yuji Sato] [307th] Tiger of Reiwa the next deployment
We are building a new development that can support companies from various angles, such as providing SaaS-type services, digital consulting, and RPA introduction support. We will actively participate in exhibitions, etc., and strive to realize the essential operational efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Contact information
If you are interested in Jidouka Robo Stunt,
Please contact us using the inquiry form below.
About Jidouka Co., Ltd.
【Corporate philosophy】
Improve your work environment by improving your business
Rebuild into something stress-free and comfortable.
This will promote DX in Japan.
[Our Mission]
By automating operations, labor costs can be reduced.
But will the company perform better?
Will working people be happy?
The answer is no.
Merely automating operations does nothing more than reduce labor costs. The important thing is how to change the floating time,
It’s all about how you can transform your business.
That’s why Jidouka’s policy is
“Creating creative work”.
When the best tools are used in the best work flow,
Stress disappears from work, “fun” remains,
The face of workers will change.
“The atmosphere in the company has become somewhat brighter.” I want to hear those words, so I’m doing my best today as well. 【Company Profile】
[Image 2d109323-2-94d62162cd1a356aa8a9-1.png&s3=109323-2-32013c6859627d58710795409f74690f-2000x1067.png
Company name: Jidouka Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Yuji Sato
Established: May 2020
Business description:
・Provision of robot assistant service “Robo Stunt”
・RPA introduction support
・Business consulting
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jidouka.automation
President Twitter: https://twitter.com/uc_thinkoutloud
President’s note: https://note.com/uc_thinkoutloud/
Details about this release:

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