JIJI appears in the 3rd release of “Amazon Original HEAT”!

JIJI appears in the 3rd release of “Amazon Original HEAT”!

Toshiya Ohno serves as curator and editor-in-chief of the free magazine “FLJ” as the third release of the new project “Amazon Original HEAT”, which aims to grow together as a partner by staying close to the artists by discovering and nurturing up-and-coming artists. , JIJI was selected as an artist. Her new song “Just a girl”, which attracts attention both as a model and as a singer-songwriter, is released!
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FAR EAST ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation and production of “Amazon Original HEAT” (hereafter referred to as “HEAT”. Through discovering and nurturing up-and-coming artists, Amazon Music has released the third song of HEAT, which aims to grow together as a partner by staying close to the artists.
The curator is Toshiya Ohno, who worked as the editor-in-chief of the free magazine “FLJ” after working as the editor-in-chief of the magazines “Fine” and “WARP”. JIJI, which gains more attention with each release, is participating.
The MUSIC VIDEO of the same song was also released today at 13:00. “Just a girl” Music Video – https://youtu.be/nSi4LFYZG00
Comment from JIJI below.
“Sometimes love gives me happiness, and sometimes it gives me pain, but I decide to face that pain and live strong. A broken heart is sad, but it makes me stronger again. This song. is a song about a girl who is trying to overcome her pain by accepting it strongly in her sadness.
Halloween was close to the release on the 26th, so I finished it with a Halloween-style MV. The MV is finished as if you were watching a short movie that stirs up various imaginations, with the rhythm of the song, the story based on the lyrics. ”
[Image 2d51112-5-2f7199fd70f6c709f2da-1.jpg&s3=51112-5-5f380611de5beb8bef50ac71328510b3-2400x2400.jpg
Playlist URL: https://amzn.to/HEAT
-Curator and Artist Profile-
[Image 3d51112-5-11d6fda4da41f473b7ea-2.jpg&s3=51112-5-31f7914b1614e483d948508a63316da0-828x620.jpg
Toshiya Ohno
Editor-in-chief of free magazine “FLJ” / Representative of Dragonzoe Co., Ltd. Editor (Rolling Stone Japan, etc.), bandman (DBX vocalist), lyricist (Akihiro Namba, NUMB, etc.), art director, author of books, occasional DJ. After working as the editor-in-chief of magazines “Fine” and “WARP”, he became independent. We plan to launch a new business at the end of 2022.
[Image 4d51112-5-25956296c9c1598e36f1-3.jpg&s3=51112-5-2ad40f18869798ac99d542bc259d485d-500x500.jpg
They are heavily influenced by the UK rock and alternative scene, and the backing band’s guitarist and drummer are from the United States and the United Kingdom. The international team produces a very sensitive sound.
While working as a model for various fashion magazines, he is a unique artist who expresses his own world view.
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