Jimoty Co., Ltd. Opened “Jimoty Spot Kawasaki”, a public-private partnership reuse base jointly operated w ith Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, from November 16th!

Jimoty Co., Ltd.
“Jimo Tea Spot Kawasaki”, a public-private jointly operated reuse base jointly operated with Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, will open on November 16th!
First opening in an ordinance-designated city! Promoting reuse activities for things that can still be used

Jimoty Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Jimoty) has signed an agreement on reuse with Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture (hereafter, Kawasaki City), and will open “Jimoty Spot Kawasaki” as a demonstration experiment from November 16, 2022. This is the first time for Jimoty to open a public-private partnership reuse base in an ordinance-designated city. Kawasaki City plans to raise the oversized garbage disposal fee from July 2023, and promote the reuse of oversized garbage that can still be used to reduce the amount of oversized garbage disposed of. , to reduce the payment fees required for oversized garbage disposal). In addition, this project has been adopted by the Ministry of the Environment as a “Municipal Model Demonstration Project for Reusing Used Products in 2022” (*Note 1).
■ About Jimo Tea Spot
Jimoty Spot is a service that allows you to give away items that are no longer needed but still usable within the local community. If you would like to bring your own, just make a reservation in advance and bring it to Jimoty Spot, and you can easily transfer it for free. Also, for those who wish to take over, matching is established by searching for information on the item brought in at Jimoty and picking it up at the Jimoty spot. This is the first time in Kanagawa Prefecture that Jimoty has collaborated with a local government to jointly operate Jimoty Spot, a public-private reuse base.
[Mechanism of “Jimo Tea Spot Kawasaki”]


■Details of “Jimo Tea Spot Kawasaki”
At “Jimo Tea Spot Kawasaki”, which will open from November 16, 2022, we will reuse used products of all categories that were likely to have been discarded until now, and verify methods to maximize waste reduction. Kawasaki citizens can bring in usable furniture, home appliances, children’s goods, leisure goods, and leftover food from home. Collected items can be picked up by simply visiting Jimoty Spot, regardless of where you live.
In addition, in order to enhance the environment of local children’s facilities, we plan to provide reusable items such as toys that children can play with to local organizations in the city.
We will start bringing in reusable unwanted items from November 16, 2022, and will start accepting reservations for bringing in from October 28. For details on how to make a reservation and how to use “Jimo Tea Spot Kawasaki”, please refer to the following URL. [About Jimo Tea Spot Kawasaki]
Address: 6-37-18-102 Shukugawara, Tama Ward, Kawasaki City
■ Advantages for residents of Kawasaki City
Residents who bring in items that are no longer needed but can still be used can be brought in free of charge, so they can easily participate in reuse and reduce the payment of oversized garbage disposal fees. Recipients also have the option of using low-cost reused products. As a city as a whole, it will be possible to have the option of reusing rather than throwing it away as garbage, and we believe that this will lead to the promotion of reuse activities. Furthermore, with regard to food, it will be possible to transfer unused items that could not be consumed at home to those who need them without wasting them.
■ Advantages for local governments
In addition to reducing waste through the promotion of reuse, the establishment of reuse facilities that can be easily used by local residents can lead to raising awareness of reuse and promoting reuse activities. From October 2021, the Setagaya Ward Unnecessary Items Bring-in Spot, which has been implemented with Setagaya Ward, reuses 12,000 items in half a year, resulting in the effect of reducing approximately 68 tons of bulky waste, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. It has been highly evaluated as an initiative that contributes to In addition, we can expect a financial effect by reducing the amount of garbage, and in the case of Setagaya Ward, it is expected that there will be an annual financial effect of about 17 million yen. Please refer to the following URL for details of initiatives in Setagaya.
[Results of efforts in Setagaya]
Jimoty is currently working with 57 local governments to reduce waste nationwide. In the future, we will continue to operate services that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by working together with individuals, companies, and governments locally. We look forward to receiving inquiries from local governments and companies nationwide that are considering promoting resource recycling and reducing waste within their communities.
(*Note 1) About the “FY2022 Local Government Model Demonstration Project for Reusing Used Products”
With the aim of supporting local governments that are trying to implement leading reuse measures in collaboration with reuse-related businesses and citizen groups, we provide financial support and technical support necessary for implementing measures. We aim to expand and spread to other regions by supporting novel, advanced and effective initiatives and widely disseminating the results.

Jimoty Co., Ltd. Corporate Department Miyamoto
E-MAIL: press@jmty.jp

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