Jinki Ittai Capital Alliance Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd. entered into a capital alliance with Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Man-machine unity
[Capital tie-up] Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd. formed a capital tie-up with Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd., which operates an intellectual property business that utilizes advanced robotics, announces that it has implemented a third-party allotment of shares of pre-series B2 with Daiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. as the underwriter.

Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd., which owns a large number of intellectual properties of core technologies related to advanced robotics, centered on force control technology and power amplification bilateral control technology, is the third pre-series B2 underwriter of Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd. We are pleased to announce that we implemented a capital increase in September 2022 and formed a capital tie-up. In the future, Yamato Trajectory Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a business company of the Yamato Kogyo Group, will work together with Jinki Ittaisha to solve problems such as the aging of the workplace, labor shortages, and heavy labor.
*Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture; President: Dr. Kanaoka; hereinafter “Jinki Ittai”
* Yamato Industry Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Mikio Kobayashi, hereinafter “Yamato Industry” * Yamato Trajectory Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Motoyoshi Maruyama, hereinafter “Daiwa Trajectory Manufacturing”
This is the Daiwa Kogyo Group’s first startup investment.
Based on Dr. Kanaoka’s philosophy and cutting-edge robotic engineering technology, Jin-Ki Ittai aims to “make physical hard work unnecessary from all over the world” by developing and socially implementing “Jin-Ki” as a power amplification bilateral control system. A venture company from Ritsumeikan University that realizes
Jinki Ittai aims to implement advanced robotics technology in society by providing intellectual property utilization services (robotics commercialization consulting business that utilizes intellectual property) to support new business development based on advanced robotics technology. Accelerate and mechanize dangerous work and heavy labor.
Examples of ongoing projects:
1. Mechanization of overhead line maintenance work performed by humans in late-night hours
2. Realization of decarbonization and sophistication by fully electrifying heavy machinery and construction machinery without hydraulic pressure
3. Mechanization of heavy object handling work in factories that is currently handled by people
In addition to the above projects, the funds raised this time will be used to further accelerate new business development support. Jinki Ittai and Yamato Kogyo will use this capital tie-up as an opportunity to combine the know-how of the turnout business of Yamato Trajectory Manufacturing, a business company of the Yamato Kogyo Group, with the robot development capabilities of Jinki Ittai to reduce the efficiency of the factory. We will work to acquire new business opportunities, such as solving on-site issues such as manpower reduction, labor saving, and safety improvement, and developing new products through this. Yamato Kogyo has a policy of looking to the future to solve on-site problems in the railway industry both in Japan and overseas, and to consider opportunities for utilization from a broad perspective. In addition, through our unique cutting-edge robotic engineering technology and our unique business model of the human-machine platform, we have realized the
mechanization of worksites that were previously impossible to automate. We will further expand the cooperation with the companies we have.
■ Comment from Mr. Mikio Kobayashi, President of Yamato Kogyo Co., Ltd. [Image 1d70266-23-58e5c0bba0d6b05acac0-3.jpg&s3=70266-23-d259158baa0f4d10e23e9f611ec90d74-568x545.jpg
Since its founding in 1944, the Yamato Kogyo Group has expanded into the electric furnace business, which manufactures steel products such as H-shaped steel from iron scrap, starting with the manufacturing of railroad track equipment. In the infrastructure industry, in which we are deeply involved, there is an urgent need to solve problems such as the aging of the workplace, labor shortages, and the elimination of heavy labor. The Yamato Kogyo Group aims to contribute to solving these social issues.

■ Advanced robotics technology that integrates man and machine The robot, which has introduced unique human-machine integration technology, has the following main features.
Force control and torque control are implemented in an ideal form at a low level, and as a cyber-physical interface, it is possible to realize soft mechanical interaction between humans, robots, and the environment.
With the ideal implementation of force control and torque control, it is possible to superimpose and simultaneously implement any number of dynamics-based general-purpose robot control technologies.
As a man-machine synergy effector (human-machine synergy effector), the operator can freely control the robot based on the interaction of forces, and the operator can feel the sensation of the robot. And by using human-machine integration technology, we can solve all the following problems that conventional robots have at the social implementation level.
Automated/autonomous, AI-based “general-purpose/non-routine work in an unknown environment (on-site)” is not possible
Mechanical interaction involving contact with the outside world is difficult to implement with general “hard” position control
Inability to freely manipulate physical “power”
Weak against irregular shocks and interference from the outside such as collisions and friction
Jin-Ki Ittai has developed its own “intellectual property related to cutting-edge robotics technology capable of creating human-shaped heavy machinery” (see the figure below) by making the most of its unique business model of the Jin-Ki Platform. ” realizes the “mechanization” of the site, which was thought to be impossible. [Image 2d70266-23-87d7a7117a78c632f913-1.png&s3=70266-23-6825a6975b40d894d1d131f805f09e62-2315x1304.png

■ Unique business model that integrates human-machine: human-machine platform Most tech ventures and startups have a business style that launches their own products into the world through their own research and development, but man-machine unity is different. We will build a “human-machine platform” as a new business model for advanced robotics engineering technology that is not just a fabless manufacturer that does not have inventory or production lines.
Rather than forcibly manufacturing and selling robots by humans and machines that do not have resources, we will cooperate with companies that have problems that are difficult to solve with conventional technology and solve problems by using intellectual property rights of advanced robot technology as a weapon. We advocate a business style that provides a human-machine platform as a framework for solving problems.
[Image 3d70266-23-d7bcc8065cedff977e69-2.png&s3=70266-23-b469060eac4f25fbed691ccba33f72ec-2318x1304.png
■ Overview of Yamato Industry Co., Ltd.
  Company name: Yamato Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mikio Kobayashi
Location: 380 Yoshimi, Otsu-ku, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture Established: November 1944
Business description: A global steel manufacturer that supports the world’s infrastructure through its environment-friendly steel business Official website: http://www.yamatokogyo.co.jp/
[Image 4d70266-23-3828675a0c5bff9baa1c-4.png&s3=70266-23-a0d9b59ee3a8443d43021dd496cf86fb-786x334.png

■ Overview of Yamato Trajectory Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  Company name: Yamato Trajectory Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Representative: Motoyoshi Maruyama
Location: 380 Yoshimi, Otsu-ku, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture Established: April 2002
Business description: Design, development, and manufacture of track equipment such as turnouts (points) and anti-earthquake
derailment/deviation prevention guards
Official website: https://www.yamatokogyo.co.jp/kidou/index.html [Image 5d70266-23-5398ebdb0f7ebde3e8ab-5.png&s3=70266-23-79a5d99ec37fdd327084e4bb2bd82abc-786x334.png

■ Overview of Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd.
Company name: Jinki Ittai Co., Ltd.
Representative: Dr. Kanaoka, President and Representative Director Location: (Headquarters) 648-1 Aochi-cho, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture Secret Base Human Machine Integration
(Branch office) 45-245 Sukakeba, Kayahama, Haramachi-ku, Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture
         Minamisoma City Industrial Creation Center Human Machine Integrated Fukushima Base
 Capital: 229 million yen (as of 09/01/2022)
Business description: Intellectual property utilization service for new business development support based on advanced robotics technology Official website: http://www.jinki.jp/
   Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmseinc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mmseinc
[Image 6d70266-23-52161c950dbdb9c0bfc6-0.png&s3=70266-23-7948c613f4b7baae793f66a3852f4414-3900x1825.png

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