“Job Hunting Guide for Architectural Students” for Students Scheduled to Graduate in March 2024 Issued! Com prehensive qualification school

Co., Ltd. Comprehensive Qualification
“Job Hunting Guide for Architectural Students” for Students Scheduled to Graduate in March 2024 Issued! [Comprehensive qualification school]
General Qualification Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takashi Kishi), which operates the
construction and real estate-related qualification school
“Comprehensive Qualification Academy”, announced on October 17, 2024 (Monday), “2024 We will publish a job hunting guide for architecture students for graduating students.
This book is written and edited for architectural students scheduled to graduate in March 2024 who will jump into the construction industry on the theme of job hunting in the 2020s and changes in the
occupations and work styles of people working in the construction industry.
A diverse team of writers explain the recent trends and outlook of the construction industry, as well as the skills required in a changing industry. Of course, the basic knowledge such as the structure of the construction industry, work contents, and job hunting know-how are also carefully explained, so it can be said that it is a must-read book for students aiming to enter the construction industry, regardless of whether they are science or humanities. Also, for young engineers who will build their careers in the construction industry in the future, the contents will be helpful in understanding industry trends and in considering their own career plans.
book outline
[Image 1

[Book title] “Job hunting guide for architecture students for 2024 graduates” [Publisher] Comprehensive Qualification
[Release date] October 17, 2022
[Price] 1,650 yen (tax included)
[Specifications] A5 size / text in 2 colors / 252 pages
[Sales channel]
・ Comprehensive Qualification Institute Publishing site
・Online bookstores such as Amazon ・Large bookstores in Japan “Job Hunting Guide for Architecture Students” 5 Points
■ Various writers and interview articles
With the aim of drawing a picture of the future of the construction industry from various perspectives, articles in this book were written by a variety of people and experts in the construction industry, including the former editor-in-chief of a construction magazine, a construction industry newspaper, and an economist. By reading each article, you can get a multifaceted view of the changes in the broad-based construction industry. In addition, we are researching architects who purchase land through independent planning, designing and operating like developers, designers who are active as both designers and community development coordinators, and design methods using digital tools. Interviews with professor architects, etc. are posted.
■ Thorough explanation of basic knowledge
In this book, we carefully explain the structure and work contents of the construction industry from the basics. The explanations are given for each industry that makes up the construction industry, such as design offices, general contractors, interior displays, building materials manufacturers, etc. understanding will progress. Depending on the industry, an industry map is also posted, so you can understand the major companies in that industry. In addition, interviews with six young employees who are active in the field are also posted so that you can have a concrete image of the work.
■ Introducing local trends
The topic of the construction industry tends to focus on Tokyo, where large-scale development continues, but there are big projects that will affect society in the future, such as the Linear Chuo Shinkansen and the Osaka/Kansai Expo, as well as small-scale projects that will change the city. is progressing. This book introduces such local projects and trends in 10 areas other than Tokyo, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. We also introduce major companies in each area, such as local general contractors, design offices, and house builders.
■ Explanation of job hunting know-how unique to the construction industry In job hunting in the construction industry, which has many technical positions such as design and construction, industry-specific tests such as portfolio submission/presentation and same-day design may be imposed. Also, depending on the industry and occupation, the job hunting schedule may differ from the general schedule. In this book, we will explain the job hunting unique to the construction industry and its know-how. Especially for students aiming for a design job, it is a must-read for the portfolio commentary article by the recruiter of the organizational design office and the portfolio reference case article by seniors who have experienced job hunting.
■ Improve your knowledge with glossaries in the margins
Terms such as “digital twin” and “LCC”, which are currently hot topics, as well as terms related to basic industry knowledge and work styles such as “Building Energy Conservation Law” and “36 Agreement” are explained in the margins. It will help you understand the main article and improve your knowledge. In addition, a collection of data such as the sales of major companies, the number of recruits, and the average annual income is also included at the end of the book. A collection of useful job hunting sites such as new graduate agents specializing in the construction industry is also posted. It is full of useful information as a guidebook for job hunting.
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The Former Editor-in-Chief of “Nikkei Architecture” Explains the Changes in Architecture Professionals with Illustrations
Prologue Spread! profession of architecture
The work of architects will also change (former editor-in-chief of “Nikkei Architecture”)
From Design to Independent Project (Atelier Architect)
Chapter 1 Latest trends in the construction industry
An economist explains! How will work styles change due to the corona shock in the construction industry?
IT literacy that architecture students should acquire, etc.
[Image 3

Commentary articles on the industry that can be understood from the basics such as design offices, general contractors, house builders, etc.
Chapter 2 Structure and work of the construction industry
construction industry players
Organizational Design Office/Atelier Design Office/Structural Design Office/Equipment Design Office/General Contractor/Subcontractor/House Maker/Real Estate/Developer/Interior/Display/Government/Housing Equipment/Building Materials Manufacturer
Architectural designer (Azusa Sekkei) / Structural designer (Orimoto Structural Engineer) / Facility designer (general facility consultant) / Researcher (Kajima Corporation) / Designer (Japanese house) / Designer (Nomura Kogeisha) etc.
Chapter 3 Area Research From Hokkaido to Okinawa
Hokkaido area/Tohoku area/Northern Kanto area/Chiba/Kanagawa area/Koshinetsu area/Hokuriku area/Tokai area/Kansai
area/Chugoku/Shikoku area/Kyushu/Okinawa area
Chapter 4 Careers and work styles in the 2020s
Diversified career
Interview Fusion of designers and community development coordinators Do you want to get a job after graduating from an undergraduate school or go to graduate school?
Salary/years of service/working hours/holidays etc.
[Image 4

Portfolio commentary by a recruiter at an organizational design firm Chapter 5 Job hunting know-how for architecture students
recruitment matrix
job hunting schedule
What is an internship?
Self-analysis and entry sheet
Interview How to make a portfolio How to think
Portfolio Reference Examples etc.
Chapter 6 Architects and various qualifications to keep
In an era when young architect acquisition is required
A Career Expanding as a Class Architect
Construction management engineer
Interior coordinator etc.
Chapter 7 Job Hunting Materials
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In commemoration of the release of the “Job Hunting Guide for Architecture Students for 2024 Graduates”, Sogo Qualification Institute will present this product to 5 people (free of charge).
Target product: Job hunting guide for architecture students for 2024 graduates Number of winners: 5 people
Application period: October 19, 2022 (Wednesday) 15:00 to November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) 23:59
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https://www.shikaku.co.jp/campaign/22_10_tw_follow_cp.php?mid=release No. 1 passing record school Comprehensive Qualification Institute At Sogo Qualification Institute, we thoroughly analyze various factors such as social conditions, exam trends, and the latest technology so that we can respond to “current” exams. We have been working on continuous testing. As a result, about 60% of those who passed the written test and the design and drafting test in one year in the 1st grade architect test in 2021, more than one out of every two people who passed the design and drafting test nationwide The number of students enrolled in the year was occupied, and we achieved the pass record of “Japan’s best”.
*FY2021 Grade 1 Architect Design and Drafting Exam Nationwide Straight [Department + Design and Drafting] Successful pass rate 59.2% (Out of 1,342 straight passers nationwide / 794 students in this school year) *FY2021 Grade 1 Architect Design and Drafting Test Nationwide pass rate 52.7% (Out of 3,765 successful applicants nationwide / 1,986 students in this school year)
* Straight passers are those who have passed the 1st grade architect academic examination and passed the 1st grade architect design and drafting examination in the same year.
▼ Click here for details of “Passing record of general qualification school” https://www.shikaku.co.jp/strength/jisseki/index.html
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~ From the point of view of each student, we provide detailed support! ~ Since our founding, we have been particular about “lectures where people face each other – live lectures”. We also distribute web content to support learning at home and at work. We will continue to provide detailed guidance for those who aim to acquire qualifications. ▼ Comprehensive Qualification Institute official website
▼ Comprehensive Qualification Academy Official Twitter

▼ Comprehensive Qualification Academy Official Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljaeqHlizgXdSRrlU9XYyg
Company Profile
[Location] General Qualification Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Nomura Building 22F, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo [TEL] 03-3340-2810 (main)
[Address] Chubu Qualification Co., Ltd. 1-2-22 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Chubu Qualification Building [TEL] 052-202-1795 (main)
[Representative] Takashi Kishi
[Established] January 1987
[Number of employees] 596 (as of September 2022)
[Capital] Comprehensive qualification: 100 million yen
[Sales] 19.6 billion yen (fiscal year ending September 2021) [URL] https://www.shikaku.co.jp
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