Joban Kosan Co., Ltd. First performance of “Kukuna Sunlight” that you can enjoy dancing together with “S haka Shaka Dance” invented by Hula Girls

Joban Industries Co., Ltd.
The first performance of “Kukuna Sunlight” where you can enjoy dancing together with “Shaka Shaka Dance” invented by Hula Girl
The daytime Polynesian show has been completely renewed for the first time in about three years

Spa Resort Hawaiians, operated by Joban Kosan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Representative: Junichi Nishizawa), will completely renew the afternoon Polynesian Show from October 14th (Friday) for the first time in about three years.
The title of the new show is “Kukuna Sunlight”. “Kukuna” means “sunshine” in Hawaiian.
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This time, for the first time, we will introduce a production that customers can enjoy together with the hula girls on stage. Before the pandemic, there was an experience corner where customers could go on stage and dance with hula girls, but it is currently suspended due to infection prevention measures. Under such circumstances, the hula girls proposed a new production that changed to an experience corner. “Hanohano Hawaii” is the opening song of the show that incorporates a new production. In the song, the hula girls play the Hawaiian instrument “uriuli” to the rhythmical sound of “shakashaka”, and the audience dances together with the hand sign of “shakabura”, which is used in Hawaiian greetings.
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Hula girls thinking about choreography for “Shaka Shaka Dance” With the desire to make it a symbol of a show that not only enjoys watching, but also enjoys together, and regains a sense of unity and bond with customers that has faded due to the corona crisis, the hula girls play “Uri Uri”. From the sound of “shaka shaka” and the hand sign of “shaka bra”, this dance was named “shaka shaka dance”. In addition, before the start of the show, the “Shaka, Shaka, Dance” movement will have a hula girl lesson time, so even first-time customers can dance together.
When I look at it, I can’t help but smile like the sun’s rays. Please look forward to the new daytime Polynesian show where you can enjoy together safely and securely while creating the future of paradise. Polynesian Sunlight Carnival “Kukuna Sunlight” Details
-Date and time- 13:30 on Friday, October 14, 2022
-Location- Water Park “Beach Theater”
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