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You can now automatically send a reminder message for your next reservation on LINE! – LINE digital membership card “L Member’s Card” We will meet the needs of “I want to automatically send a reminder for the next reservation on LINE” and “I want to automatically send a LINE message at a unique timing”.

The LINE digital membership card system “L Member’s Card” provided by Oblivion LLC (Location: 1-6-15 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideki Sato) has updated the “automatic message sending function”. We are pleased to inform you that we have. With this update, it is now possible to automatically send a reservation reminder corresponding to the “next reservation date” on LINE. Click here for details on the LINE digital membership card “L Members Card”:
“L Member’s Card” has become even more convenient with automated reminder messages
[Image 1

A reservation reminder message is a message that reconfirms the reservation date and time so that the reservation person
himself/herself does not forget the reservation date and time. If you make effective use of reminder messages in business situations such as beauty salons and clinics, you can send reservation confirmations to customers at the appropriate timing and frequency. Reminder messages have the role of preventing important reservations and contact omissions, and as a countermeasure against cancellations.
In September 2022, the “automatic message sending function” of the L Member’s Card has been updated, and it is now possible to
automatically send reminder messages for “next reservation” on LINE. ▽ Click here for details of the L Member’s Card
Automatically send a reminder message for “next reservation” The points in this update are as follows.
1. You can set the delivery timing and message content of the reservation reminder with the “automatic message transmission function”
2. You can easily enter and update the “next reservation date” on the customer management screen.
3. When the delivery timing comes, the LINE message is automatically sent to the customer
Examples of use in hair salons and beauty salons
[Image 2

Measures to promote repeat customers are essential for increasing sales at hair salons and beauty salons. By making a provisional reservation in advance for the “next visit date” at the time of payment and at the end of the treatment, you can smoothly connect to the next visit. Also, if you tell them that you will send a
reservation reminder from the store’s official LINE account, you can create a route to add them as LINE friends.
-Points for use in hair salons and beauty salons-
1. At the time of checkout/after the treatment, make a provisional reservation for the “next visit date”
2. Tell them that a “reservation reminder” will be delivered __ days before the visit on the LINE official account
3. “Reservation reminder” is automatically sent from the LINE official account □ Examples of LINE messages that are automatically sent
・[○○ Salon] We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
・[Tomorrow is the reservation day] The reservation for the ○○ salon is tomorrow, October 8, from 10:00.
・[Coupon that can be used when visiting the store tomorrow] We will present a ○○ coupon that can be used when visiting the store tomorrow. □ Issuing coupons to increase average customer spend and increase repeat rate With the L Member’s Card, you can issue and send “discount coupons” that are useful for promoting reservations. By sending a discount coupon when sending a reservation reminder to the customer, not only can it be used as a countermeasure against cancellation, but it can also be expected to further increase the average customer spend and increase the repeat rate. In addition, with the coupon function of the L Member’s Card, you can flexibly set the issuing conditions (expiration date, number of times of use, issue target), etc. ▽ Try L Member’s Card for free for 1 month
Delivering messages with high delivery and open rates
[Image 3d52385-73-ea796eba9be0c1eb1f6e-2.png&s3=52385-73-846d5b786766178ee39163282f535c55-2240x1260.png
The L Member’s Card uses LINE, which is used by about 97% of smartphone users, and can deliver LINE messages to a wide range of targets. In addition, once you set up automation, you can
automatically send LINE messages at the appropriate timing, which leads to more efficient message delivery operations.
Can send different types of messages
[Image 4d52385-73-03e8adf4b8d3f4581bcf-0.png&s3=52385-73-c9c91e50d053ded5519fddc6a8343998-1213x608.png
With the L Member’s Card, you can send the following types of messages as LINE messages. Of course, it is also possible to combine multiple messages.
location information
Image map (image that can specify multiple tap areas)
JSON message (message that can be freely customized)

Push notification to home screen is possible
[Image 5d52385-73-8cc38ab8113716edc6ae-1.png&s3=52385-73-4da16f2a17bfd2c63186b5bc997aef5e-2240x1260.png
With the L Member’s Card, it is possible to deliver messages using the notification function of smartphones. Since it is delivered directly to the home screen of the user’s device, it is possible to achieve a high reach in attracting customers and disseminating information. What is LINE Digital Membership Card “L Members Card”?
[Image 6d52385-71-6499be2e8188c7005490-2.png
“L Member’s Card” is a digital membership card service that is completed on the LINE mini app and has a wealth of extended functions that support many industries. By introducing the L Member’s Card to stores and companies, there is no need to install a smartphone app or troublesome login work, and you can present your membership card and point card as soon as you have LINE.
The benefits of introducing the LINE digital membership card “L Member’s Card” are as follows.
1. Digital membership card system that can be used at the lowest price level in the industry and multi-functional
2. Digital membership card registration and use completed on LINE 3. LINE message segment delivery & automation realized
4. Simple management screen that can be easily used by staff who are not good at systems
It is possible to display a member registration form with items set in advance on the store side when accessing the LINE MINI App for the first time, and prompt member registration. Registered member information can be easily checked on the management screen of each store.
▽ Experience a demo account on LINE
▽ L Member’s Card service materials PDF can be downloaded from the following.
L Member’s Card Price Plan
[Image 7d52385-71-ed93a88d5fe0a4c8a67a-3.png
The L Member’s Card offers services for 9,800 yen per month, and basically there are no additional charges. We also offer a one-month free trial period from the initial contract, so please feel free to try this service first.
*There is no minimum contract period or cancellation fee.
▽ Click here for account registration and application
Flow until introduction of L Member’s Card
[Image 8d52385-71-9863946697280b75db00-4.png
1. account registration
2. Apply for LINE MINI App
3. Start using the service
▽ Experience a demo account on LINE
* “L Member’s Card” is a service provided by Oblivion, LLC, and is a service that utilizes LINE Corporation’s API.


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