Joint internship program with Gakkanren held at Kusatsu Onsen

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Joint internship program with Gakkanren held at Kusatsu Onsen Learn about the current state of tourism at six accommodation facilities that accept students

From September 5th to 10th, at Kusatsu Onsen (Gunma Prefecture), the Youth Group of the National Ryokan Hotel Life Sanitation Trade Association Federation (Shige Hoshinaga Youth Manager, abbreviation: All Travelers Youth Group) hosted a Japanese student tourism event. We held the “11th Young Danna and Young Proprietress Close Experience Project in Kusatsu,” which is a joint internship project with the federation (Miyuka Sato, 14th term representative – J. F. Oberlin University 3rd year, abbreviation: Gakukanren).
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Gakkanren is a student organization that discovers new possibilities for tourism from a student’s perspective through exchanges between students studying tourism and practical activities that cannot be learned at university. , provides a place where students who have the desire to “talk with motivated students” can interact with each other, and plans and manages various projects related to tourism.
A total of 24 students from 7 schools, J. F. Oberlin University, Meikai University, Tokai University, Kyorin University, Kawamura Gakuen Women’s University, Bunkyo University, and Atomi Gakuen Women’s University, participated in this 11th project held at Kusatsu Onsen. did.
After the opening ceremony on September 5th, the students were divided into 5 groups and assigned to 6 facilities: Hotel Sakurai, Naraya Kusatsu Now Resort Hotel, Hotel Ichii, Joy no Yado Takamatsu, and Hotel Village. I was engaged in work at inns and hotels, and held meetings to exchange opinions with managers and employees.
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On the 8th, as part of the program, Mr. Shunsuke Fukuda, the secretary general of the Kusatsu Town Tourism Association, said, “Current efforts and future of Kusatsu Onsen,” and Ms. Makiko Nakazawa, deputy chairman of the Kusatsu Town DMO Human Resources Development Committee, said, ” Kusatsu Onsen’s Efforts to Develop Human Resources” was the keynote speech, and they learned about Kusatsu Onsen’s challenges, initiatives, and the future.
In addition, by experiencing Kusatsu Onsen from the perspective of a tourist, such as experiencing the “Yubatake at night” during fieldwork, students will delve into the current state of Kusatsu Onsen from the perspective of both the host and the tourist. rice field. On the final day, the 10th, each group gave a presentation on the efforts and attractions of the facility they were assigned to, issues and solutions, and why Kusatsu Onsen is chosen by tourists. I announced what I felt and learned throughout the day.
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[On holding]
This project has been held every year since it was first held, but there were years when it could not be held due to the impact of the new coronavirus.
This term (2021 and 2021), the 10th meeting will be held in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, 10 years after the disaster caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. I was.
In this 11th installment, Kusatsu Onsen continues to be chosen by tourists. and employees, and learn by visiting Kusatsu Onsen as a tourist. I think it has become a place of learning.
Although tourism has finally begun to shine after the corona crisis has passed, it is still necessary to develop and revitalize tourism in order to recover and revive from the impact of the two and a half years.
I feel that what the students learned and felt through this project served as an opportunity to create a bright future for the tourism industry, and that it was an irreplaceable experience for us as innkeepers.
Making tourism a key industry in Japan! ~Keep Trying~
Nagashige Hoshi, 25th Youth Manager, Youth Division, National Federation of Ryokan and Hotel Life Sanitation Trade Associations [Image 4

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