JR-East Hotels Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi Dining & Bar “Tenku” Christmas lunch course and dinner course sales

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[Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi] Dining & Bar “Tenku” Christmas lunch course and dinner course sales
Enjoy the Christmas mood at a restaurant 120 meters above the ground!
At Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi (Location: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, General Manager: Hideki Hasumi), dining and bar “Tenku” will sell Christmas-only lunch and dinner courses. Enjoy a variety of dishes that are carefully prepared to the smallest detail, including luxurious ingredients that are suitable for a special time of the year.
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*The menu may be partially changed depending on the purchase situation. *Business hours may change depending on the future situation. Christmas lunch course

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[Amuse Bouche] A gift from TENQOO
[Cold appetizer] Lightly toasted marinated mackerel Grilled mandarin orange and fennel salad
[Warm Appetizer] Choucroute de Poisson ~Marriage of Norwegian Salmon and French Choucroute~
[Fish dish] Today’s fish poiret Chef’s recommended sauce
[Main dish] Grilled Kumamoto local chicken “Amakusa Daio” wrapped in pie, potato puree, charcutiere sauce
[Avant Dessert] Kumquat and Champagne Jelly
[Desert] Fondant Chocolat “Cash Cache”
[TENQOO Original Colombian Blend Coffee]
[Petit Four]
Christmas dinner course (with a glass of champagne)

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■ Menu:
[Amuse Bouche] Gift from TENQOO
Deep-fried scallop adductor muscle / mini hamburger with abalone and sea urchin / gateau style with king crab and caviar
[Cold Appetizer] TENQOO Special “Pate de Campagne” with Kumquat Compote [Warm appetizer] Local cuisine of Alsace, France “Choucroute” [Fish dishes] Spiny lobster and scallop poele Onion and foie gras flan Aizu chicken consommé soup
[Main dish] ~ Main dish with two flavors ~
・Kuroge Wagyu Beef Fillet Steak Rossini Style Black Truffle Fragrant Sauce ・Kuroge Wagyu beef fillet simmered in orange
[Avant Dessert] Strawberry and champagne jelly
[Desert] Gateau “Buche de Noel” made with Japanese chestnuts from Ibaraki Prefecture
[TENQOO Original Blend Premium Coffee]
[Petit Four]
About the Christmas concert in the 27th floor lobby
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Christmas concert image
A harp and cello concert will be held in the lobby on the 27th floor for customers who have booked the Christmas dinner course. Guests are welcomed with a performance inside the hall decorated with Christmas decorations, further enhancing the Christmas mood.
[Table 8: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/30117/table/738_4_b9e347533a9769ee4de53b6629194ae2.jpg ]

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