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JR West Japan JR West Japan Daily Service Net “#Via in Trip Campaign” is being held!

JR West Japan
[JR West Japan Daily Service Net] “# Via in Trip Campaign” is being held!
JR West Via Inn Hotels Official Instagram Account
Follow & Like! You can win a pair accommodation ticket (10 pairs of 20 people) or Mizuki Hinata goods (50 people in total)!
At JR West Japan Via Inn Hotels, you can win a pair free accommodation ticket or Hinata Mizuki original goods.
The “#Viainn Trip Campaign” is being held on the JR West Japan Viainn Hotels official Instagram account (@jrw_viainn_hotels).
Follow & Like! You can win a pair accommodation ticket (10 pairs of 20 people) or Mizuki Hinata goods (50 people in total)!
【Application method】
Follow the official Instagram account and like the eligible post for the prize you want! If you do
Your application for the “#Viaintrip Campaign” is complete.
【Application period】
Wednesday, October 26, 2022 to Tuesday, December 6, 2022
[Winning prizes/number of winners]
■ A pair of free accommodation coupons that can be used at your favorite Via Inn Hotel
(10 pairs of 20 people)
A chance to go to that destination you’ve always wanted to visit. JR West Via Inn Hotels is located in an area with excellent access, all hotels are within a 5-minute walk from the station. In addition, children up to the 6th grade of elementary school can sleep together for free! Some hotels have large public baths where you can relax and heal your fatigue.
[Image 1

■ Tetsudo Musume “Hinata Mizuki” acrylic stand (20 people)
■ Tetsudo Musume “Hinata Mizuki” clear file (30 people)
Tetsudo Musume “Hinata Mizuki” debuted on September 20, 2022 as a character of JR West Japan Via Inn Hotels. It will also appear on the official Instagram account of JR West Japan Via Inn! Please look forward to future activities.
* One of them will win. You cannot select or specify the desired prize. [Image 2

[Winning announcement]
After selecting from among the applicants, only the winners will be contacted by DM from this account from mid to late December 2022. Please register the shipping address of the prize according to the information by the date stated in the winning DM.
* If we cannot contact you within the specified period after contacting the winner, we may invalidate the right to win.
*If you do not follow @jrw_viainn_hotels when sending a DM, your right to win will be invalidated.
[About the pair free accommodation ticket]
・The pair free accommodation voucher is valid for one year from the date of issuance (described in the guide).
・You will be required to make a reservation for accommodation by yourself according to the information sent to the winner.
・This is an invitation to stay in a standard type twin room for 2 people per night, without meals.
・Depending on the reservation status, we may not be able to meet your desired schedule.
・Additional charges apply for breakfast.
・Cannot be used in combination with other coupons or discount coupons. ・Via Inn Members Club points will not be granted when using the right to win. ・ Transportation arrangements and transportation expenses to the winning accommodation are not included in the prizes of this campaign. Please make your own arrangements.
・Applications are limited to those living in Japan.
・Winners will be selected after strict selection.
・We cannot answer questions about selection.
・Private accounts will not be eligible for entry.
・The right to win cannot be transferred, exchanged for cash, resold, or changed to another person.
・This campaign is not provided or sponsored by Meta.
・We are not responsible for any troubles or damages (regardless of direct or indirect) caused to applicants by applying for this campaign.
・The contents of this campaign are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Please note.
[Handling of personal information]
Personal information collected in this campaign will be managed in accordance with our personal information protection policy (our privacy policy).
About SNS account integration
The SNS accounts that each hotel has been disseminating information to date will be integrated into one Instagram account as JR West Japan Via Inn Hotels.
We will continue to send out valuable information in a timely manner through the JR West Japan Via Inn Hotels official Instagram account (@jrw_viainn_hotels), so please look forward to it!
\Follow us here/
[Image 3d95753-270-dc476a0f721695f66007-3.png&s3=95753-270-224420102e71b2c5b15076526fd8b416-1080x1135.png
[Image 4d95753-270-a9f8487348cc35c2547b-7.png&s3=95753-270-508c02968e2b8181651d758ef2892165-1080x2118.png
JR West Japan Via Inn Hotels Official Instagram Account
[Image 5d95753-270-c0728610cf3becb7571a-0.png&s3=95753-270-9d492aa7bcfbc33e2ef419acd38ac74c-933x433.png

[Image 6d95753-270-3059e485295ca893e394-1.png&s3=95753-270-1e75cb4038ec1d415f123fba6818293a-674x200.png
[Image 7d95753-270-52076d11104f456fc493-2.png&s3=95753-270-0651ff92c0b0f7b5f872f8f48e6d0a0c-3900x1463.png
*Tetsudo Musume is a character developed by Tomytec Co., Ltd. who wears the uniforms of railway operators nationwide.

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