JTB Corporation Released “JTB Sustainability Report 2022”

JTB Co., Ltd.
Released “JTB Sustainability Report 2022”
Taking on the challenge of sustainable exchange creation projects through dialogue with stakeholders

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of its founding, the JTB Group published the “JTB Sustainability Report 2022” on its corporate website on October 31 (Monday), summarizing its sustainability initiatives in its business domain, the Exchange Creation Business. In addition to disclosing information to our stakeholders and gaining their understanding of our sustainability policies and initiatives, we also seek objective opinions on inadequate initiatives so that we can align management and business with the earth and society. We will polish it to a level where we can continue to coexist.
URL: https://www.jtbcorp.jp/jp/sustainability/report_2022_jp.pdf [Image 1

■Overview of “JTB Sustainability Report 2022”
1. Points of information disclosure
This report presents initiatives that contribute to sustainability based on the three materialities (key issues)*1 identified by the JTB Group. The English version will be published in late November. 2. Posted content
・Overview of JTB business: messages from top management and executives in charge, materiality, sustainability policy, etc.
・Characteristic initiatives: NIKKO MaaS, SDGs Virtual Camp, ESG-BTM*2, etc. ・Efforts to address materiality
・Data collection
3. Reporting Organization
Focuses on the JTB Group’s domestic activities, but also includes data on overseas activities
4. Reporting period
Focusing on initiatives for fiscal 2021 (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022), some past backgrounds, activities for fiscal 2022, and future activity plans are also described.
5. Referenced Guidelines
GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018 ■ Sustainability video
We have created a video to help you visualize the concept of sustainability in the JTB Group.
“JTB Sustainability [JTB Official]”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxI7J7abO-0 (Japanese)
https://youtu.be/Bin8uiB4-5c (English)
JTB will continue to pursue the realization of excitement, joy and results for our customers based on our management philosophy of “creating interaction between people on the global stage and contributing to the realization of a peaceful and spiritually rich society.” , we will continue to create “valuable encounters” and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.
*1 Materiality of the JTB Group: “Enriched Life”, “Environment for People”, “Partnership”
For an overview of the JTB Group’s sustainability strategy, please refer to the news release dated January 25, 2022, titled “Challenging Sustainable Exchange Creation Business, JTB Group Begins Full-Scale Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Impact”.
URL: https://press.jtbcorp.jp/jp/2022/01/jtb-20218.html
*2 An ESG-oriented business trip management service provided by JTB Business Travel Solutions Co., Ltd. as a travel management company (a company that supports the optimization of business trips by centrally managing all corporate business trip-related operations).
■ Related information
Sustainability page on JTB corporate website:

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