JTEKT Corporation JTEKT to exhibit at the 31st Japan International Machine Tool Fair “JIMTOF2022”

JTEKT to exhibit at the 31st Japan International Machine Tool Fair “JIMTOF2022” Exhibiting high-quality, low-priced JTEKT products with enhanced functionality under the slogan “Keep the price down, don’t cut the quality.”

JTEKT Corporation will exhibit together with JTEKT group companies at the 31st Japan International Machine Tool Fair “JIMTOF2022” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 8th to 13th.
JTEKT Corporation (Headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Kazuhiro Sato; hereinafter referred to as “JTEKT”) will be holding the 31st Japan International Machine Tool Fair at Tokyo Big Sight from November 8 to 13. JTEKT Group companies will exhibit at JIMTOF 2022 (sponsored by: Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association, Tokyo Big Sight Co., Ltd.).
[Exhibition concept]
In April of this year, JTEKT unified its business brands, such as machine tools and bearings, under the JTEKT brand. At JIMTOF2022, we will be exhibiting high-quality, low-priced JTEKT products with enhanced functionality under the slogan “Keep the price down, don’t cut the quality.”
In the East Building, 5 models of machine tools were exhibited under the theme of “automation and labor saving.” We propose not only high-quality products at low prices, but also solutions that contribute to improving the productivity of manufacturing sites. At the booth, the person in charge will also hold a mini briefing on the exhibited machines.
In the West Building, we propose solutions through machine tool components, production line incidental equipment, and
operation/maintenance under the theme of “Achieving Carbon
Neutrality.” We will introduce a model of efforts at the factory and appeal to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
[Main products exhibited in the East Building]
◆ CNC cylindrical grinder G1P20S
This is a small cylindrical grinder sold as the first JTEKT brand. A total of 5 types are available to choose from depending on the application, from high production to high quality. We offer optimal specifications with a wide selection of specifications, such as grinding, workpiece loading/unloading, setup, and measurement. The fastest work changer “XC” in history changes workpieces in 0.5 seconds and is also equipped with a function that allows you to check the surface roughness in real time.
[Image 1

◆ CNC cylindrical grinder G3P100L
This is a new medium-sized cylindrical grinder that will be exhibited for the first time at domestic and international exhibitions. It minimizes factors that should be suppressed, such as “deformation”, “thermal displacement” and “vibration”, and achieves the desired machining accuracy. The unique grinding condition setting function and the new handle with a touch that even craftsmen will fall in love with will satisfy both beginners and veterans.
[Image 2

◆ Horizontal machining center FH5000S-i
Focusing on high-efficiency machining and reduction of machining errors, we have achieved 1.2 times the cutting volume and 13% improvement in productivity compared to conventional machines with “overwhelming cutting performance” and “fastest speed in its class”. The three series meet all kinds of manufacturing needs. In addition, by adopting a grease lubrication method for the high-speed spindle that only JTEKT can, it contributes to a significant reduction in CO2. [Image 3

◆ Vertical compound grinder G3VU86
This is a new product and a vertical compound grinder that will be unveiled for the first time at exhibitions in Japan and overseas. Superior production efficiency has been achieved with superior grinding point rigidity. The large Z-axis stroke enables one-chuck grinding of workpieces with a height of 600 mm. JTEKT’s first vertical compound grinding machine proposes a new form of manufacturing. [Image 4

◆ Wide cylindrical grinder C6040E
A wide cylindrical grinder that is a new product that combines ONE JTEKT’s technology and will be unveiled for the first time at exhibitions in Japan and overseas. A long shaft with a total length of 400 mm can be ground at once with one plunge. In addition, this single machine can complete the grinding process that previously required multiple grinders, contributing to space savings.
[Image 5

[Booth number] East Hall 3 E3011
[Image 6

East hall booth image
[Main Exhibited Products in the West Building]
◆Energy monitor
By combining the newly developed board PLC “JX-BASIC”, which is ideal for small starts and has a simple design, and a power meter, we propose “visualization of energy consumption” of each facility in the factory.
[Image 7

[Image 8

Watt meter

◆ Power consumption chronological data analysis
We will introduce an example of identifying countermeasure points by analyzing energy consumption data over time using Uptime Navi(R) Pro. [Image 9

Operation up Navi(R) Pro system configuration
◆ Utilization of “highly heat-resistant lithium-ion capacitor” Renewable energy/fuel cell management system
We propose the use of “highly heat-resistant lithium-ion capacitors (LIC)” in building power systems that utilize renewable energy (solar power generation, wind power generation, etc.) and fuel cells. By absorbing large power fluctuations of several seconds to several minutes that cannot be handled by lithium-ion batteries, etc., the highly heat-resistant LIC capable of rapid charging and discharging contributes to stable power quality and efficient power usage. [Image 10

High heat resistance lithium ion capacitor module
◆ Work piece fixing device “Index Chuck”
The “index chuck”, which is a workpiece fixing device for machine tools, enables continuous machining by indexing multiple machining positions during rotation with a single chuck. We propose “improvement of operating rate” by improving the efficiency of multi-process machining.
[Image 11

index chuck
◆ Ultra-high precision bearing “PRECILENCE (R)”
“PRECILENCE(R)” was developed as a bearing for high-precision spindles of machine tools. (low torque), light rotation (low torque), and long rotation (long life) are realized at a high level. With these features, we propose “realization of high-precision machining” in machine tools.
[Image 12

Ultra-high precision bearing PRECILENCE (R)
◆ New Bit CBN Wheel “Kakuraku ~ SAKURA ~”
The new Vito CBN wheel “Kakuraku – SAKURA -” uses a newly developed multi-porous structure to reduce grinding resistance. This feature reduces the amount of power required during processing, and we propose “reduction of power consumption”.
[Image 13

Vito CBN Wheel “Kakuraku ~ SAKURA ~”
[Booth number] West Hall 2 W2051
[Image 14

West hall booth image
[JTEKT group companies exhibiting at JIMTOF]
ž JTEKT Machine System Co., Ltd.
ž JTEKT Fluid Power System Co., Ltd.
ž CNK Co., Ltd.
ž JTEKT Electronics Corporation
ž Daibea Co., Ltd.
ž JTEKT Grinding Tools Co., Ltd.
ž Koyo Magnetic Bearing Co., Ltd.
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