Jun Co., Ltd. VIS Featured actresses, Arisa Yagi & Hiroe Igeta will be competing gorgeously! Released a visual that introduces elegant autumn / winter coordination

Jun Co., Ltd.
[VIS] Up-and-coming actresses Arisa Yagi & Hiroe Igeta appear in a gorgeous contest! Released a visual that introduces elegant autumn / winter coordination
Introducing 6 themes of coordination with trendy spices by wearing knits and outerwear!

Jun Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Susumu Sasaki) has released visual content to enjoy fashion featuring actresses and models Arisa Yagi and Hiroe Igeta.
[Image 1d6099-675-f533a72515264e011e28-0.jpg&s3=6099-675-d5bd75eb551bc8264e8dd18067d48801-1200x800.jpg
■STYLING STORY starring Alissa Yagi and Hiroe
■ VIS Official Online Shop: https://www.junonline.jp/vis/
■ VIS Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vis_jp/
Arisa Yagi and Hiroe Igeta wear VIS new items with trendy spices. We will send you over 6 themes from #01 to #06.
#01, which will be released on 10/24 (Mon.), will be titled “Essential Classic Knit” and will feature knits that are simple, but that only VIS can make. High-quality materials and fine details create a good girl impression.
[Image 2d6099-675-4e03560c3b70139d5a83-1.jpg&s3=6099-675-767addf608bde55321cb8ca06679cbc7-3277x2186.jpg
■Knit ¥4,378
https://www.junonline.jp/vis/product/tops/knit-sweater/BVM32010 [Image 3d6099-675-3e411d9ed213675f0b39-2.jpg&s3=6099-675-5fcb65079a23af79a0ccd51eb977660e-3277x2186.jpg
■Outer ¥9,878
https://www.junonline.jp/vis/product/jacket-outerwear/jacket/BVL32020 ■Knit ¥5,478
https://www.junonline.jp/vis/product/tops/knit-sweater/BVM32320 ■ Skirt ¥6,578
[Image 4d6099-675-64642553704cbf3d8ae5-3.jpg&s3=6099-675-72efdaeee62ccb114ef603a81f344f76-3277x2186.jpg
■Knit ¥3,938
https://www.junonline.jp/vis/product/tops/knit-sweater/BVM32030 ■One piece ¥6,578


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