Juri Ueno appears on the cover for the first time! Ryota Katayose and Laura color this magazine

Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.
Juri Ueno appears on the cover for the first time! Ryota Katayose and Laura color this magazine
The December issue of “Harper’s Bazaar” with a luxurious lineup will be released on October 20!

“Harper’s Bazaar”, a social fashion magazine that empowers women (published by Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd., head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Nicola Floquet) The special theme of the December issue is “FASHIONABLE Foodies.” A special feature on “food” and its culture seen through the lens of fashion.
We will focus on 12 groups that are leading the Japanese food scene, which is currently at a turning point, and introduce their proud dishes along with interviews. In addition, table settings presented by fashionistas in each city, hospitality tableware catalog, [separate volume appendix] Japanese sweets / Western sweets, mini handbook for souvenirs, etc. “Harper’s Bazaar” style “food” delivered with the latest stylish idea list ”Enjoy the special feature.
Decorating the cover is Juri Ueno, who has a unique presence as an actress. Don’t miss out on the fashion portraits that beautifully play different characters for each outfit, the interviews that talk about the thoughts of taking a new step after the office independence, and the special video that will be released on the release date! And Ryota Katayose of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE will appear on the limited edition cover. In the special feature, in addition to the attractive cuts taken, he revealed the next prospects drawn in his own vision. In addition, Lola’s fashion story set in her current base of L.A., and exclusive coverage of Bright (Wachirawit Chiwaalee), whose popularity is soaring, starting with the Thai drama “2gether” that won the top spot on Twitter’s global trends. , Please look forward to the December issue, which will be delivered with a luxurious lineup. [Image 1

(Left) December issue (Right) December issue subscription version ■ Juri Ueno appears on the cover for the first time
“I would be happy if I could convey my emotions from a single photo along with the clothes,” says Juri Ueno. . In the interview, she talked about her thoughts on taking a new step with her own feet, saying that she became independent from the agency she belonged to for about 20 years this year and became more natural. We also shot a special video. The story is drawn with a one-shot style camera work, with the theme of “the flow of the seasons changing from autumn to winter and the arrival of a holiday spent with loved ones.” Ms. Juri Ueno played the role of excitement and excitement towards the holidays.
https://www.harpersbazaar.com/jp/fashion/fashion-pr-stories/a41516036/ralphlauren-2210-hbp/ (Released at 10:00 am on Thursday, October 20)
■ Ryota Katayose’s cover is a limited edition only for “subscription” GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s Ryota Katayose appears for the first time on the cover of “Limited subscription” and on the magazine’s special page! As Givenchy’s first Japanese ambassador, he will perform rhythmically wearing the Spring/Summer 2023 men’s collection, which will be the fastest media exposure. In an exclusive interview, he revealed his passion for playing a role in connecting the arts such as art and fashion with his main field of entertainment.
Click here for regular subscriptions with Ryota Katayose cover https://subscribe.hearst.co.jp/subscribe/HB_2212
[Image 2

■ Laura, who is active based in L.A., appears!
Youth is ephemeral, beautiful, heart-swaying, and forms your own personality. A must-see for all 12 pages of L.A., which is also the base of current activities and the birthplace of youth culture! [Image 3

■ Exclusive coverage of Bright who is in love with the world He currently has over 16 million Instagram followers and 4.4 million Twitter followers. Vajirawit Chiwaalee rose to global stardom with the Thai TV drama 2gether. “Harper’s Bazaar” carried out a long interview with him who is attracting hot attention from all over the world with his nickname Bright. We will deliver plenty of 8-page special features, along with fashion portraits, about the current state of mind, music activities, and happiness for yourself.
■ Main contents of the December issue
・Holidays are just around the corner! Fashionista hospitality table ・Current location of next-generation food creators
・Essential piece worn by Juri Ueno
・Ryota Katayose accelerates
・ Laura, at the place to reunite with youth
・Bright, a notable Thai actor, appears for the first time
・ Control the winter style with the finest knit
・In the head of Miuccia Prada
・ 7 ways to deal with ill health caused by self-restraint
[Separate volume appendix] Japanese confectionery / Western
confectionery, souvenir mini handbook
Harper’s Bazaar December issue
[Release date] Thursday, October 20, 2022
[Sales price] 730 yen (tax included)
[Sales bookstores] Bookstores and ELLE SHOP nationwide, including online bookstores
ELLE SHOP: https://elleshop.jp/web/commodity/000/324900231201/ [Image 4d8128-459-9225fbad5feb899fda6c-5.jpg&s3=8128-459-1b447888421f6681a19944902187ca2f-549x137.jpg
About Harper’s Bazaar
First published in New York in 1867, Harper’s BAZAAR is the oldest fashion magazine in existence. It has produced numerous talents and continues to produce various legends, and is currently published in 30 countries around the world. The Japanese edition, which was launched in 2013, inherits that DNA, and disseminates the latest information on luxury fashion that enriches the heart, culture and lifestyle that stimulates the senses and intellect. In addition, we have been focusing on projects and special features that empower women, without being bound by the framework of fashion magazines. From 2021, the “BAZAAR SUMMIT” will be newly launched to support women who have hope for the future and look forward. We will deliver articles focusing on issues such as diversity, gender, and sustainability, and think together and take action together for a better tomorrow. In 2022, the ninth year since its launch, the Japanese version of “Harper With the brand purpose of “make women who move society more
beautiful”, “Bazaar” will evolve to a new stage, take action that will lead to the future together with readers, and lead the way to change. Official website: www.harpersbazaar.com/jp
Official Instagram: @harpersbazaarjapan
Official Twitter: @HarpersBazaarJP
Official Facebook: @HarpersBazaarJapan
Official YouTube: @Harper’s BAZAAR Japan
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