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Kagawa Five Arrows
[Kagawa Five Arrows] Announcement of Dream Sharing Service FiNANCiE token sale
Thank you for always supporting Kagawa Five Arrows.
We are pleased to inform you that Kagawa Five Arrows will start selling Dream Sharing Service FiNANCiE (financier) tokens on 10/7 (Thursday).
Kagawa Five Arrows has decided to sell FiNANCiE tokens on Thursday, October 7th. We want to make concrete efforts to revitalize Shikoku and Kagawa, and to revitalize the local economy and the people who live in it. To achieve this goal, we support people who are connected to Shikoku and Kagawa, and their ideas and activities. I want to meet people who can help me, so I decided to issue a token this time.
■ Sales start date and time
Thursday, October 7, 14:00
■ What is a token?
Tokens are “certificates” (digital items) that connect teams and supporters, and are issued on the FiNANCiE app as “Five Arrows Tokens”.
Unlike conventional crowdfunding, which is completed with one-time support, “token-issuing funding” is a major feature of FiNANCiE funding in that you can own a “token” that can be bought and sold. . And the management team (owner) who works to realize it and the supporters who support it create new value (= co-creation) together, creating a beneficial experience for both parties.
■ What you can experience by purchasing tokens
By holding Five Arrows Tokens, we are able to realize our vision of “I want to make concrete efforts to revitalize Shikoku and Kagawa and give energy to the local economy and the residents” and “I want to create Shikoku’s first B1 club from Kagawa.” Birth” You can
participate in the community to realize these.
By holding a certain amount of tokens, Kagawa Five Arrows can enjoy the following benefits.
1. Participation in the Kagawa Sports Business Salon by Fivearrows*, which is scheduled to be held once every three months.
* We are thinking of doing it in a lecture format by inviting the representative and guests. You can ask questions according to the number of tokens you own, so please join us!
2. ・ Participation in the Kagawa revitalization project (future plan) We are planning to contribute to regional revitalization through Kagawa Five Arrows, such as art x basketball and 3 x 3 women’s team launch projects. In order to make Kagawa even more exciting, I would like to gather friends within the community to create together and proceed with the project together.
[Reference URL]
https://financie.jp/users/fivearrows/auctions/280/closed/c29b84bc74664cd59c59500549440172 [Imaged60406-244-e08c607019e70b20b198-1.jpg&s3=60406-244-4b07002b710382ba8e88f0b69f86628b-3900x2194.jpg
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