Kagawa Prefecture Maina-chan Pionship Kagawa 2022 – My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program – About holding

Kagawa Prefecture
Maina-chan Pionship Kagawa 2022 – My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program –

The My Number system is a social infrastructure for improving administrative efficiency, improving convenience for citizens, and realizing a fair and just society. There are merits such as being able to use and receive various services, and it is necessary to improve the acquisition rate of My Number Card as a “passport for a digital society”.
In order to thoroughly utilize the identity verification and authentication functions of the My Number Card as the foundation of the digital society, and to promote its use not only in administrative services but also in various aspects of private business, Kagawa Prefecture and all 17 municipalities in the prefecture The organizer will hold “Mina-chan Pionship Kagawa 2022-My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program-” (hereinafter “program”).
We will start accepting applications from Digital Day* (October 3). On October 5th, as an opening event, a panel discussion will be held to talk about the “potential of the My Number Card”.
The proposed excellent service will be discussed with municipalities in the prefecture to provide a demonstration field, conduct a demonstration experiment, and implement the service, so please join us! !
Program overview
Recruitment period: October 3, 2020 (Monday) to October 24 (Monday) For details, please see the special program site
Overview of the opening event
(1) Event name: “Mina-chan Pionship Kagawa 2022-My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program-” Opening Event
(2) Date: October 5, 2020 (Wednesday) 14:00-16:00
(3) How to participate: Online (https://youtu.be/dpEMlho5oUU) YouTube Live (4) Content
・About the mechanism and technical matters of the My Number Card (Explainer: Takamitsu Asaoka (Digital Agency Counselor))
・Panel discussion – Possibilities of My Number Card –
(Scheduled speakers in Japanese syllabary order, titles omitted) Takamitsu Asaoka (Counselor, Digital Agency)
Hikaru Kusaka (Director, Digital Identity Promotion Consortium / CEO, xID Inc.) Kosaku (Kagawa DX Lab Fellow, Assistant to the Kagawa Prefectural CDO/Representative Employee of the LLC)
・Regarding the content of the program and the application guidelines (explainer: Kagawa Prefecture)
* Digital Day (excerpt from the Digital Agency website)
Established in 2021, this anniversary was created as an opportunity for society as a whole to regularly reflect, experience, and reconsider digital. The public and private sectors will work together to implement various initiatives using digital-related technologies and services, and work to increase the momentum for the digitization of society. In 2022, October 2nd (Sun) and 3rd (Mon) will be designated as Digital Days, and the period from October 1st to 31st will be designated as Digital Months, and various events and campaigns will be held. I would like to make it a period to accelerate the digitization of Japan. https://digital-days.digital.go.jp/
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