Kagome Co., Ltd. Birth of soybean and vegetable plant-based food * 1 “SOVE (R)” brand! The first step is “SOVE Cereal”, which allows you to get vegetable protein quickly, and will be on sale from October 3rd at the SOVE o fficial online shop.

Kagome Co., Ltd.
Soybean and vegetable plant-based food * 1 “SOVE (R)” brand is born! The first step is “SOVE cereal”, which allows you to get vegetable protein quickly, and will be on sale from October 3rd at the SOVE official online shop.
-Proposing new breakfast habits that support body building in busy mornings-
Kagome Co., Ltd. (President: Satoshi , Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture / hereinafter “Kagome”) will launch the D2C brand “SOVE” of soybean and vegetable plant-based food. As the first product, it was jointly developed with Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., which has more than half a century of soybean research and unique manufacturing technology. “SOVE Cereal”, which is characterized by its taste, will be released at the SOVE official online shop from October 3, 2022 (Monday).

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Through the “SOVE” brand, Kagome will continue to develop and sell various products with the aim of making plant-based food “a dietary habit that everyone can enjoy.”
■ SOVE Official Online Shop URL: https://sove.jp/
Teaming up with Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., which aims to increase the value of soybeans, jointly developing products that make the most of the appeal of soybeans and vegetables
Kagome has set a long-term vision of “from a tomato company to a vegetable company” and is implementing various measures. Among them, we focus on plant-based food, which is currently attracting attention worldwide. We propose delicious plant-based foods that make use of our knowledge and know-how about vegetables as a new food option for your daily diet.
Therefore, we have teamed up with Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., which has set a vision for 2030, to pursue deliciousness and health with plant-based ingredients and co-create a sustainable food future, and jointly develop new plant-based foods. have started. Kagome aims to make the soy and vegetable plant-based food “SOVE” brand a natural and positive presence in daily eating habits.
Quick and healthy even on busy mornings! Soybean and vegetable cereal “SOVE cereal” for the body
The first product, “SOVE cereal”, is based on the concept of “quickly changing from the morning.” One serving (30g) is 99kcal, with 15.1g of protein and 6.7g of dietary fiber. No fragrances or preservatives are added, and we pursued the original taste of the ingredients. In addition, since it does not contain sugar, it goes well with Western-style soups (minestrone or consommé flavor) or miso soup, and you can enjoy various flavors depending on the arrangement. The convenience of being able to eat with just a mug and a spoon is also appealing, helping you build your body on busy mornings.
In addition, to commemorate the release of this product, we will sell a limited edition of 500 “SOVE x yumiko iihoshi porcelain”, a set of “SOVE cereal” and an original mug cup of the brand “yumiko iihoshi porcelain” by Yumiko Iihoshi.
About the “SOVE” brand
The “SOVE” brand was born under the theme of “a new eating habit that is meaningful to continue.” . The brand name “SOVE” is a combination of “SOY” for soybeans and “VEGETABLE” for vegetables. The “SOVE” brand will deliver the appeal and value of soybeans and vegetables. [Image 3

[“SOVE” brand vision]
■Materials for your body.
It contains no animal ingredients*, and uses plant ingredients as the main ingredients.
We will make choices that everyone who is thinking about building a body can naturally and positively take.
*Products containing animal raw materials are manufactured on the same production line.
■Convenience for daily life.
We deliver soybeans and vegetables in a form that is easy to incorporate into your life.
Don’t give up on positive eating habits just because you’re busy. Not only your body, but also your life and feelings will be imagined and delivered.
■Materials for the earth.
Delivered with eco-friendly ink and packaging.
Don’t let the diet you choose for yourself become a burden on someone in the future. We are particular about resources as well as materials, and we will give shape to meaningful things, even if they are small things.
“SOVE cereal” product overview
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・Product name: SOVE cereal
・Concept: “Quick change from the morning.” A soybean and vegetable cereal that supports the body in busy mornings.
・ Official online shop URL: https://sove.jp/
・Price (1 bag): SOVE cereal 1,728 yen including tax
[Regular delivery] 1,382 yen including tax for the first delivery (20% off) *For the second and subsequent deliveries, it is necessary to order 3 bags, and each bag is 1,555 yen including tax (10% off).
・Contents: 300g
・Best before date (before opening): 270 days including date of manufacture -Inquiries about products-
SOVE Customer Center 0120-3131-83 (Reception hours: 9:00 to 17:00, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)
About the release commemorative set
To commemorate the release of this product, we will sell “SOVE × yumiko iihoshi porcelain” with a limited number of 500 pieces. [Image 5d99065-28-d32527d9eb86b5342921-13.jpg&s3=99065-28-4b9c8d0083948206f28f1d7149c268b7-3000x2000.jpg
・Product name: SOVE x yumiko iihoshi porcelain
・Price: ¥4,928 including tax
・ Official online shop URL: https://sove.jp/products/t1994202210a1 ・Details: 500 limited release commemorative set containing “SOVE cereal” and “unjour matin cup ‘sprout green’”.
What is “yumiko iihoshi porcelain”?
A tableware brand designed and produced by author Yumiko Iihoshi. Since its birth in 2007, based on the concept of “something on the boundary between handmade and product”, we have requested potteries all over Japan to produce original colors and shapes with the aim of making tableware that is mass-produced yet warm. The unique expression created by the craftsman’s handwork is what makes us feel attached to it, and we propose a unique world view that is not found in dull mass-produced tableware.
[Image 6d99065-28-e45199453da308f3773c-14.jpg&s3=99065-28-87373e609c787e23ce0001fe5cc94374-3360x2240.jpg

SOVE Serial Developer Interview
Kagome Co., Ltd. “SOVE cereal” developer Atsushi Watanabe
■ What are the specialties of “SOVE Cereal”?
Currently, there are various brands of cereals made from grains, seeds, and dried fruits on the market, but I noticed that they all have a nearly uniform texture. Therefore, while valuing the original deliciousness of soybeans and vegetables, we tried and errored combinations of vegetable raw materials and processing methods to create multiple textures such as “crispy” and “crunchy”. *This invention is patent pending. (As of September 27)
[Image 7d99065-28-918e7994a151e37c342f-4.jpg&s3=99065-28-f18bf5f5dc0b57eeb6a87f52fef608b0-1969x648.jpg
■Please tell us how long it took to develop “SOVE Cereal” and if there were any difficulties during development.
Development of this product started in August 2021, and it took about a year to commercialize it. In order to achieve a rich texture, we repeatedly evaluated and examined more than 70 types of processed soybean and processed vegetable products. In particular, regarding the vegetable ingredients, we arrived at this vegetable cube after various trials and errors, such as the texture, color, nutritional content, and the size that makes you feel the presence when you put it in a mug. We hope that you will enjoy SOVE cereal while paying attention to its texture.
How to enjoy “SOVE Cereal”: 7DAYS RECIPE
7DAYS RECIPE is a recipe collection that allows you to enjoy delicious plant-based food “SOVE cereal” without getting tired of it by adding various arrangements. In addition to how to eat with milk or yogurt, we also introduce recipes for smoothies and meal-type soups on our website. Choose an arrangement recipe according to your mood, and support the habit of building your body every day while enjoying your meal.
“SOVE” 7DAYS RECIPE URL: https://sove.jp/blogs/recipe
[Image 8d99065-28-f1af35061d1c66f4122f-7.jpg&s3=99065-28-461903831a5d6edd0a7335bed4d6c560-1824x1102.jpg
“SOVE Launch Commemorative Event” held
We held an event commemorating the launch of SOVE, inviting SOVE ambassadors. On the day of the event, Izumi Shoji, a vegetable chef, and Hitoshi Sugiura, an executive chef, participated in the event. After an explanation of the product concept and development background by the person in charge of SOVE development, various arranged recipes for SOVE cereals were served in a buffet style. I had a tasting at. The ambassadors and the person in charge of SOVE cereal development exchanged opinions on how to eat SOVE cereal.
[Image 9d99065-28-ba9041ecf68e4bb1ff30-8.jpg&s3=99065-28-251ddb2b962fc42a2ba5274047c2951d-1825x1015.jpg
Outline of “SOVE Launch Commemorative Event”
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022
Participants: 6 SOVE ambassadors, Mr. Izumi Shoji, a vegetable chef, Mr. Hitoshi Sugiura, Executive Chef of ONODERA GROUP
About “SOVE Ambassador”
He is an official ambassador of Kagome Co., Ltd., who conveys the appeal of SOVE and how to eat it from a unique perspective.
company overview
Kagome Co., Ltd.
Since its founding in 1899, Kagome has placed great importance on manufacturing that makes the most of the deliciousness and nutrition of vegetables and fruits, which are the blessings of nature. Under our long-term vision of “from a tomato company to a vegetable company,” we would like to contribute to people’s health by delivering a variety of products that make the most of the value of vegetables.
In the third medium-term management plan that started in 2022, through products in new areas such as pasta sauces and curries using soy meat, and “vegetable stock seasonings” based on Kagome’s original vegetable stock, We will accelerate our growth. In the spring of 2022, we will release a new brand of plant-based milk, “Hatake Umareno Yasashii Milk”. We are working hard to develop products that respond to the diversification of food, such as health consciousness and
consideration for the environment.
Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
Fuji Oil is engaged in the business of vegetable oil, industrial chocolate, emulsified/fermented ingredients, and processed soybean ingredients.
We continue to take on the challenge of solving human and social issues with plant-derived food ingredients. Since our founding in 1950, we have expanded overseas from early on, starting with southern oils and fats, and have continued research and development for more than half a century based on the idea that vegetable proteins such as soybeans contribute to human health and the environment. I was. Under the slogan of “pursuing the possibilities of food ingredients and contributing to the joy and health of food,” we combine soybean meat, vegetable cheese and butter with our long-cultivated processing technology and main ingredients such as soybeans and oils. We offer a variety of plant-based foods such as
*1. Products containing animal raw materials are manufactured on the same production line.
*2. Flakes are processed defatted soybeans. Cubes are processed and hardened vegetable purees and pastes.
Details about this release:

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