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KaizenPlatform Supports “Digital Day” and Helps Improve Web Accessibility to Realize a Digital Society That Leaves No One Behind

Kaizen Platform Co., Ltd.
KaizenPlatform Supports “Digital Day” and Helps Improve Web
Accessibility to Realize a Digital Society That Leaves No One Behind Publish special content that encourages everyone to think about accessibility
Kaizen Platform Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenji Sudo, hereinafter referred to as “Kaizen Platform”) agrees with the “Digital Day” set by the Digital Agency and has a mission of “no one will be left behind.” We support the improvement of web accessibility for the realization of “human-friendly digitalization”.
As society shifts to digital first, improving web accessibility is essential for human-friendly digitalization. Aiming to provide an opportunity for everyone to think about web accessibility, we released special content for Digital Day.
[Article] Things necessary for a world where “web accessibility” becomes commonplace on digital days
“Digital Day” was established in 2021 by the Digital Agency as an opportunity for society as a whole to regularly reflect, experience and review digital. Even in Japan, efforts toward DX are accelerating, and as we transition to a digital-first society, as symbolized by our mission of “digitalization that is friendly to people and leaves no one behind,” we believe that for digitalization that is friendly to everyone, the Web Improving accessibility is one of the essential elements.
Furthermore, one of the keywords of the SDGs is “leave no one behind”, and we are accelerating efforts to improve web accessibility on the devices and platforms that many people use every day. interest is also growing.
Kaizen Platform, together with D-Zero, a group company that has a wealth of know-how regarding web accessibility, has not only worked to improve its own web accessibility, but also has provided services to governments, local governments, and private companies to diagnose and repair web accessibility issues. We support (*) up to
(※)Reference information
May 26, 2022 press release:
“Kaizen Platform and KDDI Launch Website Construction Solution for Local Governments”
January 26, 2022 press release:
“Kaizen Platform supports the improvement of web accessibility, which was made obligatory by legal revisions. Started support according to needs, from issue diagnosis to repairs.”
In the future, the importance of web accessibility will increase even more, and it is predicted that there will be more opportunities for it to be required by society. The theme for Digital Day in 2022 is “Fureyo! #The Power of Digital.” With the aim of giving everyone a chance to think about web accessibility, which is an essential element of digitalization in the future, we have released special content for “Digital Day.”
Kaizen Platform, together with D-Zero Inc., will continue to contribute to the realization of a “society that leaves no one behind” by continuing to disseminate information to get more people interested in web accessibility.
■ About Kaizen Platform Inc.
Company name: Kaizen Platform Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2017 (Business transferred from Kaizen Platform, Inc., a US corporation founded in August 2013)
Representative: Kenji Sudo, Representative Director
Location: Shirokane Takanawa Station Building 10F, 1-27-6 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0072
Business content
We utilize digital technology to provide solutions that support the business growth of companies.
・“DX Solution” that transforms businesses
・”UX solutions” that improve the website to make it easier to understand and use ・ Next-generation video production service for the 5G era “Video Solution”

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